Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Preseason Game #3

Watching the Rams vs Raiders via the Internet, and viewing real time stats I like many of you were ready to bury my head in a pillow. After watching the game it was ugly but it wasn't as terrible as I thought the night before.

What's up with he offense? I know some key players have been out but the offense still should be able to generate points.

I am a firm believer and please feel free to remind me next year that Linehan has his own agenda, one in which he is evaluating talent and subbing frequently. Winning even though he says it is not high on his to do list.

Let's get through game #4 healthy and we can debate and rant or rejoice after the Panthers game.

Ram On!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Preseason Game #2

From the look at the final score you might think we as Rams' fans may be in for a long season. That may or may not be true, but to try to reach that conclusion from a preseason game is nonsense.

Just remember that coaches and teams have different objectives and winning at the end may be nice but not particularly high on that list. San Diego had a underwhelming performance against the Niners in their home preseason opener. That being said they had sufficient motivation from their coaching staff to play with more intensity. The Rams with all those outdoor practices looked a bit sluggish but statistically preformed better in the 1st half. Turnovers and special team miscues made the halftime score lopsided.

Positives: Brian Leonard looks to be a legit #2 HB
Claude Wroten got some penetration at DT
James Hall gives us another DE that can help with the run
Marques Haggans looked pretty good

Negatives: Ron Bartell still looks like he is not ready to be a starter
The safeties look out of position and tackle poorly
Special teams gives up to many big returns

Conclusion: Let's see how the Rams respond. Next week they will be in a similar position the Chargers were in this week. Stinking up the joint and trying to avenge that performance. Still preseason folks.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Preseason Game #1

Well the 2007 season has officially begun. What an inauspicious beginning with our renewed dedication to special teams. Outside of the penalty right out the gates the special teams coverage unit looked better, and the return game even without an injured Dante Hall looked like it has potential.

Preseason is preseason you must view it as each coach has a list of objectives to cover, and if in the 4th quarter they have a chance to win the game they may switch up their game plans. That being said some quick observations:

I think in the next 1-2 games Bulger needs more time on the field to get accustomed to Bennett, and McMichael in a game situation. Especially since these will be his main red zone targets.

Brian Leonard looked really good. I think we can all get rid of the Mike Alstot comparisons. This kid is a HB.

I like the WR depth, Haggans, and Stanley certainly made some plays. Think Shaun McDonald, in a 4 or 5 WR set he was clutch.

Fellow alumni Claude Wroten seems to be playing much better. My projection is that he will supplant LaRoi Glover early on as the starter.

Adam Carriker looked good at being able to stand up against the run. Remember his job is to be disruptive and create a situation that he is double teamed freeing up Glover, or Wroten.

Our new punter and former LSU Tiger looked good in his Rams' debut.

The secondary still worries me somewhat. Ron Bartell needs to step it up in his move from nickel to #2 CB.

All in all no serious injuries, a win, and some good progress to note. On to the San Diego game.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Football is officially back

Well fans the Hall of Fame game and ceremonies are upon us. This after a really sports starved summer trying to find anything of interest. I love this time of year. Great training camp reports, player and coach interviews, and preseason football.

Some folks don't like the preseason, but I am not one of them. I do understand the injury concerns, as I share them myself. Think of all those young men that have gotten the chance to make a team. Look no further than some former Rams that were given little chance to make the team, but perservered and not only made the team but became an integral part of a winner. London Fletcher, Kurt Warner, Tony Horne, Mike Jones just to name a few. So when you sit back and watch the games think about if you were given your one chance of a lifetime to do what you have always dreamed about achieving.

Let's all hope our guys are injury free and accomplish their preseason goals.

Thank goodness football is back!