Sunday, July 27, 2008

Training Camp

Ahh the sweet smell of football is back in the air. After way too long the NFL and college football camps are starting.

The Rams are now in the famous "Cheese League", and hopefully can reverse a dismal season a year ago. I like the idea of having training camp outside of St Louis and the ability to scrimmage teams close by should be a plus.

Kudos to Zygmut and company for getting all the draft picks signed, the lone exception is Stephen Jackson whom I'm sure has overvalued himself. Jackson is only 25 and from a RB's perspective he has 5 years left, so this contract is a biggie.

Jackson deserves a new contract, and I'm confident the Rams will work a deal out.

So again take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of pigskin. Thank goodness football is back.

Ram On!