Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Draft approaches

Well if all things are being considered, the Rams are in a power position in the draft.


1) Bradford cleared the medical and physical concerns by having a steller pro day

2) Suh, and McCoy have not hurt their draft stock in any way.

3) More than a few teams in the top half of the draft are looking for franchise QB's


Monday, March 15, 2010

Suh vs Bradford

In two weeks Sam Bradford will have his long awaited pro day. Supposedly fully recovered from shoulder surgery, added musculature to his once thin frame, he will try to impress enough to become the #1 overall pick in this years' draft.

The Rams GM Billy Devaney has said on record that you don't draft for need, you draft the best players. Although he continued that should a player of any other position be rated higher than a QB, then if you need a QB all bets are off. Is he covering his butt, to go either direction, or is this good old fashion confusion so teams don't have a feel for the direction the Rams are going?

If Bradford impresses he will be in the mix for sure. Bulger may be on his way out, and the franchise does need an identity or a face. My concerns about Bradford are right there with everyones': He was hurt every year he played. He only was sacked a handful of times. He was in the shotgun a bunch. He didn't come from a pro style offense.

Suh should be really successful, emphasis on the should. DT's as any Ram fan knows is far from a slam dunk position to draft. Rarely if ever do they have an impact year one.

March 29th Bradford's pro day will make the interesting or easy for the Rams.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Quick thoughts on Combine and early draft:

As certain players and positions are weighed by analysts and fans alike are you like me and amazed at how many holes this team has? I mean QB, backup RB, true #1 WR, TE, OL depth, pass rushing DE, NT, LB(s), CB just to name a few.

I still believe that the Rams brass would like to drop a few spots and pick up a few more picks since they have come to same conclusion as us.

It was brought to my attention today via Rampagers listserv that no Oklahoma QB has ever started a NFL game. Bradford should buck that trend but he doesnt come from a traditional pro style offense, and even with the added muscle has a slender build.

Suh and McCoy debate is getting old already. Maybe these two guys are similar but only one won all the awards, and was in NY for the heisman cerremony.

Tim Tebow will play and win in this league at some point. That pains me as an LSU fan but the kid is special.