Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rams vs Cards

Many have said that the Rams fielded a preseason like team against the defending NFC Champs, and that is hard to disagree with. Much like preseason the Rams are giving some young players a chance to make a play or two. Also they are looking toward the future in this instance training camp next season. Of all the moves made by this team since the season started and the injuries piled up, all of the moves were based on youth, expense, the four pillars, and players work ethic. If work ethic and determination were in short supply the last few years this current regime can identify those players. To right the ship we need good work ethic and play making ability, until then we get an A for effort and another L in the loss column.

Geaux Rams

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rams vs Texans

I give credit to this coaching staff for having this team give maximal effort throughout a really rough season. As we mercifully head towards the offseason, the scouts, and front office will have a chance to shine, and get this team some talent. Watching the Texans game it was almost like a late preseason game. I needed to refer to the roster on some of the new faces playing. I'm all for getting a look at some of the guys on this roster. The turnover before the start of this year was really dramatic, and after watching this team, I expect another high turnover. This team lacks talent, period. Coaches are doing their jobs, front office and scouts seem to have a knack for signing players even this late in the season, but how many players on this current team could make another NFL club? Most of last year's castoffs headed to the UFL, and the big name releases aren't playing at the level that we all feared they would regain with their new clubs.

Ton of work to do in free agency, and the draft. Time to put this season to bed.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Rams vs Bears

Injuries aside that game was awful to watch. The Rams offense has become so predictable (IE will run Steven Jackson on 1st down), there should be little wonder why the Rams have the lowest total point output at this stage of the season.

The scores are kept close somehow, yet we never try to push the ball down the field. This team is a huge head scratcher at this point. I hope the powers that be have a clear vision on how to rectify this organization.

Geaux Rams

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rams vs Seahawks #2

The Rams were a MASH unit as they hosted the Seahawks.

With so many injuries on both sides of the ball and more added each game it is almost impossible for fans to get a sense if this team is headed int he right direction. This team is a wreck from a physical sense and with mounting losses each and every week it shouldn't be long before the psychological issues build up.

I wish there was a silver lining or at the least all these young players had time to gel by virtue of playing together, but with so many injuries that too is impossible.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Rams vs Cards

The Rams were not prepared for this game, at least in the 1st half. Many of us, myself included saw the Saints game as potentially pivotal in the Rams changing their fortunes. Unfortunately that hope was quickly dissolved as the Rams gave up 300+ yards and 21 points in the first half.

Once Matt Leinart replaced a concussed Kurt Warner the Rams suddenly looked competitive. Multiple chances inside the Cards 10 went unfulfilled and the Rams lost again. With news of Marc Bulger out 3-6 weeks with a broken tibia, this season gets more unbearable. 1-9 without your starting QB ensures some more long Sundays for Rams' fans.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Rams vs Saints

Boy that almost was a big upset.

Being born and raised in New Orleans, that was my personal Super Bowl. I am proud of the team that lacks experience and depth. Bulger looked better, as the line is coming together. Defense made key stops and forced turnovers. Unfortunately it comes down to a couple key plays that decided the outcome.

Key Play #1 Saints return the second half kickoff back for a TD.

Key Play#2 Amendola drops a pass that would have netted the Rams a bunch of yards.

Key Play #3 Dahl's running into the punter penalty. The Saints didn't score but were able to chew up more clock.

A step in the right direction for sure.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Rams vs Lions


OK I felt way too good with that win. Either way a win is a win and these guys deserved to win. They also deserved to beat the Redskins and Jags, and how much deifferent would we be looking at this team?

Quick thoughts:

Steven Jackson should be recognized nationally as an elite back.

Do the Rams run the same 8-10 offensive plays all game?

Kudos to that patchwork OL blocking for SJAX, and protecting Bulger.

Please draft a pass rushing DE. Think if we had Dwight Freeney or a young Leonard Little. Our secondary is doing a good job for a team that generates very little pass rush.

Congrats to Spags, the team and all the fans.

Geaux Rams

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rams vs Colts

Missed the game due to travelling so this will be more of a summary of the current state of the Rams.

I mentioned in an earlier post that if we viewed this year as a year for our young players to grow and gain experience that I was OK with that. The problem is that injuries are derailing that plan.

Laurant Robinson, Bradley Fletcher, Brooks Foster, Adam Carriker, Erfic Bassey, and Gary Gibson are all on Injured Reserve now.

Robinson was our #1 WR
Fletcher had taken over as a starter from Jonathan Wade ar CB
Foster was counted on for depth at WR and special teams
Carriker was a starter at DT
Bassey was a special teams dynamo last year and a solid Safety prospect
Gibson was starting fro an injured Carriker

Tough to grow as a team when you keep losing key components.

This team was a challenge from the start but add the injuries it almost isn't fair, and the final scores are proof of that.

Geaux Rams

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rams vs Jags

This one sure stings, huh?

The classic debate is always which is worse for a fan a blowout loss, or a close loss. At this point we have all experienced enough losing, they all hurt.

I know many folks have turned to the draft as our Rams are projected as a lock for a top 5 pick again, possibly number one overall. All the focus has been on which QB the Rams should draft. Bulger hasn't looked great, and I'm certainly not saying we shouldn't draft a QB, but this teams desperately needs a pass rusher. Little wreaked havoc and he is 34 years old.

Saw a statement this week that stated that: you win or lose by your ability to create sacks, and prevent sacks. That about sums it up. Any QB with time will eventually kill you, and the best QB that gets hit and sacked will easily be knocked out of rhythm and off his game.

We need play makers on both sides of the ball, but a young pass rusher is my early choice for next years' wish list.

Geaux Rams

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rams vs Vikings

If and when this team is a playoff contender we may not soon forget the 2009 season. On paper the Rams were mismatched against the Vikings. If you omit the scoreboard (humor me) the Rams should have won. The Rams out gained the Vikings, held All Pro Adrian Peterson in check, defense minus some big plays did well, and the offense moved the ball against a defense that many hold in high regard.

We as fans get frustrated and rightly so. Other franchises have transformed themselves in a year from pretender to contender. Devaney and Spags I think want to model this franchise like the Colts. Before Manning, the Colts were horrible, and his first couple of years weren't that pretty either. Fast forward, the Colts are a franchise that has been successful for so long that people don't remember when the weren't.

This year and maybe even next will stink being a Rams' fan. We won't win much, and the guys on ESPN will only talk about the Rams in a joking manner. But if in middle of next season a light goes on and we start winning, I truly believe that we will be proud fans again. That's why the Rams don't sign aging vets like Linehan did. Get them young, coach them up, and the down the road winning may will start, and last for some time.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rams vs 49ers


Even the most relastci fans felt that with such an overall of coches and players the Rams would need time to rebuild. Progress is what would satisfy us, if wins are still not possible. I'm not sure I see proof of progress. Now saying that the Rams are yet again bit by the injury bug and the list of starters out for games is mounting.

This team can hang for awhile, a quarter, a half, but needs to not have penalties, turnovers, and mental breakdowns. That simply hasn't happened yet, so what we have is lopsided scores.

I'm trying to be realistic and omit emotion, but each week watching this team go backwards certainly tests my resolve.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Rams vs Packers

Quick thoughts:

Injuries are becoming a big issue for a young team that lacked experience to begin with.

I am all for rebuilding with young players, but when they are injured they can't gain all the valuable things that come along with playing in real games.

Marc Bulger is really trying to get it done. The play calling has been vanilla and the throws short due to inexperienced WR's. After Robinson went down Amendola who was signed 4 days before the game was the 3rd WR!

The Oline can run block, but still misses assignments that has forced Bulger to take a ton of hits.

Kyle Boller will be Kyle Boller. He isn't the long term answer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rams vs Redskins

Well progress was made on the scoreboard and defensively in the red zone, but the Rams still have yet to get the passing game and pass protection clicking. The schedule to open the season has been rough all with crossing the country and playing in hostile environments. The Rams need to gel and do it quickly.

Instead of breaking down the game I have a few questions: Who besides Jackson do teams game plan for on the Rams? Name a play maker on defense that the offense needs to slide protection, account for on every play, or think twice about throwing to that side of the field?

I really can't think of anyone, and that has been the point I have harped on for the last few horrid seasons. Free agents get signed, high draft picks are added yet this team lacks a true play maker outside of Steven Jackson.

It doesn't matter if Spags and Company are the second coming of Lombardi and his staff, you need play makers, and thus far we have one.

Geaux Rams

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Season approaches

Well the Rams got to the necessary 53 man roster, and some surprises, and shockers were there when it was all done.

In a mild upset rookie Keith Null edged out Brock Berlin.
- Null although very raw has more upside than Berlin.

RB's Jackson, Gado, & Darby
- Darby must impress either in practice or has potential as a special teamer and return specialist. Not that Pittman had a stellar preseason or anything.

WR Avery, Robinson, Burton, Stanley
- Real surprise is they kept only 4. All have previous injury concerns and very little experience. Stay tuned

TE McMichael, Fells, Bajema
- No surprises here, happy trails Klop

-UFA Roger Allen really surprise

Only time to look at the offense, but Spags has stated that the roster is not set in stone and they kept the best 53 regardless of position.

This team is rebuilding and in some positions need experience so I agree to an extent that signing a vet for one year like Marvin Harrison only delays the growth of young players.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preseason #3

The Rams seemed to play a better game than the one against the Falcons. The defense created turnovers, pressure, and 3 and outs. The offense utilized short passes and runs to put points on the board.

The only negatives were the special teams across the board. Short line drive punts led to on return for a TD, and another led to a 40 yard gain. Josh Brown usually reliable misses two 50 yarders. On the other side the Rams still are searching for a consistent returner.

I imagine that the Rams may be active once the cuts begin. Look out for players that the coaches and GM are familiar with: Falcons, Giants, Eagles, and Panthers.

I do hope that Bulger can get back for the last preseason game just so he develops some chemistry with the offensive playmakers.

Geaux Rams

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preseason #2

Whoops what happened to that improved run defense? Michael Turner is a top 3 RB in this league, but he continues where he left off last season by dominating the game with big, tackle breaking runs.

I understand that from a coaching perspective they have different goals than us fans. I just am at a loss, if you exclude the blitz, what the Rams defense is. Now I am talking about the last 5 years included. Our DL seems to engage and run with the other OL. Now if our LB's where shooting those gaps and making big plays I would understand. Our LB seem to just flow to the ball as well, maybe that's why our DB always tend to lead the team in tackles each year.

Tough game to evaluate since we were without a few starters. Hopefully it is just a missed assignment thing, that can be fixed.

Gonna kind of take a mulligan on this one since it was quite opposite of the first preseason game.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Preseason #1

Quick impressions:

Good: First team run defense was stout, Little continues to get pressure, Bulger was 4-4 and had a beautiful long hookup with Laurant Robinson. Rookie QB Null. Gado running hard.

Bad: Blitz pickup by Rams' RBs. Injuries to WR's keep mounting. Kenneth Darby who is suppose to be behind Steven Jackson on the depth chart, now running with the 3rd team.

Ugly: Rex Ryan :)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

TC Part Deaux

The Rams completed their first scrimmage, and although injuries began to mount, there were some bright spots.

Bad News: Backup Safety Eric Bassey tore his ACL and will be placed on IR.
Adam Carriker who suffered through an injured shoulder all of last year,
sprained an ankle and will miss a few weeks. Donnie Avery out 4-6 weeks.

Good News: The 1st team defense got consistent pressure on the Qb's and created turnovers. Bulger and the 1st offense had some movement. Jason Smith is progressing.
Baby Animal looks like a player.

The Avery injury is tough. WR is already a suspect position, and Avery was the only proven WR on the roster. We will quickly see if the team has faith in Burton, Robinson, and Curry or a vet is brought in. Injuries are part of the game, sooner or later it seems that this string of bad luck should end with the Rams up and coming starters.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Training Camp

Thank Goodness Training Camp is HERE!!!!

First week is in the books, much to be excited about:

All rookies, and vets in camp on time, NO HOLDOUTS!!!

Most practices are 2 a days, FULL CONTACT in the Am, shells and shorts in the PM.

Many of us start drinking that Kool-aid about this time, new coach, new players, new atitiude. I love the days that so many technological advances give us fan reports, pictures, blogs, emails, and tweets. I must say I went over to the dark side and joined twitter. Fun so far, lots of good info too.

Let's hope we can still be excited for many more weeks to come.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Training Camp Buzz

Well we are finally mere days before the Rams open up training camp and the Spags era. Most believe that the rebuilding of the Rams is/was so massive that one offseason could not fix all the issues. So many questions on players, depth, coaching, scheme, experience vs youth. Interestingly enough a few articles, blogs etc in the mainstream outlets have labeled the Rams as a potential breakout team, ala the Dolphins and Falcons of 08.

My humble opinion remains that if the Rams stay healthy we should see closer games, players in position to make plays, and progress in most key areas. How that translates into wins and losses, who knows.

The Rams have on paper made some good moves:

1. Resigning Bartell
2. Signing FA Jason Brown
3. Drafting Jason Smith, and James Laurinaitis
4. Signing FA Mike Karney
5. Moving on from the past

The Rams have revamped the front office (which should be #1), hired football people to handle the football operations, and new business people to handle that area. Also this offseason has been DRAMA-FREE!!!!!

Draft picks are getting signed, players are attending offseason workouts, and I for one am getting a sense that we finally have folks that know what they are doing. We shall find out how quickly they can find answers to all the question marks this team still has.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Future ?'s

News is about as slow as you can get in the NFL. Some questions surround this team for success now and down the road.

How will a first time head coach do in a rebuilding team with uncertain ownership and player leadership?

Will Marc Bulger emerge from injury plagued years, and pick up the West Coast system, while developing timing and trust with inexperienced WR's?

Will having a true FB make Steven Jackson the back we all thought he would be?

Does the defense have enough of a pass rush to generate turnovers, key stops, and sacks?

Can the new coaches develop young talent on both sides of the ball?

When do some of these high round draft picks live up to their draft status?

In a bad economy and a horrible few years of football, will St Louis fans show up to the dome?

Will Stan Kroenke get his wish to purchase controlling interest of the Rams even though his other pro ownerships are currently forbidden by the NFL?

These questions and certainly many more will come to the forefront, and will need to be answered for the Rams to be successful.

Lastly, I must congratulate my LSU Tigers for winning the National Championship in Baseball in 2009.

Geaux Tigers
Geaux Rams!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If one believes newspapers, blogs, and fan blurbs the Rams new head coach seems to be ready thus far to be a head coach. Spags doen't appear paranoid, media shy, or too positive or too negative. Things can and surely will change once the games begin, but it is refreshing as a fan to be able to listen to an interview with your head coach and come away feeling that you are glad he is in charge.

If the Rams have done their homework on the coaches and the players better times should be right around the corner.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Direction

If you are like me you look over blogs, emails, and rumors this time of the year since news for the most part is at a lull. One of the most divided topics is the question to add veterans or not. Make no mistake this team as zero depth, almost across the board. The Rams thinking must be to purge older, more expensive vets so they can develop and add players for the future.

So the debate is and has been for quite some time should they add vets at WR, RB, CB, or go with the young players?

I can see both sides, but these young players for the most part stop developing as soon as an Armani Toomer displaces Burton, or Shaun Alexander knocks Darby off the squad. Are the players I used as examples part of the solution for the Rams?

I don't think so. Look, this team has won under 6 games in two years with the Holt's, Pace's, Pisa's. Time for once for the Rams to develop players they have. Take your lumps this season, but 2 years down the road if they reach their potential, many questions about this team become answered.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Post Draft thoughts

Well the Rams for all the talking and rumors stuck to a logical script. They filled needs and depth. Unfortunately the draft was only seven rounds, and they have many more needs to address. Love Smith and Laurenitis, two starters immediately.

As far as big names shipping out of STL (Pace, Holt, Pisa) they need to fit Spags' scheme. All of these players fit other schemes GSOT, Cover 2, and in Pace's case age and injuries. It's tough to lose these players that we all cheered for for so many years, but it simply is time.

The Rams have been awful lately, so they needed to get younger, and hopefully better.

Go Rams

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I think that most Rams fans realize that OT is the most vital position to secure in this upcoming draft. The real problem with the debate of OL vs other positions is that OT is not a sexy position. Curry has been comapred to Ray Lewis, Crabtree to Larry Fitzgerald, even some of the DT's to dominant pros.

Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe are ready to play now. Remember we have Adam Goldberg at RT just a few weeks ago. It may not be sexy but it makes sense.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Offseason begins

With the official offseason conditioning program underweay at Rams Park the roster continues to take shape. With mainstays such as Orlando Pace and Torry Holt gone, the team will have a need for younger players to assert themselves in to leadership roles.

Free agency, on paper, has been a success for the Rams. Not too many moves but all moves significantly upgraded key areas. As the draft approaches the rest of holes should be filled.

Always an exciting time to be a fan!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Free Agency

The Rams struck quickly with their well publicized game plan on how to fix the team for the future. The Rams have stated that they want to get bigger on the lines and more stout up the middle. The Rams began the process by signing Jason Brown to give the Rams a potential pro bowl center. Did the Rams have to overspend? Yes, but all bad teams do during free agency, see Josh Brown last year.

Today the Rams made their strongest move by resigning Ron Bartell. Bartell is viewed by most scouts as an ascending player with very good size and speed.

Kudos to the Rams for sticking to the game plan.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Upcoming NFL things

Well we are fully immersed in non stop college basketball, and NBA these days. Thus I have taken a sbbatical from watching SportsCenter, ESPN, and most sports channels. I am a life long Laker fan but besides that I have ZERO interest in BBall.

The combine is quickly approaching as the annual task of wondering why a gifted athlete never reached his potential on the field, or why a guy that isn't fast, strong, or agile excelled at the college level and how both of those adorementioned scenarios translate into a succesful pro player. Inevitably more than one team will be blown away with a guy's "measurables" at the combine. 40 yard dash, verticla jump, bench press, or skill position drills. For every truely gifted athlete there are the Mike Mammula's, Adam Archueleta's, and most recently Vernon Gholsten's. These guys played well in college but their draft position significantly increased due to testing during the combine. Let's hope the Rams don't fall into this trap.

The combine certainly can provide more accurate information about players, especially because their "measurables" tend to be exaggerated in college.

Look at it this way, I'd much rather watch a guy run a 40 yard dash in tights and hear about the draft than listen to Dickie V slobber over some diaper dandy from Seton Hall (my apologies if you are an alum).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spags et al

Not much going on for the fans to discuss. Mainly some coaching hires, and front office shuffling. It is in encouraging that Chip Rosenbloom is following through with his vision to change the culture of the organization. As I have said for years this is a top to bottom process. The front office needed competent folks who worked within their area of expertise. On paper Rosenbloom has achieved that thus far.

Coaching is important as it gives players reason to believe that they will succeed if they follow instruction, as well as young players with proper instruction can reach their potential. I was a big fan of Haslett, but believe Spags and Devaney have us going in a positive direction with their cohesive approach and the front office moves.

Now alot of pieces including striking during free agency and the draft to ensure more talented players needs to occur. If all our hopes and dreams for the new Rams comes true then we can be happy fans once again.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome Spags to the Lou!

So much for my handicapping the coaching race, eh?

I had Haslett in the final two, and he was the first to be eliminated. So we have the first former defensive coordinator to take the helm since the late great Ray Malavasi. I certainly wish Spags well.

Kudos to the Rams who have shed Jay Zygmunt and for the most part John Shaw in the decision making process and are having football folks make those necessary decisions. Will we see a dramaric difference? Only time will tell but I like the approach thus far.

The key always comes down to players, and playmakers. This team sadly has very few, so Devaney, Spags, and company have a ton of work to do with free agency and the draft quickly approaching.

Go Rams

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Head Coach etc

Well I put off writing this time as long as I could, thinking something would transpire to make this article less revelant, but looks like most teams are taking their time.

With only two coaching vacancies filled (Browns, and Broncos) the rest of the teams seem to be interviewing the same 5-6 coaches. The NFL is constantly referred to as a copycat league, but this is kinda lame that everyone is liking the same guys.

The Rams have announced their 5 finalist: Frazier, Haslett, Ryan, Spagnulo, and Garrett. All are defensive guys except Jason Garrett. This time last year he was touted as the next head coach of the Cowboys, after this season, Jerry Jones has been very quiet, even by his standards.

I have no idea who the Rams go with but my gut tells me it will be between Frazier, and Haslett. Ryan goes to the Jets, Spags is this years Ron Riveria, and Garrett goes back to hanging out with TO in big D.

Hate making predictions, unless I get them right. We will know soon, hopefully whomever it is can fix this team quickly.