Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thanks Georgia

As we all now know Georgia Frontiere, the Rams owner, passed away after battling cancer. She was an individual that angered most Southern California residents when she moved the team from Los Angeles to St Louis in 1995. That same year she delighted her hometown for returning an NFL franchise to St Louis.

Frontiere certainly was a hands off owner, delegating full control to team president John Shaw. When things were good, fans seemed to overlook the fact that until recently she resided in Arizona. When things were bad, she certainly was public enemy no. 1.

As a kid growing up I would watch her after games congratulating players and hugging John Robinson. I thought to myself how awesome would it be to own the Rams? One of my favorite movies still is Heaven Can Wait when Warren Beatty's character ends up buying the Rams. Great stuff.

I hope this is a turning point and the Rams either with Georgia's son Chip Rosenbloom at the helm or an outside party has an owner who is more hands on, and the front office gets a much needed face lift.

I know most will take shots at this woman, I won't.

To Ms. Frontiere:

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to my life these 35 years. God speed, and God Bless.

Rams On!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Early Offseason Thoughts

Not a classy move firing OL Coach Paul Bodreau, if Linehan can't accurately be judged on his coaching due to injuries someone explain this one.

If Greg Oslen wasn't Scott Linehan's boy he would have been fired last season.

The Rams have floated some big names out there in Cam Cameron and Hudson Houck and potential replacements for the two coaches recently fired. I'm sure they may be looking for more job security unless they really believe this is all due to injuries.

The Rams have to be active and astute in free agency. They have had some hits (Witherspoon, Fakir Brown), but way too many misses ( Chavous, Bennett, Hall).

The draft will be interesting if we have the options of best DE, OT, and RB.

Lastly I know this is a Rams board but I must give my congratulations to my Alma mater for winning the national championship.

LSU Tigers 2007 National Champions!