Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Future ?'s

News is about as slow as you can get in the NFL. Some questions surround this team for success now and down the road.

How will a first time head coach do in a rebuilding team with uncertain ownership and player leadership?

Will Marc Bulger emerge from injury plagued years, and pick up the West Coast system, while developing timing and trust with inexperienced WR's?

Will having a true FB make Steven Jackson the back we all thought he would be?

Does the defense have enough of a pass rush to generate turnovers, key stops, and sacks?

Can the new coaches develop young talent on both sides of the ball?

When do some of these high round draft picks live up to their draft status?

In a bad economy and a horrible few years of football, will St Louis fans show up to the dome?

Will Stan Kroenke get his wish to purchase controlling interest of the Rams even though his other pro ownerships are currently forbidden by the NFL?

These questions and certainly many more will come to the forefront, and will need to be answered for the Rams to be successful.

Lastly, I must congratulate my LSU Tigers for winning the National Championship in Baseball in 2009.

Geaux Tigers
Geaux Rams!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


If one believes newspapers, blogs, and fan blurbs the Rams new head coach seems to be ready thus far to be a head coach. Spags doen't appear paranoid, media shy, or too positive or too negative. Things can and surely will change once the games begin, but it is refreshing as a fan to be able to listen to an interview with your head coach and come away feeling that you are glad he is in charge.

If the Rams have done their homework on the coaches and the players better times should be right around the corner.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Direction

If you are like me you look over blogs, emails, and rumors this time of the year since news for the most part is at a lull. One of the most divided topics is the question to add veterans or not. Make no mistake this team as zero depth, almost across the board. The Rams thinking must be to purge older, more expensive vets so they can develop and add players for the future.

So the debate is and has been for quite some time should they add vets at WR, RB, CB, or go with the young players?

I can see both sides, but these young players for the most part stop developing as soon as an Armani Toomer displaces Burton, or Shaun Alexander knocks Darby off the squad. Are the players I used as examples part of the solution for the Rams?

I don't think so. Look, this team has won under 6 games in two years with the Holt's, Pace's, Pisa's. Time for once for the Rams to develop players they have. Take your lumps this season, but 2 years down the road if they reach their potential, many questions about this team become answered.