Thursday, May 24, 2012


With the Rams fully emersed in offseason training activities, hope has officially returned to Earth City.

  Quick thoughts: Am I the only one that loves the almost common sense approach by Fisher and Snead? DT was a problem sign one starter in free agency, and draft the other one. CB was a disaster last year and even when healthy it lacked the playmakers to make a clutch play or generate a turnover. Free agency and draft x 2!

 Bradford lacks weapons to fully reach his potential. Change of pace back and possible heir apparent to SJ39, plus two good looking prospects at WR with SPEED! Blocking tight ends, new special teamers, depth on the OL, and a slew of rookie FA's that provide competition at virtually every position.

 It sure seems like the new regime assessed the situation and are addressing it in a logical methodical way.