Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ownership issues

With Stan Kroenke exercising his right to purchase 100% of the Rams many issues arose due to his ownership of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche. Cross ownership is prohibited by the NFL. Kroenke is an interesting individual. His wife is an heir to the Wal-Mart fortune. Mr Kroenke is a self made billionaire who is known for his well thought out moves in the business world. A few interesting questions:

1. Why did he wait all 60 days allotted to come to his formal decision to purchase 100% of the team.

2. What is his plan to circumvent the existing cross ownership rules

3. Why did he ask the NFL finance committee if his wife could purchase the team instead of him?

Number 3 seems so bush league for a man of his stature and shrewdness. There must be more to this story.

As far as the Rams Kroenke has been minority owner for 15 years, and had done wonders with the Nuggets franchise, there really is no reason he wouldn't have similar success as majority owner of the Rams.