Monday, October 26, 2009

Rams vs Colts

Missed the game due to travelling so this will be more of a summary of the current state of the Rams.

I mentioned in an earlier post that if we viewed this year as a year for our young players to grow and gain experience that I was OK with that. The problem is that injuries are derailing that plan.

Laurant Robinson, Bradley Fletcher, Brooks Foster, Adam Carriker, Erfic Bassey, and Gary Gibson are all on Injured Reserve now.

Robinson was our #1 WR
Fletcher had taken over as a starter from Jonathan Wade ar CB
Foster was counted on for depth at WR and special teams
Carriker was a starter at DT
Bassey was a special teams dynamo last year and a solid Safety prospect
Gibson was starting fro an injured Carriker

Tough to grow as a team when you keep losing key components.

This team was a challenge from the start but add the injuries it almost isn't fair, and the final scores are proof of that.

Geaux Rams

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rams vs Jags

This one sure stings, huh?

The classic debate is always which is worse for a fan a blowout loss, or a close loss. At this point we have all experienced enough losing, they all hurt.

I know many folks have turned to the draft as our Rams are projected as a lock for a top 5 pick again, possibly number one overall. All the focus has been on which QB the Rams should draft. Bulger hasn't looked great, and I'm certainly not saying we shouldn't draft a QB, but this teams desperately needs a pass rusher. Little wreaked havoc and he is 34 years old.

Saw a statement this week that stated that: you win or lose by your ability to create sacks, and prevent sacks. That about sums it up. Any QB with time will eventually kill you, and the best QB that gets hit and sacked will easily be knocked out of rhythm and off his game.

We need play makers on both sides of the ball, but a young pass rusher is my early choice for next years' wish list.

Geaux Rams

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rams vs Vikings

If and when this team is a playoff contender we may not soon forget the 2009 season. On paper the Rams were mismatched against the Vikings. If you omit the scoreboard (humor me) the Rams should have won. The Rams out gained the Vikings, held All Pro Adrian Peterson in check, defense minus some big plays did well, and the offense moved the ball against a defense that many hold in high regard.

We as fans get frustrated and rightly so. Other franchises have transformed themselves in a year from pretender to contender. Devaney and Spags I think want to model this franchise like the Colts. Before Manning, the Colts were horrible, and his first couple of years weren't that pretty either. Fast forward, the Colts are a franchise that has been successful for so long that people don't remember when the weren't.

This year and maybe even next will stink being a Rams' fan. We won't win much, and the guys on ESPN will only talk about the Rams in a joking manner. But if in middle of next season a light goes on and we start winning, I truly believe that we will be proud fans again. That's why the Rams don't sign aging vets like Linehan did. Get them young, coach them up, and the down the road winning may will start, and last for some time.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rams vs 49ers


Even the most relastci fans felt that with such an overall of coches and players the Rams would need time to rebuild. Progress is what would satisfy us, if wins are still not possible. I'm not sure I see proof of progress. Now saying that the Rams are yet again bit by the injury bug and the list of starters out for games is mounting.

This team can hang for awhile, a quarter, a half, but needs to not have penalties, turnovers, and mental breakdowns. That simply hasn't happened yet, so what we have is lopsided scores.

I'm trying to be realistic and omit emotion, but each week watching this team go backwards certainly tests my resolve.