Monday, September 27, 2010

Rams vs Redskins

Wow that sure is a great feeling isn't it? It's been ages since this team beat the Lions last year.

Quick things I learned:

The Rams did the correct thing in drafting Bradford not only for his talent but the energy he has brought back to St Louis. Nice to hear the home team crowd, cheer!

Rodger Saffold at LT is the real deal. This kid is making us forget the Alex Barron debacle.

Mark Clayton maybe should have been a first round WR afterall. Rarely does the old saying that a player would benefit from a change of scenary really seem to work out, but so far so good.

This defense has some hope, and Baby Animal is improving weekly, as is Bradley Fletcher.

Kudos to all long suffering fans and players alike.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rams vs Raiders

Much has been written and discussed about another maddening loss by the St Louis Rams. Many have speculated that this team doesn't know how to win, and cites examples of penalties, poor tacking, and coaching decisions. Those points are somewhat valid but the big picture is talent, and the Rams don't have enough of it. When the Raiders game planned on offense, who do you think they said that they had to make sure to block, scheme, or always know his whereabouts? If you said no one, we agree. The Rams do not have a consistent pass rusher, like a Dwight Freeney, or DeMarcus Ware that provides pressure that elevates everyone on that defense. CB's get more turnovers, and LB make more negative plays when someone along the DL is disruptive, or forcing a double team.

 On offense, outside of Steven Jackson, who did the Raiders game plan for? Bradford is accurate, so what did they do? They provided pressure all day long like the Cardinals did. That leaves WR's one on one in most cases. Outside of Mark Clayton who scares teams? Right again no one.

It's easy to say this or that is the reason for all the losses, but until you get some dominate play makers on both sides of the ball, success will be out of reach.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Rams vs Cardinals


Sam Bradford's accuracy and poise in the pocket

Steven Jackson playing healthy

OL- Arizona designed some exotic blitzes and Bradford was only sacked twice

Defense- especially the fropnt seven, much more intenisty and edge to them this year


Final Score- need to get some W's

Injuries: most appear minor outside of LB Chris Chamberlain

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rams 2010 version

We caught glipmses of what could be this preseason with a much more efficient offense, that showed the ability to convert in the red zone, something Bulger and Co. had trouble with. Bradford has been officially named the starter, and a new era has begun.

The Rams still have many, many needs: backup RB, #1 WR, a TE to emerge, pass rushers on defense, and a shutdown CB.

Do young players evolve into those important roles, or do we have to wait for another draft and free agency period to take the next step?