Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crossroads for the Rams

Coming off the end of a dismal 2007 season the Rams certainly face many obstacles on and off the field. New ownership, a coach that has one final chance to prove himself, stadium issues, and a weak economy, just to name a few.

This season and possibly next will be key times for the Rams. If Linehan and company get off to a much anticipated bad start, when does change come, and how widespread? When does a complete overhaul begin?

This team had tremendous success encapsulated by many horrible years prior and mostly average to below average since the Superbowl appearances. So if the right decisions aren't made we could relive the 1990's, where bad personnel decisions, and an eroding fan base became the norm.

The Rosenbloom's could provide the franchise with strength either by becoming passionate, involved owners or finding those traits in someone else. Success comes from the top, so as of now all eyes are on the new owners to help bring this team back to a playoff contender.

Ram On

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick thoughts

I think all football fans are in extreme withdrawal. Stories this time of year certainly seem to take on a life of themselves.

Such as....

Torry Holt interviews on a golf course about dreaming of playing with his little brother. Most fans express outrage that Torry wants to punch his ticket out of St Louis now.

Reality: I'd be shocked if either Holt are playing after Torry's contract is up. Lil bro is on his 3rd or 4th team already, not good, and Torry's knees are about done.

Yahoo sports interviews long time owner Eddie Debartelo, who claims he has inside info that the Rams are for sale. Most fans in California and St Louis are outraged. California fans think Eddie's gonna bring the Rams back to Cali.

Reality: If the Rosenblooms' can find a tax friendly agreement with Georgia's estate I think they would like to keep the team. If no agreement can be made then I think the team will be sold in a few years to someone who plans to keep the team in St Louis and has already worked out a stadium solution.

Almost training camp time!!!!!!