Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rams vs Seahawks: Part D"Oh!

I'm sure many of you have seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, in which he relives the same day over and over even though he changes his behavior to somehow break the streak of reliving the same day. The 2007 Rams when they lose is almost a carbon copy and we as fans unfortunately are reliving the same old story every Sunday.

Here's the setting: NFL stadium usually one dimly lit with apathetic fans.

Characters: Bulger (until he gets hurt), Gus Frerotte, a few linemen we picked up off the street or waivers from the Cardinals, Scott Linehan, and aggressive defense, and last but not least an inept special teams unit. Oh and a team that cut a good Fullback to make room for 16 below average tight ends.

Act 1(1st Half): The Rams come out firing on all cylinders. The offense takes the ball and moves straight down the field and scores a TD. Later lots of punting on both sides. A few field goals since the Rams fail to capitalize on the great field position. The defense plays hard confusing their opponents, and creating good field position for the Rams. The score at halftime should be much larger in favor of the Rams but their continued inability to score TDs and settle for FG's have all the fans at home thinking what the final score will be when all those FGs come back to haunt the Rams.

Act 2 (2nd Half): Rams offense goes completely conservative. Linehan protecting an 8-11 point lead runs on 1st and 2nd and calls a lot of 2-3 yard pass plays on 3rd and long. One or more key turnovers kill a couple of promising drives then predictably ignites the other team to score a TD and get the score closer. More boring unimaginative play calling by the Rams and then BANG a routine punt, or kickoff gets a huge return for the other team possibly a TD. The Rams get the ball back with less than 5 minutes left in the game. Unbelievably the game is still there for the Rams to win. A couple of big pass plays that haven't been called since the 1st quarter are completed, then a misfire or turnover that having fans punching their pillows, and chucking their remotes.

Finale: Linehan gives some boring ass post game interview in which he takes all the blame, credits the defense and the fans, lists the 8-10 newly injured players all on the offensive line, and says it's time to get ready for next week's opponent.

Curtain Closes, as we ready for next week's performance and the same act again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Rams vs 49ers Act 2

Well an ugly win is better than an ugly loss any day. The 49ers game began much like last week's game for the offense. The Rams received the opening kickoff and marched down the field and in a blink of an eye where up by 7. Then the offensive line began to have issues. I'm sure if anyone would ask Steven Jackson he would probably tell you those were the hardest 90 or so yards he has ever had.

It sure seems like the 9ers can get up for the Rams game, the Rams always seem to take a workman like approach. Sure the older vets like Bruce and Holt talk a lil' smack during the week, but their emotion on the field seems under control.

Big kudos to Jim Haslett and his defense, chalk up the W for them. The 9ers did come into this game with a backup QB, and an offense that had struggled, but Frank Gore, a guy who has routinely killed the Rams, was held in check.

Two in row, let's see a better effort and make it 3!

Ram On!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rams vs Saints

Being born and raised in New Orleans, this game is always my personal Super Bowl. I remember attending games as a kid, basically rooting for whomever was playing the Saints. When the Saints and Rams were both in the NFC West I was ready for this game.

Fast forward to an 0-8 2007 campaign and I honestly didn't feel the anticipation that most years would bring. That quickly subsided when the game began and the Rams looked, well, like the Rams.

I applaud Scott Linehan and company for staying the course and preparing this team to play. Look, when the Saints reached .500 last week and whopped a solid Jaguar team, the NFL pundits were proclaiming that the Saints of last year where back, and a force to be reckoned with come playoff time. Time will tell, but let's give kudos to a team that still plays hard, even though they have had a ton of injuries and bad luck.

I like the approach that with 8 games, Linehan told the players it was a new season. Higher draft pick be damned let's go out and win a bunch of these last seven games. It certainly would be a rallying cry for next season. Good win guys!

Ram On!