Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summertime not friendly to the NFL football fan

The NBA finals are thankfully over, and golf and tennis are everywhere on TV during the weekends. To fans of the NFL the summertime is bizarre to say the least. So many weekends in the fall and winter are spent watching and enjoying college and pro football. Then the Pro Bowl ends with a resounding thud!

Months go by with nothing exciting to watch. Thank goodness for the Internet, insider reports, and NFL Live on ESPN. Growing up I always claimed to be a sports fan, but as I age, I believe I'm becoming a bit of a football snob. Nothing comes close to watching a great college, or pro football game, live or on TV.

So as the summer is in full bloom, let's all try to remain patient as July and training camp is right around the corner.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KennedyMini Camp etc

Mini camp begins this week at Rams Park. Football is finally almost here. Thank goodness because who still watches the NBA?

Well we all knew our defense would be the hot topic come training camp, now with the trade of Jimmy Kennedy we can start the talk early. Kennedy as we all remember was drafted 12th overall four years ago. Injuries, indecision regarding his true position, and general ineffectiveness has him wearing a Broncos uniform now.

I won't begin to debate if this was a good move or not. Linehan has publicly stated that Claude Wroten, Adam Carriker, and fellow rookie Keith Jackson need the reps, and that was the basis of the trade. Fair enough. Translation: he was probably going to lose his job as starter and a rotation guy to a one year vet and two rookies, so we took the only deal we could.

The rookies are any body's guess if they are ready to play. I can speak as a season ticket holder at LSU that Claude Wroten dominated games in college. Never tremendous stats but penetrated, and disrupted tons of plays. My hope is that he will take over from Glover, and Carriker will be able to start and occupy those lineman, so our LB's can make plays.

Let the debate begin: Can this team play defense well enough to send the team to the playoffs this year?