Tuesday, July 3, 2012

State of the Rams- my best guess- Offense edition

It's a total shot in the dark since it's July and the team hasn't put pads on yet but I will try to highlight a few areas to keep an eye on as training camp approaches.

QB- This team will go as far as Sam Bradford goes. He's back in a West Coast offense that is based on timing that he excelled at in his rookie year. This hopefully is the year that Bradford solidifies the notion that he is a true franchise QB.

WR- For Bradford to be successful he has to trust that his WR can get open and run correct routes. Influx of young players and speed added to returning players. Here's hoping that Brian Quick is the second coming of TO, and Steve Smith, and Danny Amendola are fully healthy. 

OL- Again the OL will directly effect Bradford's success. Can Saffold and Jason Smith play more like two years ago? Scott Wells from Green Bay should be a vocal confident leader at center, Harvey Dahl was hands down the Rams best lineman last season, LG is the wild card with several guys competing for the spot.  

TE- Fisher had some very capable TEs that moved the chains when he was with the Titans. Kendricks is the key at "move TE". Are the drops just a case of rookie jitters? Can these guys stay heathly? Logjam of about 10 players on the roster. I'm a huge LSU homer but TE Deangelo Peterson has a ton of potential, as he was a converted from WR to TE at LSU. Substandard QB at LSU hurt Peterson's production. 

Defense next time