Tuesday, January 25, 2011


With Pat Shurmur taking the Cleveland Browns head coaching job much debate has gone on in respect to how good coaching was vs talent level of the players. For weeks folks had discussed and debated if Shurmur/Spags were too conservative or were they forced to play that way with the lack of talent they had to work with on the offensive side of the ball.

It is no surprise that the Rams will look to upgrade the WR position via the draft, free agency or both. The Seattle finale provided the best example of WR issues in my opinion. Lack of speed, precise route running, and play making ability all have been used to describe the 2010-11 Rams WR's.

Hiring Josh McDaniels in my opinion was a wise move since he clearly was the best OC candidiate and has a track record of developing inexperienced QB's. Bradford should continue to thrive provided the Rams get him some talent to work with.


Monday, January 10, 2011

That's a wrap

Well at this point players are clearing out the belongings at Rams Park. News this week surrounded the Seahawks upsetting the Saints which is good for the entire NFC West. The news outlets had already beat the drum about reseeding the playoffs with a sub .500 team winning the division and hosting a playoff game. Well all got quiet really quick didn't it? Hats of to the Seahawks.

Rams news: Pat Shurmur seems to be the leading candidate to take the head coaching gig in Cleveland. Shurmur new Browns GM Mike Holmgren back when he was with the Packers, and runs the same offense as the Eagles do, which is the offense Holmgren wants to install in Cleveland. My guess is since Shurmur developed Sam Bradford so well, Holmgren thinks he can do a similar job with Colt McCoy.

One of the leading candidates if Spags feels that secure would be ousted Vikings Head Coach, Brad Childress. Spags and Chilly are good friends supposedly, and Childress was the long time OC for Andy Reid in Philly.

Time will tell......


Monday, January 3, 2011

Rams vs Seahawks

Quick thoughts:

Man that game sucked!

Negatives first:

What did the Rams' coaches see that made them devise that game plan? By the way what was the game plan?

How come the Rams defense always looks really surprised on opening drives?

Which player from the 2010 Rams made the Pro Bowl?

Right SJ39, and why were we running the FB Mike Karney who outside of injured Britt Miller had been inactive in crucial 3rd down plays?


I will go out on a limb and say if anyone gave me 7-9 at the onset of this year, with a rookie QB, and LT, I would have taken it with a giant smile on my face.

This division is a mess, and if week 17 was at home we'd be hosting the Saints next weeekend.

Bradford took every snap this year and erased fears of durability.


Beating my drum: This team lascks playmakers, and in crucial games or situations you need a playmaker to step up. Let's get Sam some WR's, a legit TE, and a change of pace of RB. Then we can actually open up the play book, and score some points.

Crystal Ball:

All coaches return, free agency addresses OLB, CB depth, and maybe a mid tier WR. Draft gets us legit #1 WR, and 3rd down back.

Brighter days are ahead!