Monday, December 29, 2008

Rams vs Falcons

Well another high effort loss. I have to hand it to the players and coaches on their preparation and effort for a game that meant nothing to the Rams and everything to the Falcons.

Last year the team had packed it in long before the season was over. This season they competed to the bitter end.

In the coming weeks the Rams and their revamped front office will interview head coaching candidates. Debates between keeping Halsett or replacing him with a hot defesive coordinator can be viewed both ways. I have my opinions as do all Rams' fans. In the end I hope that the correct fit to rebuild this team is made.

Happy New Year's Rams fans, after this season we all deserve a better 09.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rams vs 49ers

Ok indulge me for not wanting to write essentially the same thing as last week, as the Rams in similar fashion squandered another game they should have won. I wanted to throw out some thoughts on the head coaching situation.

I should preface this by mentioning I know very little about the Baltimore Ravens and current defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, who has been mentioned as a potential head coaching candidate in St Louis.

I understand the allure of a hot coordintor, like Ryan, or Spagnulo, or Schwartz in Tenneesse. They are all on teams that are displaying a significant level of success right now. What we don't know is if these are simply good coaches or coordinators that have the ability to scout and develop the right personnell for their system. Linehan had a good track record of fixing anemic offenses in Minnesota, and Miami. What we all painfully know now is that his eye for talent was misguided.

So why should Rex Ryan for instance have any better luck than the man he replaced in former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan? Nolan was the DC for the Ravens when they won the SUperbowl, and the core talent that remains on that defense was there or acquired during Nolan's tenure. So why is Rex Ryan the hot name on the internet as a HC candidate?

I hope that if the Rams do make a change, and go the coordinator route they make sure they get someone who has a clear idea of the personnell needed to reectify this situation, not just a coordinator that has had recent success.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rams vs Seahawks

My first entire game in awhile.....

I am convinced it's the players now. I was on the fence about the iffy play calling and the players who in the late stages of the season still are missing assignments, and running incorrect routes.

Fumbles, dropped passes, missed tackles, missed coverages (ATOGWE), can't all be attributed to coaching. These guys are still making the same mistakes, and since their is a lack of talent and depth they continue to start.

I was feeling pretty good about this team during the 1st half, then that optimism dissipated. I still am not sold that Haslett's not the right guy to turn it around. Naysayers say what you will, but at least he has a plan for the future, and the future hopefully will be better than the present.

Ram On!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rams vs Cards

Congrats to the Arizona Cardinals for winning the NFC West. One because they are not the Seahawks or 9ers, two beacause it gives us all hope as Rams' fans that a franchise, even in disarray, can become a winner in a few years.

As for the game I missed another one opting to spend a great birthday weekend with my oldest daughter. From the stat sheet and what I have read the Rams played ok minus the costly turnovers.

We need leadership in the front office, coaching staff and then players, just have faith it may be on the way.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rams vs Dolphins

Quick observations:

The Rams can compete with Steven Jackson, get blown out with out him.
-Need to sign play makers on offense in offseason.

Say what you will about the coaches but on a few key plays, players made major mistakes.

On a critical 3rd down in the 4th quarter the TE and the FB of the Dolphins both released. Q. Culberson had the FB, Atogwe had the TE. Atogwe covered the TE but so did Culberson leaving the FB with an uncontested reception for the first down.
-Atogwe was yelling at him, so at least he knew what the assignment was.

Dropped passes, incorrect routes by young WRs, and bad decisions by the QB. When does it go beyond coaching? Players need to execute plays, the way they were drawn up.

Lastly: Al Saunders stop running that fake reverse run up the middle play. I think teams may be on to it.