Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rams vs Cowboys

I really don't know where to begin....

We as fans anticipate the beginning of each new season with so much excitement, and for it to be week 4 and the season to be close to being over is an outrage.

Look I understand injuries, and the Rams have had more than any team should have in 3-4 seasons, but what are we doing out there?

What is this teams identity? Many folks including many at Rams Planet wanted Mike Martz to be crucified for anything that went wrong with the Rams. Not to say Martz didn't have issues, but our offense now resembles our low key, expressionless head coach. We have all these weapons on offense yet we call the same dink/dunk plays over and over again. I know injuries prevent calling a ton of long pass plays, but what happened to the Martz timing patterns? What happened to a screen pass when a blitz was called? What happened to attacking, not getting in better position for our punter?

I love this team and it's just sad that we were all excited and optimistic and a quarter into the season, we have to start taking a peek at next year already.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rams vs Bucs

Quick thoughts:

Tivo messed up and didn't get to watch the game. Apparently that is a good thing.

The defense on paper (IE my phone in an airport) looked to have played well the first half.

You can't expect to win when your defense is on the field as much as they have been this season.

Has any team ever had as many offensive linemen hurt this early in the season?

This team and this coaching staff may be approaching a crossroads. Does the team learn to play with new starters, get some guys back from injuries and make a run?

Or does this team pack it in? It's still early but too many more losing streaks and this season will be over.

Ram On!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rams vs 49ers

Quick Notes:

Defense played with more intensity
Draft subbing for an injured Tinoisamaoa helped solidify that unit
Even with Hill and Brown out the Cb's held up well
Rookie NT Cliford Ryan looks like a player
Marc Bulger was not immediately placed on IR following that game
Play calling was better
We threw to 3 out of the 16 TE's on the roster

Defense still giving up killer big plays
OL is a mess
Too many turnovers
Jackson is tap dancing again (Call Stephen Davis STAT)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rams vs Panthers

Well that sucked!

All the optimism that a new season brings left after halftime. Coincidentally yet again an opposing team makes adjustments and the Rams fail to react. Truth be told I was flying all day back from Baton Rouge, LA, and have only watched some of the game.

Short and sweet

OK for the popular excuses: you were out coached, gassed, having an off day, Pace got injured, Jackson didn't take any hits in the preseason etc.

I'll make this really simply. Good teams get beat; the Patriots were 0-1 last year. Prepare for the 49ers and win the game playing Rams football.

Do that and we all forget about this game.



Monday, September 3, 2007

Preseason #4, Cuts etc

Well no real surprises with the last game against the Chiefs. All the starters were held out, and the last roster spots were claimed. In retrospect it had been rumored that the Rams may be showcasing Ryan Fitzpatrick to facilitate a trade. So the Rams made a trade with the Bengals and sent Fitzpatrick to Cincinnati.

Not sure how we should feel about this. He didn't play last year, and he is coming into a restricted year next year, which one would think the Rams wouldn't place a high tender on. That being said looks like a win win. Don't think he would eventually supplant Bulger, and it certainly would cost to much to have him on the team until it's time to replace Marc Bulger.

Much has been written about the release of former 3rd rounder Jon Alston. He was a project as a linebacker. Linehan had thought about moving him to safety in OTA's. If you still have the Chiefs game review the footage. Alston is a huge liability as a LB. The long 55 yard run he took a terrible angle. Yeah it stinks to cut a 3rd rounder after one year but if he will hurt the team more than help, why keep him?

I like the signing of Antonio Pittman who was released from New Orleans. I watched him play and he certainly outperformed Rich Alexis.

I still feel as many do in cyberspace that the Rams may yet make some more moves. Bring on the regular season!

Ram On!