Monday, October 27, 2008

Rams vs Patriots

I have a small inclination into what the players are feeling with Haz as their coach. I am so re-energized as a fan watching this team play now. The game and this team certainly had/has it's negative points, but damn pro football is fun to watch again.

The optomist in me looks at the 6 remaining division games as all winnable. Couple that with the 2 wins we currently have, plus a much easier 2nd half schedule.....ya never know.

If Haslett can get these players to play hard each week he certainly deserves the job. The Rooney Rule was a good idea but its' time has passed and the rule should be abolished. If the Rams keep playing hard and winning Haz deserves the job. This team has passion and a swagger beacause the coach does. The coach has passion and swagger beacuse he was a former player, and is a REAL head coach.

Early prediction: If Haz gets the job look for him to build the OL & DL. He has stated numerous times that is where games are won/lost.



Monday, October 20, 2008

Rams vs Cowboys

Kudos to the Rams to remain focused when the entire country has been forced to listen to every detail of the Cowboys for the last week.

Love the fire and intensity that this team is playing with. It is a joy to watch and will be looking forward to watching the Rams play again.

Keep it going!

Ram On!