Monday, December 5, 2011

Rams vs 49ers

Quick thoughts:

This offense is so bad it may have surpassed any of the horrible offesive units we witnessed in the 90's.

Bad player decisions are so rampant I'm sure Billy Devaney will be fired before Spags.

Kudos to Chris Long, who has 12 sacks, and has been playing hard all year.

Why are they on this team?

AJ Feeley - so he knew last years' offense---hmmm
Norwood - brought in to be a 3rd down back (nope) and return kickoffs (nope)
Jacob Bell - huge paycut and still getting worse
Justin King - better as a dime backer
Jason Smith- regressed each year at center


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rams vs Cardinals

Quick thoughts:

Seems like we just saw the Peterson punt return for a touchdown....

GM is a bigger issue than coaching, but that being said I need to see better coaching

Playmakers are everywhere on other rosters, where are they on the Rams?

BD drafted 2 OTs, acquired in free agency 2 OGs, and a C......and it looks like that little project sadly needs to be repeated.

SJ39 may have to be trade bait, he deserves to be a winner in his career and I'm not sure another rebuilding phase is in the cards for him

Spags needs to look at big picture and take a few chances, buddy look at your head coaching W-L record!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rams vs Seahawks

Quick thoughts:

Another division game that the Rams had an early lead only to not do much on offense.

Defense played very well, but can't be expected to play 8-90 snaps a game. Every three and out by the Rams offense lessens the defenses' effectiveness.

Spags and Devaney have been placed on the hot seat, with multiple sources indicating Rams' owner Stan Kroenke has been exploring and having informal discussions with potential GMs.

This seaon has been beyond frustrating as a fan.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rams vs Browns

Quick thoughts:

I will reserve to judge Bradford until he has at least two legit WRs. His quick chemistry with Brandon Lloyd may be coincidence but with Lloyd being the only proven wideout on the team besides Mark Clayton I simply cant properly judge Sam.

SJ39 is a beast. If any lingering questions are still hanging around him they should have been dispelled long ago. This guy has subpar blocking, no passing game and still churns out tough yards. The bigger question is why aren't all the Rams this enthusaiastic and want to win as badly as Jackson?

I have never ever seen anything like what has happened to the Rams secondary. Teams have injuries but c'mon! How many Cornerbacks are on injured reserve now?

This next few games will in my opinion go far in forcasting Spags and Devaney's futures. Lots of division games where Spags said the teams focus was on in preseason.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Rams vs Cards

Well another week another head scratcher for Rams Nation. I'm not sure that the players at this point have a ton of faith in someone making a play. One week removed from beating a Superbowl caliber team, the Rams struggle and let a team hang around just long enough to steal a victory.

Good teams find ways to make plays and win ugly games even when they aren't at their best. This is not a team that has playmakers.

Not much more to say other than on to the next game.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rams vs Saints

Quick thoughts:

Growing up in New Orleans for 30years this was my Super Bowl!

Give Spags some credit the guy hasn't lost his team, even after that debacle in Dallas.

So Brandon Lloyd seems like this years great pickup just like Mark Clayton was last year.

Chris Long and Robert Quinn seem like a pretty good DE-duo.

Re-watched this game twice already!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rams vs Packers

No big surprise that the Rams had lots of trouble against the Champs.

Ramdom thoughts:

I like not love the trade fro WR Brandon Lloyd. He is proven in this system, and may provide the most help as an on field tutor to the Rams young WR's. He has the ability to make tough catches and brings a deep play ability.

Welcome back Mark Clayton! Clayton certainly was a surprise last year. Hopefully fully recovered from a knee injury, Clayton and Bradford seemed in sync last season.

MSW well we hardly knew you!

WR week 7-8: Lloyd, Clayton, Salas, Alexander hmm starting to look better.

This was a awful stretch of games and the next two certainly continue that trend. If the OL takes care of protections, and the new WR core provide Bradford with better separation and sure hands; maybe the Rams can make this season respectable.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rams vs Redskins

At the quarter mark in the 2011 season we have a clearer picture of this team moving forward.

Rams depth pre-injury may have been improved but losing two of your top three CBs would debilitate most teams, and the Rams are no exception.

The OL we all thought was a strength has been very poor in pas protection, with Bradford being harassed on 40% of his dropbacks so far.

SJ39 being injured early on seemed to affect the teams identity.

Fred Robbins and James Hall may have let age catch up to them. They dont seem to have the same ability this year to disrupt plays.

Mikell has been a bright spot, but the other safety position is a liability.

Mix those issues with bad tackling, penalities, drops, and lack of fire bring us to an 0-4 start with three brutal games after the bye.

Not many positives to hold onto at the moment.

Geaux Rams

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rams vs NYG

If injuries weren't enough the Rams continue to be slowed by penalities, turnovers, and poor red zone efficiency. This team that lacks playmakers and the skill positions continues to do very well between the 20's, and then stall.

Quick thoughts:

It might be time to make a trade for a CB. The Rams have another injury with RFA Atchinson down with a hamstring injury. Couple that injury with Al Harris looking his age sometimes, something needs to occur to give that position stability.

Bradford needs to look of DBs more. In zone coverage the DBs are looking back at Bradford. May be a reason that our yards after catch are non existent.

Lets hope for better luck and a few calls go our way this week.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

53 team named

Quick thoughts:

QB: I really like Thadeus Lewis and thought he outplayed Feely. Since Lewis still is elligible for the practice squad I hope he ends back with the Rams.

RB: No surprises

WR: Avery played well but mainly in the 2nd half of preseason games against inferior competition. Mardy reminded me of all the bad traits of Az Hakim.

TE: Again Fendi Onubun is still raw and eliigible for practice squad.

OL: Surprised by the release of Foster and the FA from the Patriots. I am not a Hank Fraley fan so maybe we can upgrade via waiver wire.

DL: George Selvie is a heck of a player, and simply got caught up in the numbers game. He was sideline to sideline effort guy and was solid on special teams.

OLB: Zac Diles was much like Avery, played mainly against backups and didnt stand out

CB: Only 4 CBs so expect a trade or a pickup before week 1.

S: No surprises

Geaux Rams

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rams Preseason #3

If as many people beleive that in the NFL teams use that as a dress rehersal for the regualr season, the Rams are almost ready. In a hostile environment the Rams were more physical, efficient, and executed better than the Chiefs.

Quick thoughts:

DE Robert Quinn had a sack, forced fumble, and a blocked field goal. As he matures and transitions from college and a year off he might be the real deal. Starter James Hall should be an excellent mentor for Quinn.

Bradford seemed to get the ball out very quickly. It is so great to see him becoming the leader of this team.

The running game looked fantastic with both SJ39 and Cadillac getting chunks of yards.

I like the potential of S Darian Stewart

Geaux Rams

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Preseason Game #1

Quick thoughts:

Starting OL looks to be much improved and kept Rams' QBs upright.

The Rams running game is very deep, and talented.

The WRs still lack the separation needed but with Avery, and Salas sitting out, I'll be patient.

The Rams LB's are much more active and played well in coverage.

Good start and I hope to see continued improvement.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Football is back!

Wow after 120 something days we finally have football back. The Rams made a somewhat big improvement by signing safety, Quintin Mikell formerly of the Eagles. Known for his run stuffing ability he also had 15 pass breakups as the Eagles leading tackler.

It still suprises me, if no one else, of how this team is slowly becoming an NFC East looking team. I know Spags has a history from NYG, and Philly but it still is weird to me, with the GSOT not that far removed from memory. If,  as the pundits project that the Rams add DT Barry Cofield, and former Ram Scott Shanle, we will be so far removed from the speed dominated cover 2 out heads will spin.

Anyway football is back so the world seems much more normal.

Geaux Rams!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lockout ending?

Well if we are to believe most media outlets, July 21st the NFL will have their annual owners' meeting and it is speculated that a deal will be up for a vote to end the lockout. If that holds true the league year will be off with a flash.

 Much needs to be done, including rookie free agent signings, free agency, and rookie contracts. All that and the Rams will be lucky to squeeze in 14 days of practice before heading to Canton to play the Bears.

I am so ready for some football!


Monday, June 13, 2011


With secret meetings, and litigation seemingly crossing court rooms all over the USA, we as fans hope that a resolution is reached sooner than later. I have read too many articles, blogs, and debates on who is wrong in this situation. It's a business and each side would like to profit as much as they can from an estimated 9 billion dollar league.

That being said I have been impressed by young Rams players like Bradford, Laurinitis, and Ron Bartell for having practices and then having a minicamp, with film review to boot during this lockout. If Bradford's on the field skills continue to develop the Rams and it's fans may have someone who can become a NFL icon.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post Draft

On first glance the 2011 Rams' draft wasn't a popular one. OLB, DT, and HB all were needs that Ram Nation identified and went by without being addressed. To take the positive spin, we must remember back to Seattle in week 17 when the Rams could not move the ball through the air at all. Well that aspect should have been addressed and on paper it was. Julio Jones would have been great but after his combine performance the Rams were out of luck. Pettis, Salas, and TE Kendricks should run solid routes and be sure handed. Those two attributes were non existent last season. especially post Mark Clayton. Robert Quinn had top 3 talent and is worth the risk mid first round.

Pass rush and the ability to pass the ball were two goals that we should feel much better about. Just remember everyone scratched their heads when Saffold was picked.

Have some faith in the guys who do this for a living :)


Monday, April 25, 2011


With no football in sight due to labor strife, we at least have the draft. Each year I relive my childhood and become somewhat of a draftnik at least for those 3 days. The draft breeds optimism each and every year, and is such an in your face event that each fan believes their repective team nailed every pick.

My guesses:

Julio Jones falls but not enough for the Rams to get. Look for a possible trade down if the 2nd tier QB's get hot (TCU's Andy Dalton, and FSU's Christian Ponder). If not DL makes the most sense.

RB won't be addressed until 4-5 round

Outside of that, and that ain't much, I have no idea.

Geaux RAMS

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Decisons

The lockout is now almost a month old and headed towards the court room. Rams' brass contend that it is business as usual at Rams Park. With the draft quickly approaching and free agency most likely to follow, many decisons still are to be made.

As far as the draft most people have WR as their #1 priority, and I certainly would be interested if Julio Jones or AJ Green would free fall to us. That being said as of now I think the Rams will take a DL if they stay at that pick. Spags built a dominant DL in New York with versitale linemen, and this year has more than a few guys who can play end or tackle in a 4-3 defense.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's in a name?

With free agency stalled and some teams locking up players that would be unrestricted free agents, Howard Balzer a Rams beat writer made some valid points in a recent article.

He discussed and I agree that we only see one side of a player, the results on Sunday. We aren't privy to insight on if that player shows up on time, practices hard, and is generally a solid addition to a team. Also players that have injury histories, that we think that if our beloved Rams sign them that player is no longer bitten by the injury bug.

For example:
Safety Bob Sanders who signed with San Diego is a fantastic player when healthy. he has only played in 13 games the last 3 seasons. He's a physical player and needs to be to be effective but injuries look to have shortened his career.

WR Mike Sims-Walker has double digit TD's last year for Jacksonville. Still a young player, why wouldn't JAX attempt to re-sign him? Balzer discovered that he was deemed a "cancer" in the lockeroom, unwilling to play with minor injuries, and bad work ethic.

We as fans get caught up in reading too much into a certain recognizable player, especially when they fit a need on our team. That being said those guys in the front office have access to all kinds of information that we don't as fans and in the long run hopefully make the best decision for the team.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick thoughts

The Rams released Safety, O.J. Atogwe this week. Atogwe is a valuable leader in the lockeroom and seems to have a knack for creating turnovers. That being said 11.5 million cap hit would have taken place this year if the Rams would have paid his 8 million dollar bonus March 1st. Atogwe is a solid player with great intangibles but that was a prohibitive cap number. Hopefully something can be worked out or its another position to address later.

CBA countdown: 8 days and counting. At least the league and NLFPA have been meeting with a mediator. What progress if any is anyone's guess since both sides have refused to talk to the media.

If the CBA agreement isn't reached it will delay the start of free agency.

If nothing else the NFL and it's fans are in uncharted waters these days with a possible player lockout. Stay tuned.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl thoughts

Even though I really don't give the Steelers and Packers much thought unless they are playing the Rams, I do admire each organization. By in large both franchises have built their respective teams from the draft.

 Too often does this era of the NFL get labeled as a time when many players abadoned their long time teams to go get that large contract. Both Super Bowl teams have let some of these type players go to find other teams and simply drafted their replacements.

The bottom line is this is what the Rams would like to do.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


With Pat Shurmur taking the Cleveland Browns head coaching job much debate has gone on in respect to how good coaching was vs talent level of the players. For weeks folks had discussed and debated if Shurmur/Spags were too conservative or were they forced to play that way with the lack of talent they had to work with on the offensive side of the ball.

It is no surprise that the Rams will look to upgrade the WR position via the draft, free agency or both. The Seattle finale provided the best example of WR issues in my opinion. Lack of speed, precise route running, and play making ability all have been used to describe the 2010-11 Rams WR's.

Hiring Josh McDaniels in my opinion was a wise move since he clearly was the best OC candidiate and has a track record of developing inexperienced QB's. Bradford should continue to thrive provided the Rams get him some talent to work with.


Monday, January 10, 2011

That's a wrap

Well at this point players are clearing out the belongings at Rams Park. News this week surrounded the Seahawks upsetting the Saints which is good for the entire NFC West. The news outlets had already beat the drum about reseeding the playoffs with a sub .500 team winning the division and hosting a playoff game. Well all got quiet really quick didn't it? Hats of to the Seahawks.

Rams news: Pat Shurmur seems to be the leading candidate to take the head coaching gig in Cleveland. Shurmur new Browns GM Mike Holmgren back when he was with the Packers, and runs the same offense as the Eagles do, which is the offense Holmgren wants to install in Cleveland. My guess is since Shurmur developed Sam Bradford so well, Holmgren thinks he can do a similar job with Colt McCoy.

One of the leading candidates if Spags feels that secure would be ousted Vikings Head Coach, Brad Childress. Spags and Chilly are good friends supposedly, and Childress was the long time OC for Andy Reid in Philly.

Time will tell......


Monday, January 3, 2011

Rams vs Seahawks

Quick thoughts:

Man that game sucked!

Negatives first:

What did the Rams' coaches see that made them devise that game plan? By the way what was the game plan?

How come the Rams defense always looks really surprised on opening drives?

Which player from the 2010 Rams made the Pro Bowl?

Right SJ39, and why were we running the FB Mike Karney who outside of injured Britt Miller had been inactive in crucial 3rd down plays?


I will go out on a limb and say if anyone gave me 7-9 at the onset of this year, with a rookie QB, and LT, I would have taken it with a giant smile on my face.

This division is a mess, and if week 17 was at home we'd be hosting the Saints next weeekend.

Bradford took every snap this year and erased fears of durability.


Beating my drum: This team lascks playmakers, and in crucial games or situations you need a playmaker to step up. Let's get Sam some WR's, a legit TE, and a change of pace of RB. Then we can actually open up the play book, and score some points.

Crystal Ball:

All coaches return, free agency addresses OLB, CB depth, and maybe a mid tier WR. Draft gets us legit #1 WR, and 3rd down back.

Brighter days are ahead!