Monday, April 16, 2007

Savior Kris Jenkins?

If you are like me, you are getting excited about the draft and any positive Rams rumor in cyberspace. Much has been written lately about Carolina Panthers, DT, Kris Jenkins being available via trade for the right price. It is widely speculated that the Panthers are looking for a 2nd Round pick for Jenkins. That being said it is also been speculated that the Rams are offering a 3rd rounder for Jenkins. Stalemate thus far.

What generally happens at this time of the year is teams like to see who may or may not be available via the draft. If for instance one of the DT's the Rams like is there when they pick in the first round maybe the Jenkins deal disappears. The more likely scenario will be the Panthers accept a 3rd rounder from the Rams and a late round or conditional pick next year as well. Then all bets are off on who the Rams would draft if they secured Jenkins.

Since 2001 when the Rams drafted Lewis and Pickett they have searched for a DT/NT/runstopper. Unfortunately Lewis, Pickett, and Kennedy have not been the solution. Jenkins when healthy and motivated is a beast in the middle.

So is it that simple trade for a true NT and become a good run stopping team? No but having a DT that can occupy 2 OL is a start, so talented Will Witherspoon is free to make plays.

Trades and the Rams around draft time have worked out. Marshall Faulk, Kyle Turley, Aenas Willaims etc. If Jenkins truly fits the scheme let's hope the Panthers and the Rams can strike a deal.