Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preseason #3

The Rams seemed to play a better game than the one against the Falcons. The defense created turnovers, pressure, and 3 and outs. The offense utilized short passes and runs to put points on the board.

The only negatives were the special teams across the board. Short line drive punts led to on return for a TD, and another led to a 40 yard gain. Josh Brown usually reliable misses two 50 yarders. On the other side the Rams still are searching for a consistent returner.

I imagine that the Rams may be active once the cuts begin. Look out for players that the coaches and GM are familiar with: Falcons, Giants, Eagles, and Panthers.

I do hope that Bulger can get back for the last preseason game just so he develops some chemistry with the offensive playmakers.

Geaux Rams

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preseason #2

Whoops what happened to that improved run defense? Michael Turner is a top 3 RB in this league, but he continues where he left off last season by dominating the game with big, tackle breaking runs.

I understand that from a coaching perspective they have different goals than us fans. I just am at a loss, if you exclude the blitz, what the Rams defense is. Now I am talking about the last 5 years included. Our DL seems to engage and run with the other OL. Now if our LB's where shooting those gaps and making big plays I would understand. Our LB seem to just flow to the ball as well, maybe that's why our DB always tend to lead the team in tackles each year.

Tough game to evaluate since we were without a few starters. Hopefully it is just a missed assignment thing, that can be fixed.

Gonna kind of take a mulligan on this one since it was quite opposite of the first preseason game.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Preseason #1

Quick impressions:

Good: First team run defense was stout, Little continues to get pressure, Bulger was 4-4 and had a beautiful long hookup with Laurant Robinson. Rookie QB Null. Gado running hard.

Bad: Blitz pickup by Rams' RBs. Injuries to WR's keep mounting. Kenneth Darby who is suppose to be behind Steven Jackson on the depth chart, now running with the 3rd team.

Ugly: Rex Ryan :)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

TC Part Deaux

The Rams completed their first scrimmage, and although injuries began to mount, there were some bright spots.

Bad News: Backup Safety Eric Bassey tore his ACL and will be placed on IR.
Adam Carriker who suffered through an injured shoulder all of last year,
sprained an ankle and will miss a few weeks. Donnie Avery out 4-6 weeks.

Good News: The 1st team defense got consistent pressure on the Qb's and created turnovers. Bulger and the 1st offense had some movement. Jason Smith is progressing.
Baby Animal looks like a player.

The Avery injury is tough. WR is already a suspect position, and Avery was the only proven WR on the roster. We will quickly see if the team has faith in Burton, Robinson, and Curry or a vet is brought in. Injuries are part of the game, sooner or later it seems that this string of bad luck should end with the Rams up and coming starters.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Training Camp

Thank Goodness Training Camp is HERE!!!!

First week is in the books, much to be excited about:

All rookies, and vets in camp on time, NO HOLDOUTS!!!

Most practices are 2 a days, FULL CONTACT in the Am, shells and shorts in the PM.

Many of us start drinking that Kool-aid about this time, new coach, new players, new atitiude. I love the days that so many technological advances give us fan reports, pictures, blogs, emails, and tweets. I must say I went over to the dark side and joined twitter. Fun so far, lots of good info too.

Let's hope we can still be excited for many more weeks to come.