Monday, November 29, 2010

Rams vs Broncos

Quick Thoughts:

The Rams had a great, nerve racking road win that put them in a tie for 1st place in the division with Seattle.

Sam Bradford, uh hmm, pretty remarkable rookie QB thus far.

Free DX! Danario Alexander looks to bring a dimnesion to the WR core that the Rams really need: ability to stretch the field. On one of his first catches when he dragged a couple of defenders made me excited. I love the extra effort.

Chris Long and James Laurinitis sealed the win with a couple of really big plays on the Broncos last drive.

The Rams still are in need of compliments to up and coming players.

How long would Chris Long be if the Rams had two pass rushing ends.

Steven Jackson needs a change of pace back.

Another man to man CB to pair with Bartell.

Atogwe needs another dominant safety.

Jacob Bell needs another OG.

All in all big win.......


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rams vs Falcons

Quick thoughts:

Not sure if talent or bad luck is involved with so many near chances in games that the Rams lose this season.

How many dropped ints? Now how many of those resulted in two Rams players colliding and causing the other to drop an easy pick?

Bradford provided he stay healthy may be really, really special.

We need in the draft or FA: WR, OLB, CB, backup RB

If the Rams win two of these next three road games I predict they take the NFC West.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rams vs 49ers

With both teams rebuilding this rivalry for me still is the magnitude of a playoff game. Outside of my hometown Saints I hate losing the 49ers the most.

Quick thoughts:

Why did the defense give up so many big plays on simply misdirection plays?

4th and 18 to win the game and couldn't stop them?

Bradford gets my kudos for a great drive to tie the game.

First and only possession in OT: what was with the play calling?

We so need a play making WR to stretch the field.

Heartbreaking loss that could have killed the 49ers playoff hopes.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rams vs Panthers

Quick thoughts:

Great to be 4-4 with the knowledge that record is not a fluke and could easily be much better.

No Randy Moss. I know short term he would help, but Bradford needs to emerge as a leader and not be overshadowed by a guy who only has a few years left in the tank and seems to lack motivation at times.

This defense can be special and may only be a handful of players away to becoming dominant.

The Rams need to win on the road now.

Good feeling entering the bye week.