Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preseason week #3

Well whatever lit a fire under the bums of this team we need to bottle up and use on a weekly basis. After three lackluster preseasons the Rams looked like they wanted to win an exhibition game.

MArc Bulger was in rhythm, the OL protected well, and run blocked. The defense was stout, and got pressure on oipposing QB's.

The only negatives I saw were the injuries continue to mount, and Drew Bennett has butter fingers still.

All in all this gives us a glimer of hope that the players and coaches are all on the same page.

Ram On!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Preseason week #2

OK defensively we saw improvements, albeit against many of the Chargers back-ups. I say again that I like Jim Haslett as a defensive coordinator and I am not opposed to seeing him as a head coach even if its with the Rams. The fire and passion he brings is infectious to the defense. I still feel that the "cupboard was bare" from a talent standpoint on the defensive side when Haslett took over.

Offensively this team doesn't have an identity. Long gone are the days of GSOT. What are the present Rams on offense? Bruising Steven Jackson 30-35 times a game and playing field position? A updated version of the GSOT with the KC twist?

To me this team has no identity because the coach doesn't have one. Linehan can play the opposite game all he wants (shaved head, tough camp, train away for STL, wear different clothing), until he steps up and says this is my team and we are going to do it my way, this team will continue to look dysfunctional.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Preseason Week #1 Rant

Please someone tell me why seemingly every, and I mean every starting NFL QB has had a excellent to perfect attempt to completion rate, many leading to scoring drives, and our QB for three preseasons now has not lead a TD drive?

It is almost illogical to think a pro football team in 9 games now has not scored a TD with it's 1st stringers.

Linehan will make you believe their is no corrolation to preseason to regular season. In some repects I agree (win/loss, how the team performs late in those games) but if your 1st team never gets in sync what makes anyone believe when they travel to Philly everything's gonna be alright?

For once stop making excuses, all the other teams play with passion, and desire. It seems like this post could have been almost any week from last season.