Monday, May 26, 2008

Should we stay or should we go?

An article published by Yahoo sports has sent many Rams fans into overdrive. The article interviewed former 49ers owner Eddie Debartlo. In the piece he went on record to say that he had first hand information that the Rams were for sale. These claims were neither denied or confirmed by new majority owner Chip Rosenbloom. He basically stated that it was his mother's intent and wish that the Rams remain in St Louis. He did not say that he intended to keep the team for as long as he could. This was further collaborated when Rosenbloom went off record with the St Louis Dispatch and alluded to concerns about taxes that he would incur once his mother's estate is settled. Basically if he remains owner he will have some serious taxes to deal with.

Personally Georgia's kids seem like good people, that if all things were considered would continue on as owners and keep this franchise in their family name. Chip Rosenbloom seems driven by the quest to make his mother proud, and not by an intense desire and fire to own and run and NFL team. That is a problem.

Rams' fans love to dream that a Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft type will come down highway 40 and buy the team, and do whatever it takes to win. If the team is sold I'd love to get it on that dream too. Realistically their are a ton of great owners willing to spend tons for a winner. Arthur Blank, Wayne Huizenga, Bob McNair, and the list goes on and on. These are smart owners who have spent tons trying to get the right coaches, players, and stadiums. I guess in the NFL much like 1999 you need the right mix of personnel and some luck.

Ram On!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Over the weekend the Rams had a chance to work with all the new faces they have brought in for the 2008 season. Numerous coaching,and player changes have given fans hope for a quick reversal of luck.

Many bloggers, and beat writers have used the acronym FOSL when talking about recent coaches and players. For those of you who need this decoded FOSL stands for "Friends of Scott Linehan". From the player side we saw a bunch of ex Dolphins and Vikings where he was the offensive coordinator for years. On the coaching side we saw some go as far back as Washington, and Idaho.

The good news is Linehan has given up on most of these friends and tried to resurrect his carer with proven coaches. I don't blame him for hiring coaches and players that he is comfortable with. I do give him praise of realizing that changes needed to be addressed.

Let's hope the changes are improvements or this will be Linehan's swan song.