Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Draft

Well in case anyone was wondering the four pillars have come and gone. Jeff Fisher's led Rams took more than a couple of players with character concerns. Our hope as fans as they have learned from past transgressions and will mature in the pros. The Rams had some serious issues going into this offseason and on paper have addressed some of those.

  1. Stopping the run - The Rams let a group of guys not named Adrian Peterson to gash them repeatedly. The Rams jettisoned older DT like Fred Robbins and replaced them with #1 draft pick Michael Brockers from LSU, and signed a pass rushing DT in Kendell Langford. SO the DL looks much more promising with Long-Brockers-Langford-Quinn then it did last season.

  2. CBs -The Rams could have opened a cornerback hosiptal last season losing all three penciled in starters and then guys freshly signed off the street as well to injuries. Bartell was released while Fletcher and Murphy continue to rehab their respective injuries. The Rams signed Courland Finnergan in free agency then drafted Janoris Jenkins, and Trumaine Johnson. Jenkins has the ability to be a shut down corner and from watching a quite a bit of Florida games he has that playmaking abilty. Finnergan-Fletcher-Jenkins (slot) looks pretty good if Fletcher recovers.

  3. Targets for Bradford -The Rams had no passing game last season due to injuries and ineffective skill players. Even with the saftey in the box to stop the run, the Rams could not get the passing game going. Amendola returns from IR and it should be interesting to see how draftees: Brian Quick and Chris Givens develop in traing camp. Smith-Quick-Amendola-Givens Also the drafting of Isiah Pead gived the Rams a change of pace back and a homerun threat. Check out this guys highlights if you get a chance, wow.

 The Rams still need OG, WSLB, and another safety but progress has been made. As Rams GM Les Snead put it "Now its up to the players"


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Draft decisions and the future

With the draft less than a week away, it has officially signaled time to cash in on that Redskins trade. New Rams GM Les Snead will be judged in large part by how well the team uses the extra picks from this years trade. Rams of a certain age do not want another Dickerson trade fallout. The Rams will have opportunites via the draft for the next 3 years to reshape the talent and finally acquire some playmakers. What will the Rams do in the first round is very, very important, but with an extra second rounder, as well as high picks in each round minus the 5th, it is vital the Rams hit on these picks and hopefully get around 4 starters from THIS draft. The list of names that have been high draft picks makes us squirm in our seats by just reading off those names. If the Rams plan to continue the momentum of getting a proven head coach, solid assistant coaches, and a promising rookie GM, the draft will provide another big step in the rebuilding process. GEAUX RAMS