Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's in a name?

With free agency stalled and some teams locking up players that would be unrestricted free agents, Howard Balzer a Rams beat writer made some valid points in a recent article.

He discussed and I agree that we only see one side of a player, the results on Sunday. We aren't privy to insight on if that player shows up on time, practices hard, and is generally a solid addition to a team. Also players that have injury histories, that we think that if our beloved Rams sign them that player is no longer bitten by the injury bug.

For example:
Safety Bob Sanders who signed with San Diego is a fantastic player when healthy. he has only played in 13 games the last 3 seasons. He's a physical player and needs to be to be effective but injuries look to have shortened his career.

WR Mike Sims-Walker has double digit TD's last year for Jacksonville. Still a young player, why wouldn't JAX attempt to re-sign him? Balzer discovered that he was deemed a "cancer" in the lockeroom, unwilling to play with minor injuries, and bad work ethic.

We as fans get caught up in reading too much into a certain recognizable player, especially when they fit a need on our team. That being said those guys in the front office have access to all kinds of information that we don't as fans and in the long run hopefully make the best decision for the team.