Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fisher Era Begins

Well it seems like we as Rams fans experience this kind of press conference way too often. Since Mike Martz we have seen two hot coordinators take the helm and seem overwhelmed as new head coaches. Enter a proven leader and teacher, Jeff Fisher.

Fisher if nothing else will command respect from all his players. He is proven, he seems focused, and seems most importantly to have a plan in place to fix this franchise. I don't expect any more press conferences where the Rams head coach doesn't have any answers and only says they will go back review the tape and keep playing hard. Fisher seems to be a coach that will demand players to execute or will replace them with ones who can.

I don't expect miracles but I do expect better fundamental football and players to come in and make plays. Fisher was a guy most long term Rams fans hated because his teams always played to the whistle and more times than not a few seconds after. I hope the "edge and attitude" his previous teams had is brought to St Louis.

My favorite quote by Fisher on his vision for the Rams "Quite simple, do whatever it takes to win ball games". No more moral victories, no more key areas routinely not addressed.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post Spags and Devaney Era

Rams ownership looked and listened to the fans and made a quick decision on Spags and Co. Black Monday began and the Rams were the first team to fire their head coach and general manager. A 10-38 record in three seasons doomed them even though Spags players continued to play hard and most folks seemed to respect and like Spags.

One of the most telling snipets I remember reading was a question posed by the local Rams beat writers who were having trouble describing the teams identity. Well they went and asked Rams players and they couldn't identify the teams identity. After three seasons and a total roster overhaul you team should have an identity. This one didn't, other than kinda laid back, conservative, and playing not to make mistakes. Those attributes also could be attributed to Spags as a head coach

So what's next? Another total blow up of the front office and coaching staff. I hope like all Rams fans that our new owner gets it right, but we could get the right guy and still play poorly if we don't get playmakers on both sides of the ball.