Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rams vs Cards

Many have said that the Rams fielded a preseason like team against the defending NFC Champs, and that is hard to disagree with. Much like preseason the Rams are giving some young players a chance to make a play or two. Also they are looking toward the future in this instance training camp next season. Of all the moves made by this team since the season started and the injuries piled up, all of the moves were based on youth, expense, the four pillars, and players work ethic. If work ethic and determination were in short supply the last few years this current regime can identify those players. To right the ship we need good work ethic and play making ability, until then we get an A for effort and another L in the loss column.

Geaux Rams

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rams vs Texans

I give credit to this coaching staff for having this team give maximal effort throughout a really rough season. As we mercifully head towards the offseason, the scouts, and front office will have a chance to shine, and get this team some talent. Watching the Texans game it was almost like a late preseason game. I needed to refer to the roster on some of the new faces playing. I'm all for getting a look at some of the guys on this roster. The turnover before the start of this year was really dramatic, and after watching this team, I expect another high turnover. This team lacks talent, period. Coaches are doing their jobs, front office and scouts seem to have a knack for signing players even this late in the season, but how many players on this current team could make another NFL club? Most of last year's castoffs headed to the UFL, and the big name releases aren't playing at the level that we all feared they would regain with their new clubs.

Ton of work to do in free agency, and the draft. Time to put this season to bed.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Rams vs Bears

Injuries aside that game was awful to watch. The Rams offense has become so predictable (IE will run Steven Jackson on 1st down), there should be little wonder why the Rams have the lowest total point output at this stage of the season.

The scores are kept close somehow, yet we never try to push the ball down the field. This team is a huge head scratcher at this point. I hope the powers that be have a clear vision on how to rectify this organization.

Geaux Rams

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rams vs Seahawks #2

The Rams were a MASH unit as they hosted the Seahawks.

With so many injuries on both sides of the ball and more added each game it is almost impossible for fans to get a sense if this team is headed int he right direction. This team is a wreck from a physical sense and with mounting losses each and every week it shouldn't be long before the psychological issues build up.

I wish there was a silver lining or at the least all these young players had time to gel by virtue of playing together, but with so many injuries that too is impossible.