Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rams vs 49ers

Quick thoughts:

Our defense has potential and if it can create pressure from the DL seems to be very effective.

Kudos to Sam Bradford for bouncing back after a rough 3 game stretch, and winning the game for the Rams.

How many of you forget Bradford is a rookie? I understand it's almost cliche but I have to reminding myself that he's only played 15 games.

Kudos to SJ39. He still runs hard even when the OL can't open holes for him.

One game will decide it all folks! How many of us thought that was possible LAST January?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rams vs Chiefs

Quick Thoughts:

As I have written probably too much: this team lacks play makers and good teams will continue to expose that truth until management addresses it.

Bradford missed a few throws but the OL was shaky at best.

Free Mike Karney- Britt Miller is now on IR with an ACL injury so Karney will start at FB. Miller was starting due to his dual roles on offense and special teams, the latter Karney does not do well.

Welcome back Illinois Mike- Bradford plays very well with his rookie TE

2 games, this season comes down to 2 stinking games with teams that the Rams know very well. Lets see what we are made of, at least in the NFC West.

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Rams vs Saints

Quick thoughts:

Rams needed to play a near flawless game to win in NOLA, they didnt.

Bradford looked like a rookie at times, but the Saints blitzed non stop.

The Superdome is a tough place to play. It is very much like a college environment.

The Rams DL hasn't gotten pressure in the 2nd half of the season without blitzing, and James Hall is fading.

IMO the next two games are vital.

Beat KC and SF wrap up the West, unless Seattle turns it around quick.

Also SF is a much bigger threat than Seattle IMHO.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Rams vs Cardinals

QUick thoughts:

That was not the best game the Rams have played by any stretch, but the sign of a good team is in it's ability to win games that certain aspects of the team aren't clicking.

The demise of SJ39 has been greatly exaggerated.

Why do opponents have such early success against the Rams defense?

Nai'll Diggs season ending injury to his chest is a big blow, especially since he was an effective runs stopper.

6-6 and in control of your own destiny certainly is a remarkable improvement.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Rams vs Broncos

Quick Thoughts:

The Rams had a great, nerve racking road win that put them in a tie for 1st place in the division with Seattle.

Sam Bradford, uh hmm, pretty remarkable rookie QB thus far.

Free DX! Danario Alexander looks to bring a dimnesion to the WR core that the Rams really need: ability to stretch the field. On one of his first catches when he dragged a couple of defenders made me excited. I love the extra effort.

Chris Long and James Laurinitis sealed the win with a couple of really big plays on the Broncos last drive.

The Rams still are in need of compliments to up and coming players.

How long would Chris Long be if the Rams had two pass rushing ends.

Steven Jackson needs a change of pace back.

Another man to man CB to pair with Bartell.

Atogwe needs another dominant safety.

Jacob Bell needs another OG.

All in all big win.......


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rams vs Falcons

Quick thoughts:

Not sure if talent or bad luck is involved with so many near chances in games that the Rams lose this season.

How many dropped ints? Now how many of those resulted in two Rams players colliding and causing the other to drop an easy pick?

Bradford provided he stay healthy may be really, really special.

We need in the draft or FA: WR, OLB, CB, backup RB

If the Rams win two of these next three road games I predict they take the NFC West.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rams vs 49ers

With both teams rebuilding this rivalry for me still is the magnitude of a playoff game. Outside of my hometown Saints I hate losing the 49ers the most.

Quick thoughts:

Why did the defense give up so many big plays on simply misdirection plays?

4th and 18 to win the game and couldn't stop them?

Bradford gets my kudos for a great drive to tie the game.

First and only possession in OT: what was with the play calling?

We so need a play making WR to stretch the field.

Heartbreaking loss that could have killed the 49ers playoff hopes.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rams vs Panthers

Quick thoughts:

Great to be 4-4 with the knowledge that record is not a fluke and could easily be much better.

No Randy Moss. I know short term he would help, but Bradford needs to emerge as a leader and not be overshadowed by a guy who only has a few years left in the tank and seems to lack motivation at times.

This defense can be special and may only be a handful of players away to becoming dominant.

The Rams need to win on the road now.

Good feeling entering the bye week.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rams vs Bucs

Quick thoughts:

Congrats to SJ39 on becoming the Rams all time leading rusher. Amazing what he has been able to accomplish mainly on bad teams.

I'm still not sure how much blame can go on "winning on the road".

With a lead many if not all OC's will become more conservative in their play calling. With a rookie QB I'm sure the Rams coaches are worried about Bradford throwing an INT or a pick six and drastically changing the game in one play. That being said at some point it's up to the players to make plays. Bradford was simply off and missed some open WR's.

It continues to be alarming on how many injuries the Rams incur each game. The WR's were hit first and now the secondary.

After a tough frustrating loss the Rams still have a good opportunity to be 4-4 at the bye if they take care of business at home this week against the Panthers.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Rams vs Chargers

Quick Thoughts:

What a complete game against a very strong opponent.

Spags and Company I really believe are good coaches, sometimes I worry about the OC, but given that he has a rookie QB,LT, and some inexperienced WR's I try to be lenient.

The defense generated a great pass rush and had some creative blitz packages.

When the Rams this season don't hurt themselves with poor special teams coverage, dropped int's, fumbles/ints of their own they are extremely competitive.

SJ39 went to a different level at the end of the game. This guy doesn't get enough credit when it comes to leadership, and heart. He is a tremendous talent but he wants so bad for team success.

James Hall and Chis Long are playing at a high level.

Great win, great to be .500, ready for more success!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Rams vs Lions

Well we came crashing back to Earth after two wins in a row.

Quick Thoughts:

The Lions are much much better than their record indicated.

The Rams fell into that "trap" kind of game in which they just came off an emotional win against a divisional opponent.

Sam Bradford is a rookie.

With the awful loss of Mark Clayton we have virtually zero playmakers outside of Bradford and SJ39.

The defense was flat as could be. Little to no emotion, and the same issues: lack of a pass rush, poor tackling, dropped int's.

Special teams are starting to really worry me.


Monday, October 4, 2010


Wow that was a nice complete game from all three phases.

Quick thoughts:

Bradford while still certainly learning appears relaxed and confident. Surely continued success only allows him to progress that much quicker.

SJ39 is a true warrior. He knows what his presence on the field means to his team and how the other team needs to respect him on the field. Given his much shorter strides, the groin injury was either bothering him or he was guarding against further injury. Either way, Seattle had to respect him in the backfield.

Our defense has some potential. Still being stingy in the red zone, and generating a pass rush.

James Hall is an ageless wonder these days.

Fred Robbins transforms the DL.

Fletcher was a pick that was blasted on draft day by ESPN, hmmm now he's looking mighty good.

Continued progress with additional play makers this team looks to have a solid foundation and future.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Rams vs Redskins

Wow that sure is a great feeling isn't it? It's been ages since this team beat the Lions last year.

Quick things I learned:

The Rams did the correct thing in drafting Bradford not only for his talent but the energy he has brought back to St Louis. Nice to hear the home team crowd, cheer!

Rodger Saffold at LT is the real deal. This kid is making us forget the Alex Barron debacle.

Mark Clayton maybe should have been a first round WR afterall. Rarely does the old saying that a player would benefit from a change of scenary really seem to work out, but so far so good.

This defense has some hope, and Baby Animal is improving weekly, as is Bradley Fletcher.

Kudos to all long suffering fans and players alike.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rams vs Raiders

Much has been written and discussed about another maddening loss by the St Louis Rams. Many have speculated that this team doesn't know how to win, and cites examples of penalties, poor tacking, and coaching decisions. Those points are somewhat valid but the big picture is talent, and the Rams don't have enough of it. When the Raiders game planned on offense, who do you think they said that they had to make sure to block, scheme, or always know his whereabouts? If you said no one, we agree. The Rams do not have a consistent pass rusher, like a Dwight Freeney, or DeMarcus Ware that provides pressure that elevates everyone on that defense. CB's get more turnovers, and LB make more negative plays when someone along the DL is disruptive, or forcing a double team.

 On offense, outside of Steven Jackson, who did the Raiders game plan for? Bradford is accurate, so what did they do? They provided pressure all day long like the Cardinals did. That leaves WR's one on one in most cases. Outside of Mark Clayton who scares teams? Right again no one.

It's easy to say this or that is the reason for all the losses, but until you get some dominate play makers on both sides of the ball, success will be out of reach.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Rams vs Cardinals


Sam Bradford's accuracy and poise in the pocket

Steven Jackson playing healthy

OL- Arizona designed some exotic blitzes and Bradford was only sacked twice

Defense- especially the fropnt seven, much more intenisty and edge to them this year


Final Score- need to get some W's

Injuries: most appear minor outside of LB Chris Chamberlain

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rams 2010 version

We caught glipmses of what could be this preseason with a much more efficient offense, that showed the ability to convert in the red zone, something Bulger and Co. had trouble with. Bradford has been officially named the starter, and a new era has begun.

The Rams still have many, many needs: backup RB, #1 WR, a TE to emerge, pass rushers on defense, and a shutdown CB.

Do young players evolve into those important roles, or do we have to wait for another draft and free agency period to take the next step?


Friday, August 27, 2010

Preseason #3

Well any doubts about the Rams improvement and Sam Bradford's potential were erased in one half of football against the Patriots. Not flashy like the GSOT days but effective runs with mid range passes moved the offense to an impressive halftime lead. The defense limited the Patriots to one score for the half, and only one first down in the 1st quarter.

The final score is inconsequential during the preseason but for this team a win is a good sign at any juncture.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Preseason :Rams vs Vikings

The Bradford era in St Louis has begun. That thud you here is a result of another "here we go again" performance by the guys in Horns.

Good: Bradford's poise and surgically repaired right shoulder that absorbed 4 sacks.
Special teams returner Danny Amendola providing the Rams only points.
Larry Grant at OLB made some plays and played, well, like a LB that was drafted by the 49ers.

Bad: LT Rodger Saffold had some noticeable trouble with the Vikings speed rushers.
The Rams WR got little or no separation from the Vikings DB's

Ugly: Every Rams RB that played and the subsequent run blocking
Former 1st round Tackle Jason Smith who provided an early test of Mr Bradford's surgically repaired shoulder.
Last but not least OC Pat Shurmur's dink and dunk offense that provided Rams fans to moan all of last year. Example 3 and 6 expect a 4 yard pass to a covered fullback, Tight end, or Tackle eligible.
Blown coverages from LB's and DB's.

Just the first preseason game I keep telling myself, let's see if real improvement materializes next week.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Training Camp 2010

The Rams signed their franchise QB a few days into camp, and with that the 2010 season got underway. The more reports that I read on line by fans makes me believe that until last year's number one pick Jason Smith returns to the starting line up (broken toe), the Rams need to be careful with Bradford. The offensive line shows promise when healthy, but having rookie Rodger Saffold starting at LT worries me, even though he has had a strong beginning to camp.

I'll reserve any judgement until I see a few preseason games, but this team on paper looks improved. How much improvement we can expect is the big question.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pre Training Camp

With the exception of early draftr picks Sam Bradford and Roger Saffold almost all of the draftees are signed. Late word is that Bradford's agent will meet wit Rams' officials next week for preliminary contract discussions.

The biggest issue with the exception of signing Bradford is locating a viable backup RB. The supplemental draft is this Thursday and the Rams have some interest in Harvey Unga, RB that left BYU. His ability to run and catch would give us a legit #2 RB. His size is 5'11, 244lbs so he would be a similar north-south runner, as opposed to a change of pace back that most believe the Rams need. With Jackson's back surgery I feel that if we can draft Unga for a 4th or 5th round pick he certainly seems worth it.


Monday, June 21, 2010

End of OTA's

Quick thoughts as the Rams finish OTA's:

Injuries worry me somewhat. More of the potentially nagging injuries like hamstrings, and ankle sprains.

I really feel bad for Mark Setterstrom who re injured his surgically repaired triceps.

With Steven Jackson rehabbing his injured back, I didn't hear much chatter about any of the RB's, which was an issue to begin with.

Bradford seems to fit the part as a potential franchise QB.

This team seems to be developing a good chemistry, and the vets that were brought in seem to have clear leadership qualities.

All should be quiet until July 31st when the Rams open training camp.


Sunday, June 6, 2010


The Rams full squad has been active during OTA's. Most eyes are on rookie Sam Bradford and how he is getting acclimated to the West Coast offense and the speed and complexity of the NFL. Most signs are encouraging: he has displayed a take charge leadership in the huddle and around teammates. His accuracy seems to be a real strength, connecting on a few long plays with the receivers in stride. His accuracy has been so impressive that WR, Brooks Foster said he has never had a QB put the ball exactly where it should be so frequently.

The only negative seems to be the mounting list of injuries. Injuries have seriously slowed the progress of many of the younger Rams players in the past. Rodger Saffold who many believe will start at RT sooner than later suffered a mild sprained MCL, and most likely will miss the rest of the OTA's.

Its really, really early but all signs seem to be positive these days at Rams Park.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ownership issues

With Stan Kroenke exercising his right to purchase 100% of the Rams many issues arose due to his ownership of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche. Cross ownership is prohibited by the NFL. Kroenke is an interesting individual. His wife is an heir to the Wal-Mart fortune. Mr Kroenke is a self made billionaire who is known for his well thought out moves in the business world. A few interesting questions:

1. Why did he wait all 60 days allotted to come to his formal decision to purchase 100% of the team.

2. What is his plan to circumvent the existing cross ownership rules

3. Why did he ask the NFL finance committee if his wife could purchase the team instead of him?

Number 3 seems so bush league for a man of his stature and shrewdness. There must be more to this story.

As far as the Rams Kroenke has been minority owner for 15 years, and had done wonders with the Nuggets franchise, there really is no reason he wouldn't have similar success as majority owner of the Rams.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


On paper the last two drafts, anyone can see and feel a difference. The Rams have real football people making football decisions these days. Time will tell exactly how competent they are, but it is easy to see that building up the lines in the draft as well as free agency has been a priority. This team was a disaster when Devaney and Spags rolled up to One Rams Park.

Over the last two seasons they have correctly assessed veterans who were pass their prime, draft picks that were mistakes, and players who didn't fit the current offensive and defensive schemes.

Bradford is your new face of the franchise, even though I pray he is brought along slowly. The OL for one looks tremendously better on paper. This roster is full of young players who give maximal effort and love to play the game.

Hopefully key pieces continue to fall into place and the wins begin again.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Draft approaches

Well if all things are being considered, the Rams are in a power position in the draft.


1) Bradford cleared the medical and physical concerns by having a steller pro day

2) Suh, and McCoy have not hurt their draft stock in any way.

3) More than a few teams in the top half of the draft are looking for franchise QB's


Monday, March 15, 2010

Suh vs Bradford

In two weeks Sam Bradford will have his long awaited pro day. Supposedly fully recovered from shoulder surgery, added musculature to his once thin frame, he will try to impress enough to become the #1 overall pick in this years' draft.

The Rams GM Billy Devaney has said on record that you don't draft for need, you draft the best players. Although he continued that should a player of any other position be rated higher than a QB, then if you need a QB all bets are off. Is he covering his butt, to go either direction, or is this good old fashion confusion so teams don't have a feel for the direction the Rams are going?

If Bradford impresses he will be in the mix for sure. Bulger may be on his way out, and the franchise does need an identity or a face. My concerns about Bradford are right there with everyones': He was hurt every year he played. He only was sacked a handful of times. He was in the shotgun a bunch. He didn't come from a pro style offense.

Suh should be really successful, emphasis on the should. DT's as any Ram fan knows is far from a slam dunk position to draft. Rarely if ever do they have an impact year one.

March 29th Bradford's pro day will make the interesting or easy for the Rams.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Quick thoughts on Combine and early draft:

As certain players and positions are weighed by analysts and fans alike are you like me and amazed at how many holes this team has? I mean QB, backup RB, true #1 WR, TE, OL depth, pass rushing DE, NT, LB(s), CB just to name a few.

I still believe that the Rams brass would like to drop a few spots and pick up a few more picks since they have come to same conclusion as us.

It was brought to my attention today via Rampagers listserv that no Oklahoma QB has ever started a NFL game. Bradford should buck that trend but he doesnt come from a traditional pro style offense, and even with the added muscle has a slender build.

Suh and McCoy debate is getting old already. Maybe these two guys are similar but only one won all the awards, and was in NY for the heisman cerremony.

Tim Tebow will play and win in this league at some point. That pains me as an LSU fan but the kid is special.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Agency?

With the probable onset of an uncapped year forthcoming many reports state that this will be a very lean year for unrestricted free agents. Many potential UFA's will become restricted this year since they have not accrued enough years of service to make them unrestricted. A prime example is Rams LT, Alex Barron who would be and UFA in a normal capped year. By most estimations if this were a capped year the Rams would let Barron become unrestricted and test the market. Since he will be restricted it wouldn't cost the Rams much to retain him for one more year.

The issue for the Rams is the team is desperate for talent at almost every position and the draft coupled with a string showing in free agency would have quickened the rebuilding process. As it stands now 14 teams will not have any starters exposed in an uncapped free agency pool. Long story short free agency will not be a cure for what ails this team this year.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Early draft wish list

QB: Would love to make a trade for a young vet QB without giving up a ton. Kevin Kolb in Philly would top my list.
RB: Change of pace back. If the Rams had a pure speed back it would instantly change the dynamic of this offense. McClusters from Ole Miss may be undersized but the guy was incredible in college.
OL: Everyone is guessing that Alex Barron has played his last game in horns, so if that's the case a young vet in free agency.
WR: A true #1 WR. It isn't Donnie Avery, Robinson looked good pre-injury, and we have a ton of intriguing young wideouts, but we need that one that opponents need to game plan for. I'm guessing via trade.
DL: Outside of Chris Long we have very little. All D-line positions are in play.
LB: See DL, substitute James Laurinitis for Chris Long
DB: Not sure what we have, guys I had to look up were starting the last few games. Bartell and then nothing. All in play

Long story short: we can add via free agency, and the draft just about at any position and help this team. BPA seems the way to go.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Off Season

With the Rams "on the clock" all of us turn our attention to the Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine, and Blue-Grey games. AT the end of the Rams worst ever regular season record we all need something positive to look forward to, and new players via the draft and free agency are almost here.

My early season wish list:

Improve the Dline
- The Rams need a pass rush, that can be from a DE applying pressure or a big DT getting pressure up the middle thus eliminating the QB from stepping up in the pocklet. Just think what Chris Long's stats would be if the QBs couldnt step up in the pocket.

- Dont care what position they play but defensive players who force turnovers or getting stops and forcing punts.
Offensively anyone who can spell SJAX, make a key 3rd down play, score, score, score

So many holes good, solid players will help. Hopefully help is on the way.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Rams vs 49ers

Again I will try to take the high road and look at the positives (aren't many).

Up until the 7:30 minute mark in the 4th quarter the Rams trailed a fringe playoff caliber team by one point.

If we can compete and keep games close with these players, just think what will happen when we replace the camp bodies that were starting for most of the year.

We have the number one draft pick this year!

Some of our rookies and young players got some valuable experience that should help them for years to come.

This season is over, and that is a positive.