Friday, December 21, 2007

Rams vs Steelers

Something has to happen for this team to do a 180 degree turn before next season. Much has been written and discussed about President John Shaw's verbal commitment to Head Coach Scott Linehan regarding next season. Many people have also brought up the example of former head coach Dick Vermeil having two lousy seasons and in his third winning SuperBowl 34. OK, Vermeil kept his job by firing some assistants and most notably hiring Mike Martz.

Since early on Scott Linehan has taken over the offense from offensive coordinator Greg Olsen. So what changes can Shaw demand of Linehan, who was selected to keep the high powered Rams' offense humming? It makes no sense to me to keep him around and hire an offensive coordinator, Linehan should have that area covered. He doesn't, so Shaw will have to make a tough decision.

On the defensive side, the NFL Network "mentioned" that Linehan and defensive coordinator Jim Halsett are at odds and Haslett may not return next year. Bryant Gumbell and Neon Deion botched so many names, and used the teams names so interchangeably last night this report warrants further scrutiny. In my opinion Haslett is a keeper. His unit had a bad outing last night, but they have played with poise, and enthusiasm all year.

As far as the fans. My hope is that they were trying to send a profound message to the front office that they demand change. In a night that I witnessed for the first time in my life a number being retired for the Rams, it saddened me to see so many opposing fans, and seemingly quiet Rams fans during Faulk's ceremony.

One game left, and a ton of unanswered questions. It seems though that some of the Rams high profile players are feeling like the fans and losing patience with Linehan's regime.

On a side note: I truly hope that Isaac Bruce finishes as a Ram and on his own terms. He is productive and the epitome of a professional.

Lastly whomever may still be reading this in a tough season: Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah to all Rams Fans.

Ram On!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rams vs Packers

Well the Rams of 2007 are nothing if they aren't consistent. Last week I wrote about the predictable pattern that this team displays every time they lose a game. This week was not an exception.

To recap: The Rams offense found it's groove and played well in the first half, trailing only by 3 points at halftime. In that first half the offense and defense played well. Fast forward to the second half: The Rams defense spent too much time on the field due to the offense's inability to sustain drives. The special teams contributed with a missed field goal, some poor punts and a fumbled kick return. And that's a wrap folks.

The formula seems to easy for this team to win:

1) Don't turn the ball over
2) Don't have a special teams breakdown
3) Score TD's instead of FG's in the red zone
4) Play with the same intensity in both halves of the game

Until this team can play well for 60mins the future looks bleak.

Ram On!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rams vs Bengals

Like most of you this season it getting almost unbearable to watch. Not that the team isn't putting forth an effort. With the crazy amount of injuries I'm not that familiar with some of the players.

This game was almost like every game this season. The defense keeps the Rams in the game, offense play calling is vanilla, few mental errors on offense and special teams doom drives and the Rams coulda shoulda......

So team president John Shaw is interviewed by the St Louis Dispatch and concludes that Scott Linehan more than likely will return. Let's look at this. The great debate is very simplistic:

A) Linehan is a good head coach that simply had too many injuries to key players thus the reasoning for the poor record.


B) Linehan has taken a once explosive offense and handcuffed them with safe play calling, and not signing the right free agents to compliment a once potent offense. Defensively he's lucky to have signed Jim Halsett.

I hate to be like John Shaw but I see the injury defense, but the inability to make plays even in the opener when most guys were healthy scares me.

I will let this season play out and be watching that this team still competes, and plays hard. If that changes I believe Linehan must go, because if you can't motivate guys who should never be in a starting role who can you motivate?

Ram On!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Rams vs Falcons

Quick thoughts:

The Rams defense still is in need of more play makers, but they do play hard for all 60 minutes.

The Rams really need to look in free agency for a replacement for Chavous. I understand he is a great guy in the locker room, but he misses too many tackles and rarely is a difference maker.

Kudos to the patchwork o-line. I thought they did pretty well especially in the first half.

Why does Linehan/Olson get so conservative in the second half?

If we are going to run Jackson up the middle so much why did they release Hedgecock?

I really hope John Shaw is being truthful when he said that the Rams would be very active in free agency to get more play makers on this team, especially on the offensive side.

I really like Jim Haslett's enthusiasm, wish it would cross over to the offense.

Ram On!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rams vs Seahawks: Part D"Oh!

I'm sure many of you have seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, in which he relives the same day over and over even though he changes his behavior to somehow break the streak of reliving the same day. The 2007 Rams when they lose is almost a carbon copy and we as fans unfortunately are reliving the same old story every Sunday.

Here's the setting: NFL stadium usually one dimly lit with apathetic fans.

Characters: Bulger (until he gets hurt), Gus Frerotte, a few linemen we picked up off the street or waivers from the Cardinals, Scott Linehan, and aggressive defense, and last but not least an inept special teams unit. Oh and a team that cut a good Fullback to make room for 16 below average tight ends.

Act 1(1st Half): The Rams come out firing on all cylinders. The offense takes the ball and moves straight down the field and scores a TD. Later lots of punting on both sides. A few field goals since the Rams fail to capitalize on the great field position. The defense plays hard confusing their opponents, and creating good field position for the Rams. The score at halftime should be much larger in favor of the Rams but their continued inability to score TDs and settle for FG's have all the fans at home thinking what the final score will be when all those FGs come back to haunt the Rams.

Act 2 (2nd Half): Rams offense goes completely conservative. Linehan protecting an 8-11 point lead runs on 1st and 2nd and calls a lot of 2-3 yard pass plays on 3rd and long. One or more key turnovers kill a couple of promising drives then predictably ignites the other team to score a TD and get the score closer. More boring unimaginative play calling by the Rams and then BANG a routine punt, or kickoff gets a huge return for the other team possibly a TD. The Rams get the ball back with less than 5 minutes left in the game. Unbelievably the game is still there for the Rams to win. A couple of big pass plays that haven't been called since the 1st quarter are completed, then a misfire or turnover that having fans punching their pillows, and chucking their remotes.

Finale: Linehan gives some boring ass post game interview in which he takes all the blame, credits the defense and the fans, lists the 8-10 newly injured players all on the offensive line, and says it's time to get ready for next week's opponent.

Curtain Closes, as we ready for next week's performance and the same act again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Rams vs 49ers Act 2

Well an ugly win is better than an ugly loss any day. The 49ers game began much like last week's game for the offense. The Rams received the opening kickoff and marched down the field and in a blink of an eye where up by 7. Then the offensive line began to have issues. I'm sure if anyone would ask Steven Jackson he would probably tell you those were the hardest 90 or so yards he has ever had.

It sure seems like the 9ers can get up for the Rams game, the Rams always seem to take a workman like approach. Sure the older vets like Bruce and Holt talk a lil' smack during the week, but their emotion on the field seems under control.

Big kudos to Jim Haslett and his defense, chalk up the W for them. The 9ers did come into this game with a backup QB, and an offense that had struggled, but Frank Gore, a guy who has routinely killed the Rams, was held in check.

Two in row, let's see a better effort and make it 3!

Ram On!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rams vs Saints

Being born and raised in New Orleans, this game is always my personal Super Bowl. I remember attending games as a kid, basically rooting for whomever was playing the Saints. When the Saints and Rams were both in the NFC West I was ready for this game.

Fast forward to an 0-8 2007 campaign and I honestly didn't feel the anticipation that most years would bring. That quickly subsided when the game began and the Rams looked, well, like the Rams.

I applaud Scott Linehan and company for staying the course and preparing this team to play. Look, when the Saints reached .500 last week and whopped a solid Jaguar team, the NFL pundits were proclaiming that the Saints of last year where back, and a force to be reckoned with come playoff time. Time will tell, but let's give kudos to a team that still plays hard, even though they have had a ton of injuries and bad luck.

I like the approach that with 8 games, Linehan told the players it was a new season. Higher draft pick be damned let's go out and win a bunch of these last seven games. It certainly would be a rallying cry for next season. Good win guys!

Ram On!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Browns vs Rams

0-8 not much to say. With Steven Jackson the team seemed to have a spark and play the way we had anticipated. Then much like everyone else at some point he is re injured and the spark fades and another winnable game goes down the drain.

Late word in the Lou is OG Richie Incognito is done for the year with a torn ligament in his knee. And then there was one, only seems like a matter of time before Alex Barron gets injured.

Never have I seen a season like this. The only bright spot is that the team seems to still be playing hard.

Ram On!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rams vs Seahawks

Again I followed the game via mobile phone in and out of airports returning home from Baton Rouge. :)

Since this game has been a carbon copy of the last few that we aren't close in score besides the opening kickoff, I'll try to make a few comments on the big picture.

It makes zero sense to fire Linehan during the season, unless you are really going to evaluate Haslett for head coach next year.
I never understood firing during the season. It creates a lame duck coaching staff that more likely than not uses the remainder of the season to make phone calls inquiring about openings for next season on other teams.

Injuries are what they are, and I really don't believe Tom Landry could get this team to perform and win consistently. That being said I also don't know how the grind of losing for 7 straight weeks doesn't kill the team unity, and belief in the coaches.

It's sad but at the end of the day these guys are all human and susceptible to the same self-doubt, insecurities, and frustration that anyone would have if a central part of their life was associated with so much failure.

The Rams will ALWAYS be my team, and it is so disappointing how this season has materialized.

Go Rams!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rams vs Ravens

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck
(What I really wanted to say certainly rhymes with that)

0-6 and fading into the abyss. I will offer some almost mid season solutions for next year since this one looks bleak.

Georgia is a hands off owner who doesn't bother attending games, participating in major decisions, and only recently purchased a home in Frontenac, a suburb of St Louis. She has complete trust in President, John Shaw, who in turn lives in Los Angeles, and he has complete faith in bean counter turned pseudo GM Jay Zygmut. You may remember that Zygmut and Martz clashed and Martz was fired. Tough to settle the feud in it's infancy when the other two are across the country.

These folks that I mentioned will be there until they don't want to be or the Grim Reaper comes a knockin'.

So that being said, I'm afraid injuries and poor drafts he inherited have doomed young Scott Linehan. Not a bad guy, just didn't work out.

Moving foreword, the Rams power trio needs to regain the trust of it's fan base by signing a big name coach. By doing this it will give a franchise that has had little success in the last 15 years minus 99-03. Only then will prized free agents sign here and not go elsewhere. Look we got turned down this off season by Tully Banta-Cain who signed for comparable money with the 9ers. If that is any indication change must occur after this season to ensure a repeat of this year doesn't happen again.

Ram On!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Rams vs Cards

Another late night flight back from Baton Rouge had me miss watching the game. Any other year this would not be the case but my Alma mater has something pretty special going on.

Quick Hits:

Good to see that Linehan still has the guys playing hard. Too many injuries for Tom Landry to combat.

Good to see we could run the ball with a rookie and patchwork OL.

Glad to see some points, too bad the Cards had more at the end.

Welcome back Fakir Brown!

My suggestion and I only suggest this because it's working for me. View this season as an extended preseason. We can watch up and coming players mature, and see what positions certainly need to be addressed in the draft and offseason.

After all with all the injuries we have most knowledgeable NFL fans' sympathy at this point.

GO Rams!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rams vs Cowboys

I really don't know where to begin....

We as fans anticipate the beginning of each new season with so much excitement, and for it to be week 4 and the season to be close to being over is an outrage.

Look I understand injuries, and the Rams have had more than any team should have in 3-4 seasons, but what are we doing out there?

What is this teams identity? Many folks including many at Rams Planet wanted Mike Martz to be crucified for anything that went wrong with the Rams. Not to say Martz didn't have issues, but our offense now resembles our low key, expressionless head coach. We have all these weapons on offense yet we call the same dink/dunk plays over and over again. I know injuries prevent calling a ton of long pass plays, but what happened to the Martz timing patterns? What happened to a screen pass when a blitz was called? What happened to attacking, not getting in better position for our punter?

I love this team and it's just sad that we were all excited and optimistic and a quarter into the season, we have to start taking a peek at next year already.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rams vs Bucs

Quick thoughts:

Tivo messed up and didn't get to watch the game. Apparently that is a good thing.

The defense on paper (IE my phone in an airport) looked to have played well the first half.

You can't expect to win when your defense is on the field as much as they have been this season.

Has any team ever had as many offensive linemen hurt this early in the season?

This team and this coaching staff may be approaching a crossroads. Does the team learn to play with new starters, get some guys back from injuries and make a run?

Or does this team pack it in? It's still early but too many more losing streaks and this season will be over.

Ram On!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rams vs 49ers

Quick Notes:

Defense played with more intensity
Draft subbing for an injured Tinoisamaoa helped solidify that unit
Even with Hill and Brown out the Cb's held up well
Rookie NT Cliford Ryan looks like a player
Marc Bulger was not immediately placed on IR following that game
Play calling was better
We threw to 3 out of the 16 TE's on the roster

Defense still giving up killer big plays
OL is a mess
Too many turnovers
Jackson is tap dancing again (Call Stephen Davis STAT)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rams vs Panthers

Well that sucked!

All the optimism that a new season brings left after halftime. Coincidentally yet again an opposing team makes adjustments and the Rams fail to react. Truth be told I was flying all day back from Baton Rouge, LA, and have only watched some of the game.

Short and sweet

OK for the popular excuses: you were out coached, gassed, having an off day, Pace got injured, Jackson didn't take any hits in the preseason etc.

I'll make this really simply. Good teams get beat; the Patriots were 0-1 last year. Prepare for the 49ers and win the game playing Rams football.

Do that and we all forget about this game.



Monday, September 3, 2007

Preseason #4, Cuts etc

Well no real surprises with the last game against the Chiefs. All the starters were held out, and the last roster spots were claimed. In retrospect it had been rumored that the Rams may be showcasing Ryan Fitzpatrick to facilitate a trade. So the Rams made a trade with the Bengals and sent Fitzpatrick to Cincinnati.

Not sure how we should feel about this. He didn't play last year, and he is coming into a restricted year next year, which one would think the Rams wouldn't place a high tender on. That being said looks like a win win. Don't think he would eventually supplant Bulger, and it certainly would cost to much to have him on the team until it's time to replace Marc Bulger.

Much has been written about the release of former 3rd rounder Jon Alston. He was a project as a linebacker. Linehan had thought about moving him to safety in OTA's. If you still have the Chiefs game review the footage. Alston is a huge liability as a LB. The long 55 yard run he took a terrible angle. Yeah it stinks to cut a 3rd rounder after one year but if he will hurt the team more than help, why keep him?

I like the signing of Antonio Pittman who was released from New Orleans. I watched him play and he certainly outperformed Rich Alexis.

I still feel as many do in cyberspace that the Rams may yet make some more moves. Bring on the regular season!

Ram On!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Preseason Game #3

Watching the Rams vs Raiders via the Internet, and viewing real time stats I like many of you were ready to bury my head in a pillow. After watching the game it was ugly but it wasn't as terrible as I thought the night before.

What's up with he offense? I know some key players have been out but the offense still should be able to generate points.

I am a firm believer and please feel free to remind me next year that Linehan has his own agenda, one in which he is evaluating talent and subbing frequently. Winning even though he says it is not high on his to do list.

Let's get through game #4 healthy and we can debate and rant or rejoice after the Panthers game.

Ram On!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Preseason Game #2

From the look at the final score you might think we as Rams' fans may be in for a long season. That may or may not be true, but to try to reach that conclusion from a preseason game is nonsense.

Just remember that coaches and teams have different objectives and winning at the end may be nice but not particularly high on that list. San Diego had a underwhelming performance against the Niners in their home preseason opener. That being said they had sufficient motivation from their coaching staff to play with more intensity. The Rams with all those outdoor practices looked a bit sluggish but statistically preformed better in the 1st half. Turnovers and special team miscues made the halftime score lopsided.

Positives: Brian Leonard looks to be a legit #2 HB
Claude Wroten got some penetration at DT
James Hall gives us another DE that can help with the run
Marques Haggans looked pretty good

Negatives: Ron Bartell still looks like he is not ready to be a starter
The safeties look out of position and tackle poorly
Special teams gives up to many big returns

Conclusion: Let's see how the Rams respond. Next week they will be in a similar position the Chargers were in this week. Stinking up the joint and trying to avenge that performance. Still preseason folks.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Preseason Game #1

Well the 2007 season has officially begun. What an inauspicious beginning with our renewed dedication to special teams. Outside of the penalty right out the gates the special teams coverage unit looked better, and the return game even without an injured Dante Hall looked like it has potential.

Preseason is preseason you must view it as each coach has a list of objectives to cover, and if in the 4th quarter they have a chance to win the game they may switch up their game plans. That being said some quick observations:

I think in the next 1-2 games Bulger needs more time on the field to get accustomed to Bennett, and McMichael in a game situation. Especially since these will be his main red zone targets.

Brian Leonard looked really good. I think we can all get rid of the Mike Alstot comparisons. This kid is a HB.

I like the WR depth, Haggans, and Stanley certainly made some plays. Think Shaun McDonald, in a 4 or 5 WR set he was clutch.

Fellow alumni Claude Wroten seems to be playing much better. My projection is that he will supplant LaRoi Glover early on as the starter.

Adam Carriker looked good at being able to stand up against the run. Remember his job is to be disruptive and create a situation that he is double teamed freeing up Glover, or Wroten.

Our new punter and former LSU Tiger looked good in his Rams' debut.

The secondary still worries me somewhat. Ron Bartell needs to step it up in his move from nickel to #2 CB.

All in all no serious injuries, a win, and some good progress to note. On to the San Diego game.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Football is officially back

Well fans the Hall of Fame game and ceremonies are upon us. This after a really sports starved summer trying to find anything of interest. I love this time of year. Great training camp reports, player and coach interviews, and preseason football.

Some folks don't like the preseason, but I am not one of them. I do understand the injury concerns, as I share them myself. Think of all those young men that have gotten the chance to make a team. Look no further than some former Rams that were given little chance to make the team, but perservered and not only made the team but became an integral part of a winner. London Fletcher, Kurt Warner, Tony Horne, Mike Jones just to name a few. So when you sit back and watch the games think about if you were given your one chance of a lifetime to do what you have always dreamed about achieving.

Let's all hope our guys are injury free and accomplish their preseason goals.

Thank goodness football is back!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Training Camp approaches

My fellow Rams fans football is almost back!

What a great feeling that we will have some interesting news back online, in the newspapers, and on TV. If you are like me you have been searching the sports pages and online sites for any nugget of info on the NFL. Signings of lower round guys seems to be the only news of late. So as we count down to the start of training camp things here are some things I would like to see:

1. Carriker gets signed on time. Tough enough being a rookie switching positions, and labeled a savior for the run defense, kid can't be behind from the get go.

2. Chris Draft puts some serious competition on Brandon Chiller. I know the coaches love Chillar, but he to me is not an impact player. Drat has in the past made plays.

3. The Rams red zone offense getting more creative. Last year it was run, screen, pass, usually resulting in a field goal. I know Linehan does not want to be risky in the red zone, but a little more creative may translate into more TD's.

4. Claude Wroten displace LaRoi Glover as the starter at DT. Glover can and will be a great situational pass rushing DT, just not every play any more.

5. Bulger gets his long term deal finished.

6. Dante Hall and the entire special teams transforms into a solid unit. I'm not asking for miracles or Hall to return punts and kickoffs for 4-5 TD's this year. Better field position and covering kicks would make me happy.

7. James Hall being able to generate some heat to limit Little's double teams.

8. Finally Michael Vick to go away. If he's innocent and had zero knowledge of the cruelty going on exonerate him, but if he is guilty go to jail, pay a fine, never play in the NFL again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Slowest Time in the NFL

It goes without saying that this is possibly the slowest time in the NFL. I think some of the daily, national news, and radio shows are struggling to fill the time. Outside of signing the lower draft picks not much news is being generated from Rams Park.

That being said one of the most important contract negotiations is hopefully continuing behind closed doors. The Rams and Marc Bulger have both publicly stated that they would like to work out a long term deal. Most fans agree that this makes great sense. Bulger didn't have an open armed reception with most Rams' fans since he was portrayed as the guy who pushed Kurt Warner out of town. Since then Bulger has been extremely consistent, poised, and is a quiet, but effective leader in the huddle, and the locker room.

QB's are so hard to find in the NFL, Bulger seems the perfect fit for the teams' new offensive direction, and the city of St Louis.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summertime not friendly to the NFL football fan

The NBA finals are thankfully over, and golf and tennis are everywhere on TV during the weekends. To fans of the NFL the summertime is bizarre to say the least. So many weekends in the fall and winter are spent watching and enjoying college and pro football. Then the Pro Bowl ends with a resounding thud!

Months go by with nothing exciting to watch. Thank goodness for the Internet, insider reports, and NFL Live on ESPN. Growing up I always claimed to be a sports fan, but as I age, I believe I'm becoming a bit of a football snob. Nothing comes close to watching a great college, or pro football game, live or on TV.

So as the summer is in full bloom, let's all try to remain patient as July and training camp is right around the corner.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KennedyMini Camp etc

Mini camp begins this week at Rams Park. Football is finally almost here. Thank goodness because who still watches the NBA?

Well we all knew our defense would be the hot topic come training camp, now with the trade of Jimmy Kennedy we can start the talk early. Kennedy as we all remember was drafted 12th overall four years ago. Injuries, indecision regarding his true position, and general ineffectiveness has him wearing a Broncos uniform now.

I won't begin to debate if this was a good move or not. Linehan has publicly stated that Claude Wroten, Adam Carriker, and fellow rookie Keith Jackson need the reps, and that was the basis of the trade. Fair enough. Translation: he was probably going to lose his job as starter and a rotation guy to a one year vet and two rookies, so we took the only deal we could.

The rookies are any body's guess if they are ready to play. I can speak as a season ticket holder at LSU that Claude Wroten dominated games in college. Never tremendous stats but penetrated, and disrupted tons of plays. My hope is that he will take over from Glover, and Carriker will be able to start and occupy those lineman, so our LB's can make plays.

Let the debate begin: Can this team play defense well enough to send the team to the playoffs this year?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer days

With Summer here and the most exciting news in Rams camp being OTA's, news is at a premium.

It is very encouraging thus far that Marc Bulger and the Rams seem intent on working out a contract extension. Rams fans are very well aware of how talented Bulger is. Bulger had the misfortune of replacing a very popular QB in Kurt Warner. Still to this day most Rams' fans have tremendous affection for Warner. Marc Bulger is a quiet, unassuming, hard worker that often gets over looked in the national media. It is truly a shame since statistically he trumps almost all his peers.

I'm not sure why this is the case, but certainly the media and fans alike should be more aware of how talented Marc Bulger really is.

On a sad note my condolences to the family of former LSU Tiger, and New England Patriot Marquis Hill who tragically drowned in Louisiana over the weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Minicamp, OTA's, Football almost here!

The draft is over, free agency for the most past is over, and we as fans envision greater things for this years version of the Rams. What a difference a year makes. The roster turnover wasn't massive ala the Miami Dolphins who cleaned house, but key areas that have been areas of concern for far too long seem on paper to be cleaned up.

Vermeil and Martz long had neglected the offensive & defensive lines. Not surprisingly those have been two areas that have cost us recently. Sure Pace & Barron, and free agents have been added but we all know that players like McCollum & Timmerman can get old or injured in a hurry, and if they had young players behind them they would be ready to fill in. Unfortunately, the Rams never really likes to commit high draft picks to these areas. There have been exceptions but I mean a real commitment. The uglies, guards, centers etc.

This year outside of Carriker, everyone else will provide depth and hopefully pan out in a few years should the need arise. Pace is coming off significant surgery, and into double digits in the NFL, McCollum has his hands full rehabbing an ACL, and Romberg, and draft pick Fry to contend with.

Linehan continues to preach the benefits of competition, with the draft and free agency there will be competition on the lines and elsewhere.

Some key matchups to look forward to"

Chris Draft and Brandon Chiller
Setterstrom and Terrell
Romberg/McCollum and Fry
Kennedy and Carriker
Wroten and Glover
Bartell, Wade, Rumpf, Walls, Butler (Nickel CB)

How ever it pans out this team has addressed key areas long forgotten about and added some depth and hopefully some playmakers and starters for years to come.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Draft Rewind

Well the draft is over for 2007, and yours truly watch every minute of it. Exciting, not really. Regrets maybe a few. So what did we learn? Are we better? On paper yes. Did we draft playmakers? Hopefully although this was a meat and potatoes kinda draft.

If you rewind a few years ago to Jim Haslett's draft in New Orleans, one may think that he had considerable input on the Rams 2007 draft. Haslett loves to draft linemen, both offense and defensive. For the most part that is what the Rams did. Certainly not sexy, but necessary. When the pundits last year talked about the Rams being "pushed around", this draft coupled with free agency I believe will help fix that.

Also all of the guys drafted love football. Lunch pail tough kinda guys that have clean backgrounds. I like the draft personally, and think that the Rams have improved. Again it wasn't sexy, bunch of DL, OL, a RB/FB, and a CB but hey if we get 2-3 more wins next year we'll be playoff bound.

Lastly my rant on ESPN. Each year I watch these fools talk forever, hoping they mention the Rams. Again and again we see interviews with Jerry Jones, Andy Reid, hear abut how much Cris Berman's Bills, 9ers, and Bucs are Superbowl bound. Never do they spend anytime whatsoever talking about the Rams. I'm tired of it. What does Andy Reid have left to say? Does most of the country care about the Buffalo Bills? When announcers lose their objectivity it stinks for the rest of us. We watch to hear how players will help/hurt all of the teams, not just the ones that we always hear about. Also could the Randy Moss trade be talked about anymore. Jeez!!! WHO CARES? He's a punk that quit on two teams, but the Patriots are the best NFL organization that ever was, so they'll fix him, and win the next four SuperBowls. Is the entire country Patriots fans, or Randy Moss fans. How about Mike Vick and all his wonderful citizenship accolades lately? But he gets a free ride because he's such a talent that the highlight shows dare not offend him. I guess I'm switching to NFL Network where they actually talk about players drafted during the draft. Hmm what a novel idea.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Savior Kris Jenkins?

If you are like me, you are getting excited about the draft and any positive Rams rumor in cyberspace. Much has been written lately about Carolina Panthers, DT, Kris Jenkins being available via trade for the right price. It is widely speculated that the Panthers are looking for a 2nd Round pick for Jenkins. That being said it is also been speculated that the Rams are offering a 3rd rounder for Jenkins. Stalemate thus far.

What generally happens at this time of the year is teams like to see who may or may not be available via the draft. If for instance one of the DT's the Rams like is there when they pick in the first round maybe the Jenkins deal disappears. The more likely scenario will be the Panthers accept a 3rd rounder from the Rams and a late round or conditional pick next year as well. Then all bets are off on who the Rams would draft if they secured Jenkins.

Since 2001 when the Rams drafted Lewis and Pickett they have searched for a DT/NT/runstopper. Unfortunately Lewis, Pickett, and Kennedy have not been the solution. Jenkins when healthy and motivated is a beast in the middle.

So is it that simple trade for a true NT and become a good run stopping team? No but having a DT that can occupy 2 OL is a start, so talented Will Witherspoon is free to make plays.

Trades and the Rams around draft time have worked out. Marshall Faulk, Kyle Turley, Aenas Willaims etc. If Jenkins truly fits the scheme let's hope the Panthers and the Rams can strike a deal.