Monday, December 29, 2008

Rams vs Falcons

Well another high effort loss. I have to hand it to the players and coaches on their preparation and effort for a game that meant nothing to the Rams and everything to the Falcons.

Last year the team had packed it in long before the season was over. This season they competed to the bitter end.

In the coming weeks the Rams and their revamped front office will interview head coaching candidates. Debates between keeping Halsett or replacing him with a hot defesive coordinator can be viewed both ways. I have my opinions as do all Rams' fans. In the end I hope that the correct fit to rebuild this team is made.

Happy New Year's Rams fans, after this season we all deserve a better 09.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rams vs 49ers

Ok indulge me for not wanting to write essentially the same thing as last week, as the Rams in similar fashion squandered another game they should have won. I wanted to throw out some thoughts on the head coaching situation.

I should preface this by mentioning I know very little about the Baltimore Ravens and current defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, who has been mentioned as a potential head coaching candidate in St Louis.

I understand the allure of a hot coordintor, like Ryan, or Spagnulo, or Schwartz in Tenneesse. They are all on teams that are displaying a significant level of success right now. What we don't know is if these are simply good coaches or coordinators that have the ability to scout and develop the right personnell for their system. Linehan had a good track record of fixing anemic offenses in Minnesota, and Miami. What we all painfully know now is that his eye for talent was misguided.

So why should Rex Ryan for instance have any better luck than the man he replaced in former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan? Nolan was the DC for the Ravens when they won the SUperbowl, and the core talent that remains on that defense was there or acquired during Nolan's tenure. So why is Rex Ryan the hot name on the internet as a HC candidate?

I hope that if the Rams do make a change, and go the coordinator route they make sure they get someone who has a clear idea of the personnell needed to reectify this situation, not just a coordinator that has had recent success.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rams vs Seahawks

My first entire game in awhile.....

I am convinced it's the players now. I was on the fence about the iffy play calling and the players who in the late stages of the season still are missing assignments, and running incorrect routes.

Fumbles, dropped passes, missed tackles, missed coverages (ATOGWE), can't all be attributed to coaching. These guys are still making the same mistakes, and since their is a lack of talent and depth they continue to start.

I was feeling pretty good about this team during the 1st half, then that optimism dissipated. I still am not sold that Haslett's not the right guy to turn it around. Naysayers say what you will, but at least he has a plan for the future, and the future hopefully will be better than the present.

Ram On!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rams vs Cards

Congrats to the Arizona Cardinals for winning the NFC West. One because they are not the Seahawks or 9ers, two beacause it gives us all hope as Rams' fans that a franchise, even in disarray, can become a winner in a few years.

As for the game I missed another one opting to spend a great birthday weekend with my oldest daughter. From the stat sheet and what I have read the Rams played ok minus the costly turnovers.

We need leadership in the front office, coaching staff and then players, just have faith it may be on the way.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rams vs Dolphins

Quick observations:

The Rams can compete with Steven Jackson, get blown out with out him.
-Need to sign play makers on offense in offseason.

Say what you will about the coaches but on a few key plays, players made major mistakes.

On a critical 3rd down in the 4th quarter the TE and the FB of the Dolphins both released. Q. Culberson had the FB, Atogwe had the TE. Atogwe covered the TE but so did Culberson leaving the FB with an uncontested reception for the first down.
-Atogwe was yelling at him, so at least he knew what the assignment was.

Dropped passes, incorrect routes by young WRs, and bad decisions by the QB. When does it go beyond coaching? Players need to execute plays, the way they were drawn up.

Lastly: Al Saunders stop running that fake reverse run up the middle play. I think teams may be on to it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rams vs Bears

Well the broken record continues. I was flying home and was debating internally what type of article is more difficult to write: an off season one, or when the Rams have a near constant string of terrible games. Answer: I'll get back to you after week 17, but this is brutal.

I could dissect players, offense, defense, but realistically (hopefully) many of these players will be gone after this season. There was a honest look at these Rams by the St Louis Post-Dispatch that alluded to this very notion. We at least have a clear idea of who can play and who needs to go. For example Corey Chavous who has been defended each year by the Rams, and Will Witherspoon as a MLB when we all know he is better suite for WLB. These two examples do speak to some of the dysfunction at Rams Park.

We know a huge problem is the players which includes free agency disasters, poor drafts, and players that never seem to develop here. The front office will change thankfully, ownership probably will too.

The harsh reality for Rams' fans are we are fans of a bottom tier team. Once we have exhausted all plausible and fabricated theories we are left with the sad truth that we are a bad football team, and no magical quick fix is going to work.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rams vs 49ers

Double yuck. Not much left to write or discuss about this team it seems. We had our hopes temporarily restored with a couple of wins and a close loss at New England, then the wheels have completely come off again.

I still will debate with anyone that this team lacks in talent, and has misfired so frequently in the draft and free agency that any injury will result in a player that shoudln't be starting, starting. Also some of the stubborness of coaches and front office folks, inssisting players are doing well,or have the abilkity to play another position.


Will Witherspoon is a dynamic top tier weakside LB, but is being played at MLB because prior to him signing with the Rams they had unfortunately invested a large amount of money on WLB Pisa Tinoisamoa. Thus Witherspoon is wrongly cast as our MLB where injuries are destroying his effectiveness.

Corey Chavous, SS. Not sure if Chavous has incrimnating photos of someone at Rams Park, but he lost the little speed he once had, and is a huge liability as a tackler. Each offseason seems to come and go with fans begging for safety help to no avail. We need a thumper back there, think of what Rodney Harrison, or Dawkins do for the Pats and Eagles.

Adam Carrkier, DE-DT. Again the Rams felt so sure that they could transform a 3-4 DE into a DT-NT. Well I know he has an ankle injury but he was getting pushed back 3-4 yards on alot of plays. Miscast.

The examples could go on forever bringing up relics like Trung Candidate and Jacoby Sheppard, but whomever gets control of signing players in the future almost by default must do a better job.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rams vs Jets

I missed the game since I was traveling so I'm somewhat limited this week. Coach Haslett has stated that nearly every player performed poorly, with 46-46 offensive plays having some sort of breakdown.

Even the most optimistic Rams' fan must acknowledge that we have a deficiency of play makers and leaders on this team. Marc Bulger will never be a vocal leader, and that doesn't mean he can't be a very good NFL QB, he has shown that he is a pro bowler. On the defensive side a vocal, passionate leader has not emerged in years. So in a transition year in which the team has a new owner, interim head coach, and some lame duck assistants, this team must begin to look to the future ans see who can be part of the solution of making the Rams contenders again. Right now the line of leaders in mighty thin.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rams vs Cardinals

Yuck. With respectability there for the taking the Rams were simply out played on both sides of the ball. The offense continued with poor pass protection, and poor run blocking. That coupled with very predictable play calling resulted in a lopsided loss to division leading Arizona.

The Rams played well in the first quarter with a defensive goal line stand, and a big TD play to Stanley. In a matter of minutes as halftime approached the wheels came off and the Rams trailed quickly 24-7.

I still believe in this team. The talent level is not to what it is in Arizona. The Rams need to start drafting with divisional opponents in mind. Seattle did that back in the GSOT days and until this year dominated the division. Until the Rams get a pass rush and big physical corners, teams like Arizona will be impossible to beat.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rams vs Patriots

I have a small inclination into what the players are feeling with Haz as their coach. I am so re-energized as a fan watching this team play now. The game and this team certainly had/has it's negative points, but damn pro football is fun to watch again.

The optomist in me looks at the 6 remaining division games as all winnable. Couple that with the 2 wins we currently have, plus a much easier 2nd half schedule.....ya never know.

If Haslett can get these players to play hard each week he certainly deserves the job. The Rooney Rule was a good idea but its' time has passed and the rule should be abolished. If the Rams keep playing hard and winning Haz deserves the job. This team has passion and a swagger beacause the coach does. The coach has passion and swagger beacuse he was a former player, and is a REAL head coach.

Early prediction: If Haz gets the job look for him to build the OL & DL. He has stated numerous times that is where games are won/lost.



Monday, October 20, 2008

Rams vs Cowboys

Kudos to the Rams to remain focused when the entire country has been forced to listen to every detail of the Cowboys for the last week.

Love the fire and intensity that this team is playing with. It is a joy to watch and will be looking forward to watching the Rams play again.

Keep it going!

Ram On!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rams vs Bills

Happy trails Scott Linehan.....

Quick thoughts:

If this team has suffered from a lack of leadership and motivation from the head coach position that will change under Jim Haslett. I understand the concern over the defenses performance but this guy is a talented head coach. I witnessed him lead a team far less talented than this Rams team to the playoffs in New Orleans.

As I have stated the Rams have far more problems than the head coach, but Halsett in my opinion is much better than Linehan.

Welcome back Marc Bulger....should have never been thrown under the bus

Get the Fahkir back here.....think #34 will be back soon in horns

Ram On!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rams vs Seahawks

At this point there is simply not much to say anymore in regards to the state of the Rams. They are not competitive for four quarters, lack leadership, and are not remotely enjoyable to watch.

Many reports including SI's Peter King have stated that Chip Rosenbloom will sell the team by the end of the season. So what this means is that until that occurs you may or may not have some coaching changes but the Rams brass will remain the same until the team is sold.

Bulger has been benched in favor of Trent Green.
- This is such a not seeing the big picture kind of move. Peyton Manning could be behind this line and look terrible.

The big picture is that the powers that be haven't done a good job selecting talent, and the coaches have not gotten all they can out of the players they have. Anything less than sweeping changes in all facets of this organization will not rectify what ails this team on Sundays.

Ram On!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rams vs Giants

Not to beat a dead horse, but this team needs revision from the top down. Many fans are calling for Linehan's job, and justifiably so, but we have gone through the coaching change. Rewind a few years when most of Ram Nation was convinced the only thing holding back our beloved team was Mike Martz. The excessive timeouts, the risky plays, and the smug demeanor he had on the sidelines. At least it was fun watching Rams football then.

Bad drafts, worse free agent pick-ups, and love affairs with current starters past their prime have this franchise reeling. You could bring in any coach, but unless that coach made all the decisions player-wise you would have similar results. Until Jay Zygmunt retires/gets fired all players must get his approval. That is probelm #1, and until that changes welcome back to the 90's.

The current hierarchy is killing this once proud franchise. Many felt Martz's ego was his undoing, his ego now looks like nothing compared to Zygmunt & Shaw.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rams vs Eagles

Wow these games are for real, and we are asleep at the beginning of the season again.

I don't want to overreact to one game, but all preseason we heard the Rams preach that a strong start to the season was the only cure to erase the 07 debacle.

Well??? What was that? If in the 1st quarter of the 1st game an overweight sideline reporter claims your team has no passion.....well?

Why do other teams fly around and show enthusiasm, and our Rams look like every one's IT department at lunch?

I have been an avid player of Madden for years and this game reminded me of playing that game. Who else really scores on a 90 yard TD pass with under a minute before half? Not professionals.

Remember for the last 5 years I have said that it all comes from the ownership down. Where were Chip and his baby sister on the first real game as team owners? Probably where John Shaw Los Angeles.

Ownership, good pro football brass, PROVEN head coach, talented, passionate players , that is what builds championship teams.

Until that changes, remember fondly of the GSOT days.........

Ram On!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preseason week #3

Well whatever lit a fire under the bums of this team we need to bottle up and use on a weekly basis. After three lackluster preseasons the Rams looked like they wanted to win an exhibition game.

MArc Bulger was in rhythm, the OL protected well, and run blocked. The defense was stout, and got pressure on oipposing QB's.

The only negatives I saw were the injuries continue to mount, and Drew Bennett has butter fingers still.

All in all this gives us a glimer of hope that the players and coaches are all on the same page.

Ram On!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Preseason week #2

OK defensively we saw improvements, albeit against many of the Chargers back-ups. I say again that I like Jim Haslett as a defensive coordinator and I am not opposed to seeing him as a head coach even if its with the Rams. The fire and passion he brings is infectious to the defense. I still feel that the "cupboard was bare" from a talent standpoint on the defensive side when Haslett took over.

Offensively this team doesn't have an identity. Long gone are the days of GSOT. What are the present Rams on offense? Bruising Steven Jackson 30-35 times a game and playing field position? A updated version of the GSOT with the KC twist?

To me this team has no identity because the coach doesn't have one. Linehan can play the opposite game all he wants (shaved head, tough camp, train away for STL, wear different clothing), until he steps up and says this is my team and we are going to do it my way, this team will continue to look dysfunctional.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Preseason Week #1 Rant

Please someone tell me why seemingly every, and I mean every starting NFL QB has had a excellent to perfect attempt to completion rate, many leading to scoring drives, and our QB for three preseasons now has not lead a TD drive?

It is almost illogical to think a pro football team in 9 games now has not scored a TD with it's 1st stringers.

Linehan will make you believe their is no corrolation to preseason to regular season. In some repects I agree (win/loss, how the team performs late in those games) but if your 1st team never gets in sync what makes anyone believe when they travel to Philly everything's gonna be alright?

For once stop making excuses, all the other teams play with passion, and desire. It seems like this post could have been almost any week from last season.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Training Camp

Ahh the sweet smell of football is back in the air. After way too long the NFL and college football camps are starting.

The Rams are now in the famous "Cheese League", and hopefully can reverse a dismal season a year ago. I like the idea of having training camp outside of St Louis and the ability to scrimmage teams close by should be a plus.

Kudos to Zygmut and company for getting all the draft picks signed, the lone exception is Stephen Jackson whom I'm sure has overvalued himself. Jackson is only 25 and from a RB's perspective he has 5 years left, so this contract is a biggie.

Jackson deserves a new contract, and I'm confident the Rams will work a deal out.

So again take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of pigskin. Thank goodness football is back.

Ram On!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crossroads for the Rams

Coming off the end of a dismal 2007 season the Rams certainly face many obstacles on and off the field. New ownership, a coach that has one final chance to prove himself, stadium issues, and a weak economy, just to name a few.

This season and possibly next will be key times for the Rams. If Linehan and company get off to a much anticipated bad start, when does change come, and how widespread? When does a complete overhaul begin?

This team had tremendous success encapsulated by many horrible years prior and mostly average to below average since the Superbowl appearances. So if the right decisions aren't made we could relive the 1990's, where bad personnel decisions, and an eroding fan base became the norm.

The Rosenbloom's could provide the franchise with strength either by becoming passionate, involved owners or finding those traits in someone else. Success comes from the top, so as of now all eyes are on the new owners to help bring this team back to a playoff contender.

Ram On

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick thoughts

I think all football fans are in extreme withdrawal. Stories this time of year certainly seem to take on a life of themselves.

Such as....

Torry Holt interviews on a golf course about dreaming of playing with his little brother. Most fans express outrage that Torry wants to punch his ticket out of St Louis now.

Reality: I'd be shocked if either Holt are playing after Torry's contract is up. Lil bro is on his 3rd or 4th team already, not good, and Torry's knees are about done.

Yahoo sports interviews long time owner Eddie Debartelo, who claims he has inside info that the Rams are for sale. Most fans in California and St Louis are outraged. California fans think Eddie's gonna bring the Rams back to Cali.

Reality: If the Rosenblooms' can find a tax friendly agreement with Georgia's estate I think they would like to keep the team. If no agreement can be made then I think the team will be sold in a few years to someone who plans to keep the team in St Louis and has already worked out a stadium solution.

Almost training camp time!!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Should we stay or should we go?

An article published by Yahoo sports has sent many Rams fans into overdrive. The article interviewed former 49ers owner Eddie Debartlo. In the piece he went on record to say that he had first hand information that the Rams were for sale. These claims were neither denied or confirmed by new majority owner Chip Rosenbloom. He basically stated that it was his mother's intent and wish that the Rams remain in St Louis. He did not say that he intended to keep the team for as long as he could. This was further collaborated when Rosenbloom went off record with the St Louis Dispatch and alluded to concerns about taxes that he would incur once his mother's estate is settled. Basically if he remains owner he will have some serious taxes to deal with.

Personally Georgia's kids seem like good people, that if all things were considered would continue on as owners and keep this franchise in their family name. Chip Rosenbloom seems driven by the quest to make his mother proud, and not by an intense desire and fire to own and run and NFL team. That is a problem.

Rams' fans love to dream that a Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft type will come down highway 40 and buy the team, and do whatever it takes to win. If the team is sold I'd love to get it on that dream too. Realistically their are a ton of great owners willing to spend tons for a winner. Arthur Blank, Wayne Huizenga, Bob McNair, and the list goes on and on. These are smart owners who have spent tons trying to get the right coaches, players, and stadiums. I guess in the NFL much like 1999 you need the right mix of personnel and some luck.

Ram On!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Over the weekend the Rams had a chance to work with all the new faces they have brought in for the 2008 season. Numerous coaching,and player changes have given fans hope for a quick reversal of luck.

Many bloggers, and beat writers have used the acronym FOSL when talking about recent coaches and players. For those of you who need this decoded FOSL stands for "Friends of Scott Linehan". From the player side we saw a bunch of ex Dolphins and Vikings where he was the offensive coordinator for years. On the coaching side we saw some go as far back as Washington, and Idaho.

The good news is Linehan has given up on most of these friends and tried to resurrect his carer with proven coaches. I don't blame him for hiring coaches and players that he is comfortable with. I do give him praise of realizing that changes needed to be addressed.

Let's hope the changes are improvements or this will be Linehan's swan song.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well the draft has come and gone. Many of the TV experts have rated the Rams draft from excellent to average. One thing to remember if all these GM's and draft gurus were so accurate they would be working for NFL teams not networks.

Quick Observations:

It really takes about 3 years to accurately grade a draft. As a whole the Rams are not very good right now due to their ineptitude to draft well.

2008 Draft sure wasn't sexy, with a couple of late round LB's, and early round OG's.

The Rams with a lameduck coach drafted for need as opposed to best player available (BPA).

Hard not to like how likeable the Long family is, no doubt that money will not change Chris Long.

It is boring but the Rams needed offensive line depth in a huge way so it appears they got great value with Greco & Schuening.

Thank goodness the Rams addressed the WR group.

Happy trails Dane Looker & Marques Haggans.....

Bold Predictions:

Early Doucet, WR taken by the Cards will come back to haunt us. His stats if Boldin leaves Arizona will be comprable to a young Torry Holt.

Dorsey will be a pro bowler in the next two years.

Long will be the defensive leader by mid season.

Cliff Ryan will NOT be the answer.

Ram On!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Less than 2 weeks until the draft

The Rams have potential first round picks visiting this week with at least 26 other possible draftees. The spotlight will be on Jake Long, Chris Long, Vernon Gholston, and Glen Dorsey.

It seems to have take the Rams quite some time to realize that to consistently win in this league you need strong offensive, and defensive lines.

Most seem to believe that the Dolphins will sign Jake Long, certainly no one can blame them with the mess their OL has been for years. I'm not totally convinced yet. I do think the Dolphins will work deals with the top 3-4 players and field any calls for trades.

One of the big problems with the draft is that you have to wait for almost five months after the college season ends. During those five months players get picked apart, and some NFL teams spread rumors to get a player to still be on the board when they pick.

The Rams need to nail the first three rounds. If you look at the top 4 players they all have some red flags.

Jake Long- Will he be a really good RT, and struggle at LT? A few years ago the Raiders Robert Gallery was suppose to be the new standard at OT, that hasn't worked out.

Chris Long- Does he have the speed to get pressure and sacks at the pro level. Good numbers for his senior season in the ACC. Some think his talent is at a max.

Vernon Gholston- first of the four to have pundits question his motivation, and speculate that he takes plays off. Seen by some as a mid to late first rounder before the combine and his pro day. Is he a workout warrior?

Glen Dorsey- Early speculation questioned his heart, and character which were proven false. The knock on Dorsey is he has an injury history. A weight room accident that caused a fracture of his tibia still was viewable on an x-ray. Further clarification in needed to see if the visible line on the xray is just calcium deposits (normal) or a problem with the bone healing (abnormal).

The Rams need to do their homework this is an extremely important draft.

Ram On!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Few weeks left til the draft

This time of the year everyone is an expert, makes the right choices in their mock drafts, and has a crystal ball that can see how draftees will turn out over the next 3-4 years. Let's be honest if one would look at the 250 or so players drafted each year how many realistically have above average careers?

If you observe the Rams roster as an example the turnover every two years is astonishing. Also follow rookies from 2-3 years ago, not many are still in the league let alone with the team that drafted them.

This year the stakes for the Rams brass is a bit higher. A potential lame duck coaching staff, a front office that has overstayed their welcome, and a new owner. Throw in a bad economy and a franchise in a baseball town, and they have some hard work ahead.

If the Rams are to turn around the last few years they need to nail at a minimum their first three draft picks this year. What I mean these first few picks need to contribute immediately, and for the next years to come.

Ram On!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Draft Approacheth

If you are like me you are geetting excited about the draft. Also if you are like me you scour message boards, blogs, nfl web sites, draft blogs, the works. The grea debate seems to be need vs impact player vs whatever someone dreams up at this point.

If the Rams stay at #2 and don't trade down for additional picks, you have the following choices:

1) Chris Long, DE
2) Jake Long, OT
3) Glenn Dorsey, DT
4) Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB
5) Darren McFadden, RB

For this debate lets exclude McFadden.

The Facts:
The Rams cut DE, James Hall so with Litle coming back from surgery the Rams are very thin at DE. That being said Orlando Pace is coming off a triceps injury and has some years behind him now. Alex Barron is solid, but not dominant thus far. Carriker was solid as a rookie and Ryan flashed promise. Wroten and Glover aren't starters at this point.

So Long & Gholston could fill the glaring need at DE, Jake Long eventual succesor at OT, and Dorsey if he transitions to the pros could immediately command a double team and free up others on the DL.

It's early so i'm going to continue to seek info on all the above mentioned players. I'm not a fan of workout warriors, and most of the rumors are false at this juncture. So it's fun to debate but let's make sure we have all the info before proceeding.

Ram On!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thanks Ike!

To my favorite Ram of all time Rev Ike:

Thanks for all the smiles you have brought to my face all these years. For all the terribel teams you were on but still gave it your all. For the happiest non family related day of my life, SuperBowl XXXIV. To showing that even in this day and age a tremendous athlete can display humility & class. You made me proud to be a Ram fan, for that all I can do is say thanks.

Forever a Ram #80

Saturday, February 23, 2008


The Draft is quickly approaching as the NFL kicks off it's annual Combine workouts in Indianapolis. The Combine is a tool that scouts use to really judge a player's athleticism. Three cone drills, 40 yard dash, Vertical jumps tests, and bench press is a few of the standard tests used.

Now in my profession these are standard tools to measure certain athletic traits, mainly to work with an athlete and measure progress. These tests have been around since the 50's, and with the national love affair with functional training they are here to stay. The main thing we as fans and hopefully our scouts do is take this and add it to a players portfolio along with personal interviews. The main focus should still be on past play and how that play coupled with measurables, and attitude would enhance the team.

Let's all hope that we can avoid a Jacoby Sheppard situation. He was a player drafted by the Rams in the 2nd round much higher than his play indicated because he had an outstanding combine. You can draft a great athletic athlete but if he is a classic underachiever or average on the field who cares if he's really fast, strong, or agile.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Saunders, The Draft, and Free Agency

The Rams were patient and on paper look like they were rewarded by signing former Rams' coach Al Saunders. The core skill position players are familiar with his scheme. All pluses.

Good move but risky move by Linehan. On the one hand it certainly can be viewed as an olive branch to those veterans like Bulger, Bruce, and Holt. These players may not have been the best fit in Linehan's scheme but as for Saunders scheme, anyone can review the tape. Linehan will be a 3rd year head coach with coaches like Halsett and now Saunders with NFL cred breathing down his neck should they get off to a slow start yet again.

Look for a speedy WR in the draft or free agency to fill the Az-Hakim position. Where Drew Bennett fits now is anyones' guess.

We are still a few weeks from the combine but this will be our first chance to see arguably the top 3-5 players in action. Dorsey, Chris Long, and Darren McFadden all skipped the Senior Bowl so the combine will give us a glimpse if these three players remain highly touted.

Free agency will be interesting. Will pricey vets like Bruce, Little, and Pace return or renegotiate? Will the Rams be able to attract big name free agents? Will the defense stick with a 4-3 or be molded into a 3-4?

Should be interesting.....

And finally like many or almost all of you I'm thrilled the Pats lost. Gives me a little bit of closure for SB XXXVI.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thanks Georgia

As we all now know Georgia Frontiere, the Rams owner, passed away after battling cancer. She was an individual that angered most Southern California residents when she moved the team from Los Angeles to St Louis in 1995. That same year she delighted her hometown for returning an NFL franchise to St Louis.

Frontiere certainly was a hands off owner, delegating full control to team president John Shaw. When things were good, fans seemed to overlook the fact that until recently she resided in Arizona. When things were bad, she certainly was public enemy no. 1.

As a kid growing up I would watch her after games congratulating players and hugging John Robinson. I thought to myself how awesome would it be to own the Rams? One of my favorite movies still is Heaven Can Wait when Warren Beatty's character ends up buying the Rams. Great stuff.

I hope this is a turning point and the Rams either with Georgia's son Chip Rosenbloom at the helm or an outside party has an owner who is more hands on, and the front office gets a much needed face lift.

I know most will take shots at this woman, I won't.

To Ms. Frontiere:

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to my life these 35 years. God speed, and God Bless.

Rams On!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Early Offseason Thoughts

Not a classy move firing OL Coach Paul Bodreau, if Linehan can't accurately be judged on his coaching due to injuries someone explain this one.

If Greg Oslen wasn't Scott Linehan's boy he would have been fired last season.

The Rams have floated some big names out there in Cam Cameron and Hudson Houck and potential replacements for the two coaches recently fired. I'm sure they may be looking for more job security unless they really believe this is all due to injuries.

The Rams have to be active and astute in free agency. They have had some hits (Witherspoon, Fakir Brown), but way too many misses ( Chavous, Bennett, Hall).

The draft will be interesting if we have the options of best DE, OT, and RB.

Lastly I know this is a Rams board but I must give my congratulations to my Alma mater for winning the national championship.

LSU Tigers 2007 National Champions!