Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post Draft

On first glance the 2011 Rams' draft wasn't a popular one. OLB, DT, and HB all were needs that Ram Nation identified and went by without being addressed. To take the positive spin, we must remember back to Seattle in week 17 when the Rams could not move the ball through the air at all. Well that aspect should have been addressed and on paper it was. Julio Jones would have been great but after his combine performance the Rams were out of luck. Pettis, Salas, and TE Kendricks should run solid routes and be sure handed. Those two attributes were non existent last season. especially post Mark Clayton. Robert Quinn had top 3 talent and is worth the risk mid first round.

Pass rush and the ability to pass the ball were two goals that we should feel much better about. Just remember everyone scratched their heads when Saffold was picked.

Have some faith in the guys who do this for a living :)