Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rams vs Bears

Well the broken record continues. I was flying home and was debating internally what type of article is more difficult to write: an off season one, or when the Rams have a near constant string of terrible games. Answer: I'll get back to you after week 17, but this is brutal.

I could dissect players, offense, defense, but realistically (hopefully) many of these players will be gone after this season. There was a honest look at these Rams by the St Louis Post-Dispatch that alluded to this very notion. We at least have a clear idea of who can play and who needs to go. For example Corey Chavous who has been defended each year by the Rams, and Will Witherspoon as a MLB when we all know he is better suite for WLB. These two examples do speak to some of the dysfunction at Rams Park.

We know a huge problem is the players which includes free agency disasters, poor drafts, and players that never seem to develop here. The front office will change thankfully, ownership probably will too.

The harsh reality for Rams' fans are we are fans of a bottom tier team. Once we have exhausted all plausible and fabricated theories we are left with the sad truth that we are a bad football team, and no magical quick fix is going to work.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rams vs 49ers

Double yuck. Not much left to write or discuss about this team it seems. We had our hopes temporarily restored with a couple of wins and a close loss at New England, then the wheels have completely come off again.

I still will debate with anyone that this team lacks in talent, and has misfired so frequently in the draft and free agency that any injury will result in a player that shoudln't be starting, starting. Also some of the stubborness of coaches and front office folks, inssisting players are doing well,or have the abilkity to play another position.


Will Witherspoon is a dynamic top tier weakside LB, but is being played at MLB because prior to him signing with the Rams they had unfortunately invested a large amount of money on WLB Pisa Tinoisamoa. Thus Witherspoon is wrongly cast as our MLB where injuries are destroying his effectiveness.

Corey Chavous, SS. Not sure if Chavous has incrimnating photos of someone at Rams Park, but he lost the little speed he once had, and is a huge liability as a tackler. Each offseason seems to come and go with fans begging for safety help to no avail. We need a thumper back there, think of what Rodney Harrison, or Dawkins do for the Pats and Eagles.

Adam Carrkier, DE-DT. Again the Rams felt so sure that they could transform a 3-4 DE into a DT-NT. Well I know he has an ankle injury but he was getting pushed back 3-4 yards on alot of plays. Miscast.

The examples could go on forever bringing up relics like Trung Candidate and Jacoby Sheppard, but whomever gets control of signing players in the future almost by default must do a better job.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rams vs Jets

I missed the game since I was traveling so I'm somewhat limited this week. Coach Haslett has stated that nearly every player performed poorly, with 46-46 offensive plays having some sort of breakdown.

Even the most optimistic Rams' fan must acknowledge that we have a deficiency of play makers and leaders on this team. Marc Bulger will never be a vocal leader, and that doesn't mean he can't be a very good NFL QB, he has shown that he is a pro bowler. On the defensive side a vocal, passionate leader has not emerged in years. So in a transition year in which the team has a new owner, interim head coach, and some lame duck assistants, this team must begin to look to the future ans see who can be part of the solution of making the Rams contenders again. Right now the line of leaders in mighty thin.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rams vs Cardinals

Yuck. With respectability there for the taking the Rams were simply out played on both sides of the ball. The offense continued with poor pass protection, and poor run blocking. That coupled with very predictable play calling resulted in a lopsided loss to division leading Arizona.

The Rams played well in the first quarter with a defensive goal line stand, and a big TD play to Stanley. In a matter of minutes as halftime approached the wheels came off and the Rams trailed quickly 24-7.

I still believe in this team. The talent level is not to what it is in Arizona. The Rams need to start drafting with divisional opponents in mind. Seattle did that back in the GSOT days and until this year dominated the division. Until the Rams get a pass rush and big physical corners, teams like Arizona will be impossible to beat.