Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rams vs NYG

If injuries weren't enough the Rams continue to be slowed by penalities, turnovers, and poor red zone efficiency. This team that lacks playmakers and the skill positions continues to do very well between the 20's, and then stall.

Quick thoughts:

It might be time to make a trade for a CB. The Rams have another injury with RFA Atchinson down with a hamstring injury. Couple that injury with Al Harris looking his age sometimes, something needs to occur to give that position stability.

Bradford needs to look of DBs more. In zone coverage the DBs are looking back at Bradford. May be a reason that our yards after catch are non existent.

Lets hope for better luck and a few calls go our way this week.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

53 team named

Quick thoughts:

QB: I really like Thadeus Lewis and thought he outplayed Feely. Since Lewis still is elligible for the practice squad I hope he ends back with the Rams.

RB: No surprises

WR: Avery played well but mainly in the 2nd half of preseason games against inferior competition. Mardy reminded me of all the bad traits of Az Hakim.

TE: Again Fendi Onubun is still raw and eliigible for practice squad.

OL: Surprised by the release of Foster and the FA from the Patriots. I am not a Hank Fraley fan so maybe we can upgrade via waiver wire.

DL: George Selvie is a heck of a player, and simply got caught up in the numbers game. He was sideline to sideline effort guy and was solid on special teams.

OLB: Zac Diles was much like Avery, played mainly against backups and didnt stand out

CB: Only 4 CBs so expect a trade or a pickup before week 1.

S: No surprises

Geaux Rams