Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rams vs 49ers

Quick thoughts: Told ya'll last week that Jenkins was a playmaker! Bradford was poised in the pocket and used his legs very well in OT. We would all love to see numbers that Andrew Luck is putting up in Indy but the Rams still lack big play WRs outside of Amendola and Givens. Most plays the 49ers were blanketing the Rams wideouts.

OL did'nt open too much in the way of rushing lanes but did a much better job in pass protection. Again the WR's didnt create space. DL Brockers and Langford made running tough on Frank Gore and the big runs were cutback runs. Brockers is credited for 11 tackles which is amazing for a DT.

CBs did a nice job keeping all the plays in front of them. Most folks would have preferred Rams' corners playing more bump and run but Safety Mikell was in the box to stop the run leaving Dahl to play centerfield so Rams corners had to play off. Frustrating I know but scheme dictated the formation and the soft coverage. 

Great win!

Geaux Rams

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rams vs Cardinals

Quick thoughts: Janoris Jenkins is a play maker even before the Arizona game. Jenkins will take risks and most good corners do beacuse some degree of risk is needed to force turnovers.

If you had a chance to watch Jenkins at Florida he was a ballhawk and was sent on blitzes off the corner. Complete corner that has to refine his skills but so far a rookie to get excited about.

Scott Wells at center with Turner sliding over to guard made the line instantly better. Wells had a few early protection issues and the bad holding call but for the most part he did a great job especially with the running game.

Concerns about our d-line generating pressure from the front four. Long and Quinn have had games that they have disappeared I'm not sure if it's the scheme or the fact that Brockers and Langford are getting a push up the middle. Brockers is doubled almost every play so Langford needs to win the one on one matchups.

After a shaky start the Rams forced tunovers and pulled out a road win. Early on they had some issues stopping Arizona but kudos to coaches for making halftime adjustments and winning a game they should have.

Geaux Rams

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stinker across the pond

Well Rams fans, we have become too accustomed to this type of game. The Rams defense put up little struggle against Tom Brady and the Patriots. This team will improve and will compete after this disappointment.

The Rams have addressed and bolstered certain areas but many positions still need serious upgrades in talent. Have faith that the second part of the season the Rams will compete and win more games and then they will have another offseason that the team can address some of those key areas.

Geaux Rams