Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Off Season

With the Rams "on the clock" all of us turn our attention to the Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine, and Blue-Grey games. AT the end of the Rams worst ever regular season record we all need something positive to look forward to, and new players via the draft and free agency are almost here.

My early season wish list:

Improve the Dline
- The Rams need a pass rush, that can be from a DE applying pressure or a big DT getting pressure up the middle thus eliminating the QB from stepping up in the pocklet. Just think what Chris Long's stats would be if the QBs couldnt step up in the pocket.

- Dont care what position they play but defensive players who force turnovers or getting stops and forcing punts.
Offensively anyone who can spell SJAX, make a key 3rd down play, score, score, score

So many holes good, solid players will help. Hopefully help is on the way.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Rams vs 49ers

Again I will try to take the high road and look at the positives (aren't many).

Up until the 7:30 minute mark in the 4th quarter the Rams trailed a fringe playoff caliber team by one point.

If we can compete and keep games close with these players, just think what will happen when we replace the camp bodies that were starting for most of the year.

We have the number one draft pick this year!

Some of our rookies and young players got some valuable experience that should help them for years to come.

This season is over, and that is a positive.