Monday, July 23, 2007

Training Camp approaches

My fellow Rams fans football is almost back!

What a great feeling that we will have some interesting news back online, in the newspapers, and on TV. If you are like me you have been searching the sports pages and online sites for any nugget of info on the NFL. Signings of lower round guys seems to be the only news of late. So as we count down to the start of training camp things here are some things I would like to see:

1. Carriker gets signed on time. Tough enough being a rookie switching positions, and labeled a savior for the run defense, kid can't be behind from the get go.

2. Chris Draft puts some serious competition on Brandon Chiller. I know the coaches love Chillar, but he to me is not an impact player. Drat has in the past made plays.

3. The Rams red zone offense getting more creative. Last year it was run, screen, pass, usually resulting in a field goal. I know Linehan does not want to be risky in the red zone, but a little more creative may translate into more TD's.

4. Claude Wroten displace LaRoi Glover as the starter at DT. Glover can and will be a great situational pass rushing DT, just not every play any more.

5. Bulger gets his long term deal finished.

6. Dante Hall and the entire special teams transforms into a solid unit. I'm not asking for miracles or Hall to return punts and kickoffs for 4-5 TD's this year. Better field position and covering kicks would make me happy.

7. James Hall being able to generate some heat to limit Little's double teams.

8. Finally Michael Vick to go away. If he's innocent and had zero knowledge of the cruelty going on exonerate him, but if he is guilty go to jail, pay a fine, never play in the NFL again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Slowest Time in the NFL

It goes without saying that this is possibly the slowest time in the NFL. I think some of the daily, national news, and radio shows are struggling to fill the time. Outside of signing the lower draft picks not much news is being generated from Rams Park.

That being said one of the most important contract negotiations is hopefully continuing behind closed doors. The Rams and Marc Bulger have both publicly stated that they would like to work out a long term deal. Most fans agree that this makes great sense. Bulger didn't have an open armed reception with most Rams' fans since he was portrayed as the guy who pushed Kurt Warner out of town. Since then Bulger has been extremely consistent, poised, and is a quiet, but effective leader in the huddle, and the locker room.

QB's are so hard to find in the NFL, Bulger seems the perfect fit for the teams' new offensive direction, and the city of St Louis.