Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rams vs Cardinals

Quick thoughts:

Seems like we just saw the Peterson punt return for a touchdown....

GM is a bigger issue than coaching, but that being said I need to see better coaching

Playmakers are everywhere on other rosters, where are they on the Rams?

BD drafted 2 OTs, acquired in free agency 2 OGs, and a C......and it looks like that little project sadly needs to be repeated.

SJ39 may have to be trade bait, he deserves to be a winner in his career and I'm not sure another rebuilding phase is in the cards for him

Spags needs to look at big picture and take a few chances, buddy look at your head coaching W-L record!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rams vs Seahawks

Quick thoughts:

Another division game that the Rams had an early lead only to not do much on offense.

Defense played very well, but can't be expected to play 8-90 snaps a game. Every three and out by the Rams offense lessens the defenses' effectiveness.

Spags and Devaney have been placed on the hot seat, with multiple sources indicating Rams' owner Stan Kroenke has been exploring and having informal discussions with potential GMs.

This seaon has been beyond frustrating as a fan.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rams vs Browns

Quick thoughts:

I will reserve to judge Bradford until he has at least two legit WRs. His quick chemistry with Brandon Lloyd may be coincidence but with Lloyd being the only proven wideout on the team besides Mark Clayton I simply cant properly judge Sam.

SJ39 is a beast. If any lingering questions are still hanging around him they should have been dispelled long ago. This guy has subpar blocking, no passing game and still churns out tough yards. The bigger question is why aren't all the Rams this enthusaiastic and want to win as badly as Jackson?

I have never ever seen anything like what has happened to the Rams secondary. Teams have injuries but c'mon! How many Cornerbacks are on injured reserve now?

This next few games will in my opinion go far in forcasting Spags and Devaney's futures. Lots of division games where Spags said the teams focus was on in preseason.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Rams vs Cards

Well another week another head scratcher for Rams Nation. I'm not sure that the players at this point have a ton of faith in someone making a play. One week removed from beating a Superbowl caliber team, the Rams struggle and let a team hang around just long enough to steal a victory.

Good teams find ways to make plays and win ugly games even when they aren't at their best. This is not a team that has playmakers.

Not much more to say other than on to the next game.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rams vs Saints

Quick thoughts:

Growing up in New Orleans for 30years this was my Super Bowl!

Give Spags some credit the guy hasn't lost his team, even after that debacle in Dallas.

So Brandon Lloyd seems like this years great pickup just like Mark Clayton was last year.

Chris Long and Robert Quinn seem like a pretty good DE-duo.

Re-watched this game twice already!!