Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rams vs Packers

No big surprise that the Rams had lots of trouble against the Champs.

Ramdom thoughts:

I like not love the trade fro WR Brandon Lloyd. He is proven in this system, and may provide the most help as an on field tutor to the Rams young WR's. He has the ability to make tough catches and brings a deep play ability.

Welcome back Mark Clayton! Clayton certainly was a surprise last year. Hopefully fully recovered from a knee injury, Clayton and Bradford seemed in sync last season.

MSW well we hardly knew you!

WR week 7-8: Lloyd, Clayton, Salas, Alexander hmm starting to look better.

This was a awful stretch of games and the next two certainly continue that trend. If the OL takes care of protections, and the new WR core provide Bradford with better separation and sure hands; maybe the Rams can make this season respectable.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rams vs Redskins

At the quarter mark in the 2011 season we have a clearer picture of this team moving forward.

Rams depth pre-injury may have been improved but losing two of your top three CBs would debilitate most teams, and the Rams are no exception.

The OL we all thought was a strength has been very poor in pas protection, with Bradford being harassed on 40% of his dropbacks so far.

SJ39 being injured early on seemed to affect the teams identity.

Fred Robbins and James Hall may have let age catch up to them. They dont seem to have the same ability this year to disrupt plays.

Mikell has been a bright spot, but the other safety position is a liability.

Mix those issues with bad tackling, penalities, drops, and lack of fire bring us to an 0-4 start with three brutal games after the bye.

Not many positives to hold onto at the moment.

Geaux Rams