Monday, July 20, 2009

Training Camp Buzz

Well we are finally mere days before the Rams open up training camp and the Spags era. Most believe that the rebuilding of the Rams is/was so massive that one offseason could not fix all the issues. So many questions on players, depth, coaching, scheme, experience vs youth. Interestingly enough a few articles, blogs etc in the mainstream outlets have labeled the Rams as a potential breakout team, ala the Dolphins and Falcons of 08.

My humble opinion remains that if the Rams stay healthy we should see closer games, players in position to make plays, and progress in most key areas. How that translates into wins and losses, who knows.

The Rams have on paper made some good moves:

1. Resigning Bartell
2. Signing FA Jason Brown
3. Drafting Jason Smith, and James Laurinaitis
4. Signing FA Mike Karney
5. Moving on from the past

The Rams have revamped the front office (which should be #1), hired football people to handle the football operations, and new business people to handle that area. Also this offseason has been DRAMA-FREE!!!!!

Draft picks are getting signed, players are attending offseason workouts, and I for one am getting a sense that we finally have folks that know what they are doing. We shall find out how quickly they can find answers to all the question marks this team still has.