Monday, April 25, 2011


With no football in sight due to labor strife, we at least have the draft. Each year I relive my childhood and become somewhat of a draftnik at least for those 3 days. The draft breeds optimism each and every year, and is such an in your face event that each fan believes their repective team nailed every pick.

My guesses:

Julio Jones falls but not enough for the Rams to get. Look for a possible trade down if the 2nd tier QB's get hot (TCU's Andy Dalton, and FSU's Christian Ponder). If not DL makes the most sense.

RB won't be addressed until 4-5 round

Outside of that, and that ain't much, I have no idea.

Geaux RAMS

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Decisons

The lockout is now almost a month old and headed towards the court room. Rams' brass contend that it is business as usual at Rams Park. With the draft quickly approaching and free agency most likely to follow, many decisons still are to be made.

As far as the draft most people have WR as their #1 priority, and I certainly would be interested if Julio Jones or AJ Green would free fall to us. That being said as of now I think the Rams will take a DL if they stay at that pick. Spags built a dominant DL in New York with versitale linemen, and this year has more than a few guys who can play end or tackle in a 4-3 defense.