Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rams vs 49ers

Quick thoughts: Told ya'll last week that Jenkins was a playmaker! Bradford was poised in the pocket and used his legs very well in OT. We would all love to see numbers that Andrew Luck is putting up in Indy but the Rams still lack big play WRs outside of Amendola and Givens. Most plays the 49ers were blanketing the Rams wideouts.

OL did'nt open too much in the way of rushing lanes but did a much better job in pass protection. Again the WR's didnt create space. DL Brockers and Langford made running tough on Frank Gore and the big runs were cutback runs. Brockers is credited for 11 tackles which is amazing for a DT.

CBs did a nice job keeping all the plays in front of them. Most folks would have preferred Rams' corners playing more bump and run but Safety Mikell was in the box to stop the run leaving Dahl to play centerfield so Rams corners had to play off. Frustrating I know but scheme dictated the formation and the soft coverage. 

Great win!

Geaux Rams

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rams vs Cardinals

Quick thoughts: Janoris Jenkins is a play maker even before the Arizona game. Jenkins will take risks and most good corners do beacuse some degree of risk is needed to force turnovers.

If you had a chance to watch Jenkins at Florida he was a ballhawk and was sent on blitzes off the corner. Complete corner that has to refine his skills but so far a rookie to get excited about.

Scott Wells at center with Turner sliding over to guard made the line instantly better. Wells had a few early protection issues and the bad holding call but for the most part he did a great job especially with the running game.

Concerns about our d-line generating pressure from the front four. Long and Quinn have had games that they have disappeared I'm not sure if it's the scheme or the fact that Brockers and Langford are getting a push up the middle. Brockers is doubled almost every play so Langford needs to win the one on one matchups.

After a shaky start the Rams forced tunovers and pulled out a road win. Early on they had some issues stopping Arizona but kudos to coaches for making halftime adjustments and winning a game they should have.

Geaux Rams

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stinker across the pond

Well Rams fans, we have become too accustomed to this type of game. The Rams defense put up little struggle against Tom Brady and the Patriots. This team will improve and will compete after this disappointment.

The Rams have addressed and bolstered certain areas but many positions still need serious upgrades in talent. Have faith that the second part of the season the Rams will compete and win more games and then they will have another offseason that the team can address some of those key areas.

Geaux Rams

Thursday, October 25, 2012

State of the Rams

Sorry for my long absence. The 2012 Rams have been transformed into a competitive team that other teams probably don't want to play. The talent level has improved over last year due to sound drafting and key free agent signings, as well as subtractions. I will quickly address each position on offense as the Rams approach their bye week. QB: Bradford looks much more like he did hs rookie year running a west coast offfense. Protection as well as sound running game are necessary for his success. B RB: Richardson has surprised many by leap froggging second rounder Isiah Pead and is sharing carries with SJ39. The future may be with a 7th round draft pick but the Rams has a break away runner with speed for the first time in awhile. B WR: Gibson, Amendola are returnees with Amendola playing great pre injury. Gibson has made some spectatcular catches as well as costly drops. Veteran Steve Smith has been inactive and a non factor. 4th round Chris Givens is a playmaker and should only improve. 2nd rounder WR Quick is slowly aclimating into the NFl but coaches are high on him so we should try to be patient with him. C+ without Amendola B+ with Danny TE: Kendricks looks legit and his blocking is overlooked at times. The other blocking TE's are helping due to injuries on the OL OL: Saffold has been injured twice, and Scott Wells who missed all training camp broke his foot and has played very litte. Kudos the Paul Boudreaux the Rams OL coach for taking a few castoffs and making them play quite well at times. Barry Richardson (KC), Wayne Hunter (NYJ), and Joe Barksdale(OAK) all were released or traded by their former teams and have come in a played solidly thus far. B+ (mainly due to injury issues)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

State of the Rams- my best guess- Offense edition

It's a total shot in the dark since it's July and the team hasn't put pads on yet but I will try to highlight a few areas to keep an eye on as training camp approaches.

QB- This team will go as far as Sam Bradford goes. He's back in a West Coast offense that is based on timing that he excelled at in his rookie year. This hopefully is the year that Bradford solidifies the notion that he is a true franchise QB.

WR- For Bradford to be successful he has to trust that his WR can get open and run correct routes. Influx of young players and speed added to returning players. Here's hoping that Brian Quick is the second coming of TO, and Steve Smith, and Danny Amendola are fully healthy. 

OL- Again the OL will directly effect Bradford's success. Can Saffold and Jason Smith play more like two years ago? Scott Wells from Green Bay should be a vocal confident leader at center, Harvey Dahl was hands down the Rams best lineman last season, LG is the wild card with several guys competing for the spot.  

TE- Fisher had some very capable TEs that moved the chains when he was with the Titans. Kendricks is the key at "move TE". Are the drops just a case of rookie jitters? Can these guys stay heathly? Logjam of about 10 players on the roster. I'm a huge LSU homer but TE Deangelo Peterson has a ton of potential, as he was a converted from WR to TE at LSU. Substandard QB at LSU hurt Peterson's production. 

Defense next time 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mini Camps

As we are enter into summer the final OTA's/ mini camps are upon us. Fisher and company still have some holes to fill especially in the LB corp, but most positions seem to be set and have more depth. 

No one can predict injuries or how some of the camp battles will turn out but a few areas intrigue me.

 CB: Can rookie Janoris Jenkins start game one over Jermome Murphy and Bradley Fletcher? Obviously the two veterans are coming off injuries but all comments thus far have been very positive on Jenkins who is running with the first team.

 RB: Well another year provides SJ39 with two new backups. Out goes the grizzled vets enter the two rookies. Isiah Pead, MVP of the Senior Bowl, seems to not only be able to provide a change of pace back to Jackson but also is an accomplished returner. Pead and Richardson both have impressive speed so I hope the show in preseason they can provide depth and a breather for SJ39. 

K/P: Not a glamorous topic but the Rams will have rookies and both positions so I hope they can make the transition easily.

 LB: The biggest issue in my opinion. MLB, and one OLB seems set with Laurinitis, and Dunbar. Depth is a concern im not familiar enough with OLB Mario Haggans to figure out if he can solve the SOLB issue for the Rams. OLB Rocky McIntosh had a tryout yesterday with the Rams so I am glad they are still searching for players to help that position.


Thursday, May 24, 2012


With the Rams fully emersed in offseason training activities, hope has officially returned to Earth City.

  Quick thoughts: Am I the only one that loves the almost common sense approach by Fisher and Snead? DT was a problem sign one starter in free agency, and draft the other one. CB was a disaster last year and even when healthy it lacked the playmakers to make a clutch play or generate a turnover. Free agency and draft x 2!

 Bradford lacks weapons to fully reach his potential. Change of pace back and possible heir apparent to SJ39, plus two good looking prospects at WR with SPEED! Blocking tight ends, new special teamers, depth on the OL, and a slew of rookie FA's that provide competition at virtually every position.

 It sure seems like the new regime assessed the situation and are addressing it in a logical methodical way. 


Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Draft

Well in case anyone was wondering the four pillars have come and gone. Jeff Fisher's led Rams took more than a couple of players with character concerns. Our hope as fans as they have learned from past transgressions and will mature in the pros. The Rams had some serious issues going into this offseason and on paper have addressed some of those.

  1. Stopping the run - The Rams let a group of guys not named Adrian Peterson to gash them repeatedly. The Rams jettisoned older DT like Fred Robbins and replaced them with #1 draft pick Michael Brockers from LSU, and signed a pass rushing DT in Kendell Langford. SO the DL looks much more promising with Long-Brockers-Langford-Quinn then it did last season.

  2. CBs -The Rams could have opened a cornerback hosiptal last season losing all three penciled in starters and then guys freshly signed off the street as well to injuries. Bartell was released while Fletcher and Murphy continue to rehab their respective injuries. The Rams signed Courland Finnergan in free agency then drafted Janoris Jenkins, and Trumaine Johnson. Jenkins has the ability to be a shut down corner and from watching a quite a bit of Florida games he has that playmaking abilty. Finnergan-Fletcher-Jenkins (slot) looks pretty good if Fletcher recovers.

  3. Targets for Bradford -The Rams had no passing game last season due to injuries and ineffective skill players. Even with the saftey in the box to stop the run, the Rams could not get the passing game going. Amendola returns from IR and it should be interesting to see how draftees: Brian Quick and Chris Givens develop in traing camp. Smith-Quick-Amendola-Givens Also the drafting of Isiah Pead gived the Rams a change of pace back and a homerun threat. Check out this guys highlights if you get a chance, wow.

 The Rams still need OG, WSLB, and another safety but progress has been made. As Rams GM Les Snead put it "Now its up to the players"


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Draft decisions and the future

With the draft less than a week away, it has officially signaled time to cash in on that Redskins trade. New Rams GM Les Snead will be judged in large part by how well the team uses the extra picks from this years trade. Rams of a certain age do not want another Dickerson trade fallout. The Rams will have opportunites via the draft for the next 3 years to reshape the talent and finally acquire some playmakers. What will the Rams do in the first round is very, very important, but with an extra second rounder, as well as high picks in each round minus the 5th, it is vital the Rams hit on these picks and hopefully get around 4 starters from THIS draft. The list of names that have been high draft picks makes us squirm in our seats by just reading off those names. If the Rams plan to continue the momentum of getting a proven head coach, solid assistant coaches, and a promising rookie GM, the draft will provide another big step in the rebuilding process. GEAUX RAMS

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good Start

Somewhat expected the Rams would sign CB Courtland Finnegan to a long term deal. Finnegan knows this defense and is much more of a physical corner. Later in the week the Rams added a pro bowl Center from the Packers Scott Wells, and a DT with pass rushing ability in Kendrick Langford. These three players should help fill some holes, yet many more remain. 

Key areas include OG, DT, OLB, backup QB, backup RB, and Punter. As the draft nears and the free agency pool dwindles lets hope the Rams run into a few hidden gems before the draft.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Combine time

With the NFL combine a few days away the post SuperBowl spotlight focuses in on infusing each team with new talent.

Every Rams fan must cheer on RG3 to have a superb combine and pro day. The higher his star rises the more lucractive the Rams #2 pick becomes for a QB needy team.

Quick thoughts:

RT Jason Smith is due around $13 million this year. Injuries and inconsistent pass blocking has all but sealed the former #2 pick's fate.

New GM Les Snead will need to construct almost an entire new OL this year.

Geaux Rams

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Off season

Well with the Rams still searching for a GM and finalizing their coaching staff all fans should be cautiously optimistic. Three years ago we had the hot up and coming coach and sadly here we are again with a new coaching staff and front office changes.

With the draft and free agency almost here it is an exciting time to be a Rams fan since we all have hope that this is the regime that turns this team back into a playoff contender.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fisher Era Begins

Well it seems like we as Rams fans experience this kind of press conference way too often. Since Mike Martz we have seen two hot coordinators take the helm and seem overwhelmed as new head coaches. Enter a proven leader and teacher, Jeff Fisher.

Fisher if nothing else will command respect from all his players. He is proven, he seems focused, and seems most importantly to have a plan in place to fix this franchise. I don't expect any more press conferences where the Rams head coach doesn't have any answers and only says they will go back review the tape and keep playing hard. Fisher seems to be a coach that will demand players to execute or will replace them with ones who can.

I don't expect miracles but I do expect better fundamental football and players to come in and make plays. Fisher was a guy most long term Rams fans hated because his teams always played to the whistle and more times than not a few seconds after. I hope the "edge and attitude" his previous teams had is brought to St Louis.

My favorite quote by Fisher on his vision for the Rams "Quite simple, do whatever it takes to win ball games". No more moral victories, no more key areas routinely not addressed.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post Spags and Devaney Era

Rams ownership looked and listened to the fans and made a quick decision on Spags and Co. Black Monday began and the Rams were the first team to fire their head coach and general manager. A 10-38 record in three seasons doomed them even though Spags players continued to play hard and most folks seemed to respect and like Spags.

One of the most telling snipets I remember reading was a question posed by the local Rams beat writers who were having trouble describing the teams identity. Well they went and asked Rams players and they couldn't identify the teams identity. After three seasons and a total roster overhaul you team should have an identity. This one didn't, other than kinda laid back, conservative, and playing not to make mistakes. Those attributes also could be attributed to Spags as a head coach

So what's next? Another total blow up of the front office and coaching staff. I hope like all Rams fans that our new owner gets it right, but we could get the right guy and still play poorly if we don't get playmakers on both sides of the ball.