Monday, September 28, 2009

Rams vs Packers

Quick thoughts:

Injuries are becoming a big issue for a young team that lacked experience to begin with.

I am all for rebuilding with young players, but when they are injured they can't gain all the valuable things that come along with playing in real games.

Marc Bulger is really trying to get it done. The play calling has been vanilla and the throws short due to inexperienced WR's. After Robinson went down Amendola who was signed 4 days before the game was the 3rd WR!

The Oline can run block, but still misses assignments that has forced Bulger to take a ton of hits.

Kyle Boller will be Kyle Boller. He isn't the long term answer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rams vs Redskins

Well progress was made on the scoreboard and defensively in the red zone, but the Rams still have yet to get the passing game and pass protection clicking. The schedule to open the season has been rough all with crossing the country and playing in hostile environments. The Rams need to gel and do it quickly.

Instead of breaking down the game I have a few questions: Who besides Jackson do teams game plan for on the Rams? Name a play maker on defense that the offense needs to slide protection, account for on every play, or think twice about throwing to that side of the field?

I really can't think of anyone, and that has been the point I have harped on for the last few horrid seasons. Free agents get signed, high draft picks are added yet this team lacks a true play maker outside of Steven Jackson.

It doesn't matter if Spags and Company are the second coming of Lombardi and his staff, you need play makers, and thus far we have one.

Geaux Rams

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Season approaches

Well the Rams got to the necessary 53 man roster, and some surprises, and shockers were there when it was all done.

In a mild upset rookie Keith Null edged out Brock Berlin.
- Null although very raw has more upside than Berlin.

RB's Jackson, Gado, & Darby
- Darby must impress either in practice or has potential as a special teamer and return specialist. Not that Pittman had a stellar preseason or anything.

WR Avery, Robinson, Burton, Stanley
- Real surprise is they kept only 4. All have previous injury concerns and very little experience. Stay tuned

TE McMichael, Fells, Bajema
- No surprises here, happy trails Klop

-UFA Roger Allen really surprise

Only time to look at the offense, but Spags has stated that the roster is not set in stone and they kept the best 53 regardless of position.

This team is rebuilding and in some positions need experience so I agree to an extent that signing a vet for one year like Marvin Harrison only delays the growth of young players.