Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Agency?

With the probable onset of an uncapped year forthcoming many reports state that this will be a very lean year for unrestricted free agents. Many potential UFA's will become restricted this year since they have not accrued enough years of service to make them unrestricted. A prime example is Rams LT, Alex Barron who would be and UFA in a normal capped year. By most estimations if this were a capped year the Rams would let Barron become unrestricted and test the market. Since he will be restricted it wouldn't cost the Rams much to retain him for one more year.

The issue for the Rams is the team is desperate for talent at almost every position and the draft coupled with a string showing in free agency would have quickened the rebuilding process. As it stands now 14 teams will not have any starters exposed in an uncapped free agency pool. Long story short free agency will not be a cure for what ails this team this year.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Early draft wish list

QB: Would love to make a trade for a young vet QB without giving up a ton. Kevin Kolb in Philly would top my list.
RB: Change of pace back. If the Rams had a pure speed back it would instantly change the dynamic of this offense. McClusters from Ole Miss may be undersized but the guy was incredible in college.
OL: Everyone is guessing that Alex Barron has played his last game in horns, so if that's the case a young vet in free agency.
WR: A true #1 WR. It isn't Donnie Avery, Robinson looked good pre-injury, and we have a ton of intriguing young wideouts, but we need that one that opponents need to game plan for. I'm guessing via trade.
DL: Outside of Chris Long we have very little. All D-line positions are in play.
LB: See DL, substitute James Laurinitis for Chris Long
DB: Not sure what we have, guys I had to look up were starting the last few games. Bartell and then nothing. All in play

Long story short: we can add via free agency, and the draft just about at any position and help this team. BPA seems the way to go.