Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well the draft has come and gone. Many of the TV experts have rated the Rams draft from excellent to average. One thing to remember if all these GM's and draft gurus were so accurate they would be working for NFL teams not networks.

Quick Observations:

It really takes about 3 years to accurately grade a draft. As a whole the Rams are not very good right now due to their ineptitude to draft well.

2008 Draft sure wasn't sexy, with a couple of late round LB's, and early round OG's.

The Rams with a lameduck coach drafted for need as opposed to best player available (BPA).

Hard not to like how likeable the Long family is, no doubt that money will not change Chris Long.

It is boring but the Rams needed offensive line depth in a huge way so it appears they got great value with Greco & Schuening.

Thank goodness the Rams addressed the WR group.

Happy trails Dane Looker & Marques Haggans.....

Bold Predictions:

Early Doucet, WR taken by the Cards will come back to haunt us. His stats if Boldin leaves Arizona will be comprable to a young Torry Holt.

Dorsey will be a pro bowler in the next two years.

Long will be the defensive leader by mid season.

Cliff Ryan will NOT be the answer.

Ram On!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Less than 2 weeks until the draft

The Rams have potential first round picks visiting this week with at least 26 other possible draftees. The spotlight will be on Jake Long, Chris Long, Vernon Gholston, and Glen Dorsey.

It seems to have take the Rams quite some time to realize that to consistently win in this league you need strong offensive, and defensive lines.

Most seem to believe that the Dolphins will sign Jake Long, certainly no one can blame them with the mess their OL has been for years. I'm not totally convinced yet. I do think the Dolphins will work deals with the top 3-4 players and field any calls for trades.

One of the big problems with the draft is that you have to wait for almost five months after the college season ends. During those five months players get picked apart, and some NFL teams spread rumors to get a player to still be on the board when they pick.

The Rams need to nail the first three rounds. If you look at the top 4 players they all have some red flags.

Jake Long- Will he be a really good RT, and struggle at LT? A few years ago the Raiders Robert Gallery was suppose to be the new standard at OT, that hasn't worked out.

Chris Long- Does he have the speed to get pressure and sacks at the pro level. Good numbers for his senior season in the ACC. Some think his talent is at a max.

Vernon Gholston- first of the four to have pundits question his motivation, and speculate that he takes plays off. Seen by some as a mid to late first rounder before the combine and his pro day. Is he a workout warrior?

Glen Dorsey- Early speculation questioned his heart, and character which were proven false. The knock on Dorsey is he has an injury history. A weight room accident that caused a fracture of his tibia still was viewable on an x-ray. Further clarification in needed to see if the visible line on the xray is just calcium deposits (normal) or a problem with the bone healing (abnormal).

The Rams need to do their homework this is an extremely important draft.

Ram On!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Few weeks left til the draft

This time of the year everyone is an expert, makes the right choices in their mock drafts, and has a crystal ball that can see how draftees will turn out over the next 3-4 years. Let's be honest if one would look at the 250 or so players drafted each year how many realistically have above average careers?

If you observe the Rams roster as an example the turnover every two years is astonishing. Also follow rookies from 2-3 years ago, not many are still in the league let alone with the team that drafted them.

This year the stakes for the Rams brass is a bit higher. A potential lame duck coaching staff, a front office that has overstayed their welcome, and a new owner. Throw in a bad economy and a franchise in a baseball town, and they have some hard work ahead.

If the Rams are to turn around the last few years they need to nail at a minimum their first three draft picks this year. What I mean these first few picks need to contribute immediately, and for the next years to come.

Ram On!