Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome Spags to the Lou!

So much for my handicapping the coaching race, eh?

I had Haslett in the final two, and he was the first to be eliminated. So we have the first former defensive coordinator to take the helm since the late great Ray Malavasi. I certainly wish Spags well.

Kudos to the Rams who have shed Jay Zygmunt and for the most part John Shaw in the decision making process and are having football folks make those necessary decisions. Will we see a dramaric difference? Only time will tell but I like the approach thus far.

The key always comes down to players, and playmakers. This team sadly has very few, so Devaney, Spags, and company have a ton of work to do with free agency and the draft quickly approaching.

Go Rams

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Head Coach etc

Well I put off writing this time as long as I could, thinking something would transpire to make this article less revelant, but looks like most teams are taking their time.

With only two coaching vacancies filled (Browns, and Broncos) the rest of the teams seem to be interviewing the same 5-6 coaches. The NFL is constantly referred to as a copycat league, but this is kinda lame that everyone is liking the same guys.

The Rams have announced their 5 finalist: Frazier, Haslett, Ryan, Spagnulo, and Garrett. All are defensive guys except Jason Garrett. This time last year he was touted as the next head coach of the Cowboys, after this season, Jerry Jones has been very quiet, even by his standards.

I have no idea who the Rams go with but my gut tells me it will be between Frazier, and Haslett. Ryan goes to the Jets, Spags is this years Ron Riveria, and Garrett goes back to hanging out with TO in big D.

Hate making predictions, unless I get them right. We will know soon, hopefully whomever it is can fix this team quickly.