Monday, October 29, 2007

Browns vs Rams

0-8 not much to say. With Steven Jackson the team seemed to have a spark and play the way we had anticipated. Then much like everyone else at some point he is re injured and the spark fades and another winnable game goes down the drain.

Late word in the Lou is OG Richie Incognito is done for the year with a torn ligament in his knee. And then there was one, only seems like a matter of time before Alex Barron gets injured.

Never have I seen a season like this. The only bright spot is that the team seems to still be playing hard.

Ram On!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rams vs Seahawks

Again I followed the game via mobile phone in and out of airports returning home from Baton Rouge. :)

Since this game has been a carbon copy of the last few that we aren't close in score besides the opening kickoff, I'll try to make a few comments on the big picture.

It makes zero sense to fire Linehan during the season, unless you are really going to evaluate Haslett for head coach next year.
I never understood firing during the season. It creates a lame duck coaching staff that more likely than not uses the remainder of the season to make phone calls inquiring about openings for next season on other teams.

Injuries are what they are, and I really don't believe Tom Landry could get this team to perform and win consistently. That being said I also don't know how the grind of losing for 7 straight weeks doesn't kill the team unity, and belief in the coaches.

It's sad but at the end of the day these guys are all human and susceptible to the same self-doubt, insecurities, and frustration that anyone would have if a central part of their life was associated with so much failure.

The Rams will ALWAYS be my team, and it is so disappointing how this season has materialized.

Go Rams!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rams vs Ravens

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck
(What I really wanted to say certainly rhymes with that)

0-6 and fading into the abyss. I will offer some almost mid season solutions for next year since this one looks bleak.

Georgia is a hands off owner who doesn't bother attending games, participating in major decisions, and only recently purchased a home in Frontenac, a suburb of St Louis. She has complete trust in President, John Shaw, who in turn lives in Los Angeles, and he has complete faith in bean counter turned pseudo GM Jay Zygmut. You may remember that Zygmut and Martz clashed and Martz was fired. Tough to settle the feud in it's infancy when the other two are across the country.

These folks that I mentioned will be there until they don't want to be or the Grim Reaper comes a knockin'.

So that being said, I'm afraid injuries and poor drafts he inherited have doomed young Scott Linehan. Not a bad guy, just didn't work out.

Moving foreword, the Rams power trio needs to regain the trust of it's fan base by signing a big name coach. By doing this it will give a franchise that has had little success in the last 15 years minus 99-03. Only then will prized free agents sign here and not go elsewhere. Look we got turned down this off season by Tully Banta-Cain who signed for comparable money with the 9ers. If that is any indication change must occur after this season to ensure a repeat of this year doesn't happen again.

Ram On!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Rams vs Cards

Another late night flight back from Baton Rouge had me miss watching the game. Any other year this would not be the case but my Alma mater has something pretty special going on.

Quick Hits:

Good to see that Linehan still has the guys playing hard. Too many injuries for Tom Landry to combat.

Good to see we could run the ball with a rookie and patchwork OL.

Glad to see some points, too bad the Cards had more at the end.

Welcome back Fakir Brown!

My suggestion and I only suggest this because it's working for me. View this season as an extended preseason. We can watch up and coming players mature, and see what positions certainly need to be addressed in the draft and offseason.

After all with all the injuries we have most knowledgeable NFL fans' sympathy at this point.

GO Rams!