Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rams vs Bucs

Quick thoughts:

Congrats to SJ39 on becoming the Rams all time leading rusher. Amazing what he has been able to accomplish mainly on bad teams.

I'm still not sure how much blame can go on "winning on the road".

With a lead many if not all OC's will become more conservative in their play calling. With a rookie QB I'm sure the Rams coaches are worried about Bradford throwing an INT or a pick six and drastically changing the game in one play. That being said at some point it's up to the players to make plays. Bradford was simply off and missed some open WR's.

It continues to be alarming on how many injuries the Rams incur each game. The WR's were hit first and now the secondary.

After a tough frustrating loss the Rams still have a good opportunity to be 4-4 at the bye if they take care of business at home this week against the Panthers.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Rams vs Chargers

Quick Thoughts:

What a complete game against a very strong opponent.

Spags and Company I really believe are good coaches, sometimes I worry about the OC, but given that he has a rookie QB,LT, and some inexperienced WR's I try to be lenient.

The defense generated a great pass rush and had some creative blitz packages.

When the Rams this season don't hurt themselves with poor special teams coverage, dropped int's, fumbles/ints of their own they are extremely competitive.

SJ39 went to a different level at the end of the game. This guy doesn't get enough credit when it comes to leadership, and heart. He is a tremendous talent but he wants so bad for team success.

James Hall and Chis Long are playing at a high level.

Great win, great to be .500, ready for more success!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Rams vs Lions

Well we came crashing back to Earth after two wins in a row.

Quick Thoughts:

The Lions are much much better than their record indicated.

The Rams fell into that "trap" kind of game in which they just came off an emotional win against a divisional opponent.

Sam Bradford is a rookie.

With the awful loss of Mark Clayton we have virtually zero playmakers outside of Bradford and SJ39.

The defense was flat as could be. Little to no emotion, and the same issues: lack of a pass rush, poor tackling, dropped int's.

Special teams are starting to really worry me.


Monday, October 4, 2010


Wow that was a nice complete game from all three phases.

Quick thoughts:

Bradford while still certainly learning appears relaxed and confident. Surely continued success only allows him to progress that much quicker.

SJ39 is a true warrior. He knows what his presence on the field means to his team and how the other team needs to respect him on the field. Given his much shorter strides, the groin injury was either bothering him or he was guarding against further injury. Either way, Seattle had to respect him in the backfield.

Our defense has some potential. Still being stingy in the red zone, and generating a pass rush.

James Hall is an ageless wonder these days.

Fred Robbins transforms the DL.

Fletcher was a pick that was blasted on draft day by ESPN, hmmm now he's looking mighty good.

Continued progress with additional play makers this team looks to have a solid foundation and future.